9 Best Stretching Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Stretching Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced digital age, the importance of staying physically fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. Fortunately, the advent of mobile technology has made it easier than ever before to keep track of one’s health and fitness goals with the help of dedicated mobile applications. In this context, stretching apps for Android and iOS have emerged as a popular tool for individuals looking to improve their flexibility, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, and enhance overall physical well-being. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of some of the best stretching apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, highlighting their key features, benefits, and user feedback.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Stretching Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Stretching Apps For Android & iOS

1. Start Stretching

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Start Stretching is a mobile application designed to offer stretching coach services to healthy individuals seeking to enhance their physical flexibility. The app is an ideal entry point into the world of flexibility training for those capable of performing some basic movements. It features beginner level stretches that help improve health and mobility, and it is suitable for anyone with a minute or ten to spare each day. The app comes with simple graphics that illustrate the stretches and easy-to-follow instructions, making stretching highly convenient. Integration with the Health app enables tracking of stretching time as a workout.

Start Stretching is an optimal solution for anyone looking to improve their physical flexibility. The app provides basic stretches with clear textual and graphical descriptions that make it easy for users to follow. Additionally, the app allows users to configure stretch durations, thus making it easy for them to adjust difficulty levels. Integration with the Health app enables users to record their stretching workouts, keeping track of their progress via statistics tracking.

The app also features stretch hold length timing for convenient timing and automatic cycling through the stretch routine, enhancing the user’s stretching experience. Start Stretching is an app designed to help users achieve their physical health and mobility goals with ease.

2. Stretch HD

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Stretch HD is a video stretching library developed by an Australian Physiotherapist to cater to patients who are unfamiliar with common stretching techniques and the lack of high-quality, evidence-based video stretching applications in the market. Stretch HD offers over 60 HD professionally filmed videos for every ability level, informative instruction screens for each stretch, user-friendly access to videos, and postural advice and videos. Additionally, the app includes stretching theory, FAQs, a glossary, and the ability to personalize routines in “Favorites” and share via email. The app is suitable for use by medical professionals, sports trainers, and the general public.

Stretch HD is designed to cater to individuals with low back pain, those with postural issues at work, those recovering from injuries or post-operative rehab, and even fit athletes. The app has a balanced mix of technical and lay terms to facilitate communication. The app’s “Share” function enables trainers or health professionals to communicate programs with their clients seamlessly. The app must be downloaded once-off over a Wi-Fi connection due to its large size. The download process takes only a few minutes to complete, allowing full access to the app anywhere.

The latest version of Stretch HD has eliminated bugs and has garnered 90,000 downloads worldwide. The application’s team at SportsMed Studio thanks the users for their support to date.

3. Stretching & Flexibility Plans

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The stretching app offers stretching sessions for practitioners of any level, making it ideal for home or office use. The app aims to relax, strengthen and relieve pain and tension. Users can choose between stretches and positions to burn fat, lose weight, get fit, calm down, get relaxed, and relieve stress.

Stretching is an excellent way to improve one’s health. It can limber up the body for sports, improve balance and prevent falls, increase flexibility, and even help relieve arthritis, back, and knee pain. Interested individuals can check out the Stretching Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School for simple yet effective moves.

The stretching program offers several benefits to its users. These include improved flexibility, stamina, and muscular strength, reduced muscle soreness, improved muscular and joint mobility, more efficient muscular movements and fluidity of motion, greater ability to exert maximum force through a wider range of motion, prevention of some lower-back problems, improved appearance and self-image, improved body alignment and posture, better warm-up and cool-down in an exercise session, and improved maintenance of blood glucose.

The app’s features include over 100 customizable stretching exercises, over 50 predefined workout routines, over 50 healthy menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, fully customizable routines, clear pictorial information, written exercise instructions, fully customized exercise player, on-screen instructions, and timer. Users can track everything, including total workout time, performing time, and progress tracking. The app also offers backup/restore routines, the ability to listen to music during workouts, and detail workout progress through various comparisons, graphs, and charts.

The app offers several performance stretching programs, including a program to lower blood glucose, sport-specific stretches for baseball, golf, cycling, diving, and many more. Additionally, users can customize their stretching program to suit their needs.

The app offers a free trial for three days, after which users can opt for a subscription. Subscription options include a one-month subscription for $1.

4. Stretching Routines

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Stretching is a physical activity that plays a crucial role in maintaining muscle flexibility and readiness for movement. It is extensively used in warming up, physical education, training, muscle strengthening, gymnastics, and other physical activities.

This application provides various stretching routines that are suitable for pre and post physical exercises and sports activities. The app includes routines for specific sports like basketball, football, athletics, and body parts such as neck, back, legs, etc. Additionally, it includes stretches for particular situations such as office, side stich, and even while on a flight.

Users can create their own personalized stretching routine that can be saved or shared with friends.

Users can also follow the app’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for updates and stretching tips. If any bugs or suggestions are found, users can report them to the developer via email.

The developer website for this app is www.stretching.name.

5. Stretching exercise. Flexibility training for body

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This app offers stretching exercises and flexibility training for anyone who cares about their health. With the prevalence of low activity levels and sedentary lifestyles, doing flexibility stretches pre- and post-workout is important. This app provides all stretching exercises for beginners that are selected to develop the elasticity of the body and do not require any additional equipment.

The daily stretch workout is suitable for all groups of people and includes 60 different routines to do flexibility training for beginners. Each routine has detailed video and text instructions, and users can follow the instructions of the virtual instructor. The morning flexible workout has a great influence on mood throughout the day and overall vitality, and it has three different programs and over 50 different workouts during which users can do full-body training.

Before performing any physical exertion, muscles must be prepared and heated. The warm-up feature allows users to do stretches to improve leg flexibility and prepare the muscles to avoid overtraining, possible injury, and damage. The specially designed training system is effective in getting rid of muscle cramps and blocks. Increase in local blood flow from carrying out sports activity enhances local metabolism and metabolic processes, which is why having flexible muscles is important.

The app provides 60 different stretching exercises for beginners for the full body of different levels of complexity and for all muscle groups. Each stretch routine contains detailed audio, text instructions, and videos of their implementation. Users can choose from three training programs, with different stretch plans and difficulty levels. Additionally, the app has a special motivation system to keep track of users’ results and motivate them to achieve more.

The app allows users to create their own programs for leg flexibility stretches for beginners, for runners, and set the level of difficulty and length. The notifications system ensures that users never forget to do stretch fitness, and they can track their progress through detailed statistics.

6. Stretching – Morning & Night Flexibility Exercises

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The Fitivity app offers short stretching workouts for morning and nighttime routines to improve flexibility. Light flexibility and stability training at night helps with meditation and sleep, while morning training promotes focus and productivity. The app includes yoga, pilates, stability exercises, and methodologies to enhance the workout experience. Additionally, users can try Fitivity BEATS for a more engaging exercise experience with audio guidance from a personal trainer, customized workouts, and HD instructional videos.

Upgrading to Fitivity Premium unlocks access to over 500+ apps, thousands of HD videos, 55,000 workouts, and over 10,000 weeks of sports and fitness training. Premium members can also use a single email to access their subscription on up to five Android devices. The subscription renews automatically but can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Google Play account settings. Payment is charged to the credit card through Google Play account confirmation, and refunds are not provided for any unused portion of the term.

Fitivity Premium is available for as low as $5.99 per month and is suitable for families and coaches. Children can choose from hundreds of sports, dance, and martial arts apps, while parents can get into their best shape. Premium members are valued by Fitivity and will receive any necessary support to help them improve.

7. Stretch Exercise – Flexibility

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Stretching is an important part of a person’s daily life, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), even if exercise is not planned. It is recommended that people stretch at least 2-3 times a week for a healthy life. Regular stretching has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle stiffness and pain, improve flexibility, and relieve stress.

Stretching is important to avoid injury, as increasing flexibility and range of motion in joints is important for workouts and running. Stretching before exercise can reduce muscle and joint tension, prevent cramps, and reduce the risk of injury. It also helps in fast recovery and reduces muscle soreness after exercise. Stretching is widely used in back pain treatment as it improves blood circulation of muscles and joints, which can help in healing and releasing pain. It is also helpful in maintaining body flexibility, as muscles and joints weaken with age.

Stretching exercises can be performed in various ways, including morning warm-up exercises, sleepy time stretching, pre-run warm-up, post-run cool down, upper and lower body stretching, full body stretching, lower back stretching, neck and shoulder stretching, back stretching, and splits training. All muscle groups are covered, and the exercises are suitable for all people, regardless of gender, age, or fitness level.

Users can create their own stretching exercise routines by replacing exercises and adjusting the order. The app offers voice coaching with detailed animation and video demonstrations. No equipment is needed, allowing for training anytime and anywhere. Users can also track their progress, including calories burned and weight trends, and the app offers a workout reminder to help establish a daily stretching habit.

All workouts are designed by professional fitness coaches, and users are guided through the exercises as if they have a personal coach in their pocket.

8. StretchIt – Stretching and Flexibility Videos

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StretchIt is a mobile application that offers video classes to help individuals improve their flexibility. The application features world-class flexibility instruction, personalized training recommendations, progress tracking, and more. Users can access stretching and flexibility video classes that combine yoga, gymnastics, bodyweight training, pilates, and dance stretching techniques to accelerate flexibility progress.

StretchIt takes a progress-oriented approach and provides personalized training recommendations and flexibility challenges to help users safely push their flexibility thresholds. Challenges are curated training programs that accelerate progress and allow users to take “before and after” pictures to track their achievements.

The application caters to individuals of all skill levels, ranging from beginners to athletes, including cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, surfers, bodybuilders, trick riders, cyclists, aerialists, personal trainers, moms, desk sitters, and yogis. Each StretchIt session focuses on a goal, and classes come in 15, 30, and 45-minute durations.

Allison Wardwell, a flexibility trainer, dance, and fitness educator, is StretchIt’s instructor. She combines her expertise, passion, and extensive experience of over 20 years of movement study to provide the best training methods available. Her flexibility classes fuse various disciplines and techniques, including yoga, dance, contortion, and fitness.

StretchIt is free to download, and subscription starts with a 7-day free trial. The application offers auto-renewing subscription options of US$ 199 monthly and US$ 1599 yearly. Subscription cost will be charged to the user’s Google Play account at confirmation of purchase or after the free 7-day trial period. Subscription automatically renews, but users can cancel anytime by going to the Subscriptions section in their Google Play account after purchase.

The application provides its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on its website. Users can contact StretchIt through email or social media platforms to access training tips, daily inspiration, and Q&A live streams.

9. Splits In 30 Days – Stretching

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Spin in 30 days – stretching and flexibility exercises is a mobile application designed to help users achieve the ability to sit on a twine in 30 days through effective training at home and stretching tips. The program is suitable for both men and women of different fitness levels, and users can create their own workout or choose from the provided program. The app includes static and dynamic workouts that focus on stretching the muscles of the back, legs, and the entire body, leading to better flexibility, balance, and improved circulation.

When attempting to stretch into the twine, it is important to warm up the muscles thoroughly to avoid injuries. The twine not only looks beautiful but also offers health benefits, especially for stretching the hamstrings and the posterior surface of the thigh. Incorporating twine into daily exercise routine can help increase strength, eliminate muscle stiffness, and avoid injuries.

Twine helps stretch all the muscles in the lower body, making it an effective way to improve flexibility and balance, which reduces the risk of injury during exercise. It also helps to relax the hip flexor muscles, which tend to become tight due to prolonged sitting at a desk, causing pain, particularly in the lower back. Incorporating twine into workouts helps to stretch the legs deeply and lengthens muscles, improving circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles.

To achieve the ability to sit on a twine in 30 days, the app recommends a 30-day workout program that is designed by experts. Users can also create their own workout and choose the level of fitness that suits them. The app includes exercises such as folding, longitudinal half splits, double twists, lunges with arm stretching, etc. Performing these exercises regularly can lead to excellent physical fitness, better body command, and increased self-confidence.

Users who wish to sit on twine in 30 days are advised to demonstrate patience and not give up. It takes time for the muscles to stretch, recover, and adapt to the new load.