5 Best Hearing Test Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Hearing Test Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonHearing loss is a prevalent issue affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Hearing tests are essential in diagnosing hearing loss and identifying appropriate treatment options. In recent years, advancements in technology have led to the development of hearing test applications for mobile devices. These apps provide a convenient and cost-effective way for individuals to monitor their hearing health. In this article, we will explore some of the best hearing test apps available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Hearing Test Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Hearing Test Apps For Android & iOS

1. Hearing Test by e-audiologia.pl.

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The Hearing Test app has released a new update on World Hearing Day. The update includes a new speech intelligibility test called “the digits-in-noise” and supports additional languages. The app’s developers encourage users to prioritize hearing care and to participate in Hearathon2021 events or visit the Coalition for Global Hearing Health webpage.

The app provides two basic hearing tests: pure-tone audiometry and the new digits-in-noise test. The former determines the degree of hearing loss in relation to sound frequency. The test measures the quietest sound that the user can hear and determines their hearing threshold. The digits-in-noise test evaluates speech intelligibility by asking users to recognize digits in noisy environments.

The Hearing Test app offers several features, including pure-tone audiometry utilizing bundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficients from the database, the digits-in-noise test, a noise meter to measure background noise during tests, and calibration of the user’s device. Additional features include high-frequency audiometry, hearing loss classification, comparison with age norms, printing of test results, adding notes, calibration adjustment based on clinical audiometer results, and verification of calibration coefficients.

The pro version of the app offers additional features such as a local database for offline access to test results, synchronization of test data to the cloud, easy data recovery, transfer between devices, and access on different devices.

2. Mimi Hearing Test

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The Mimi Hearing Test is a convenient tool for assessing one’s hearing ability, providing understandable results in roughly 3 minutes. The test uses modern hearing assessment techniques, offering easy-to-use and comprehensive testing of a wide range of frequencies. Instant results are generated, with auditory data turned into tangible insights to assist individuals in reflecting on their hearing health. The test also enables users to compare their hearing and export the results to share with healthcare professionals or friends.

Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH developed the application and integrated the Mimi Health Hearing Test (HTS-01), a medical device categorized as class I under the EU Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). The HTS-01 is manufactured by Mimi Health GmbH, and Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH acts as the distributor of HTS-01 and is responsible for further application development.

It is important to note that the HTS-01 does not replace or supersede a diagnosis made by a qualified health professional. It is not intended for use in the monitoring, treatment, or alleviation of any disease or disability, and it does not enable direct diagnosis. Therefore, if concerns regarding hearing arise, individuals are urged to seek the advice of a qualified health professional.

To connect with Mimi, individuals can visit the website at http://www.mimi.io or like the company on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mimihearing.

3. Petralex

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The Petralex Hearing Aid app is a hearing amplifier designed to restore sound perception to a natural level, allowing users to hear even whispers. This app automatically adjusts to specific features of a user’s hearing and amplifies sound up to 30 dB with a wired headset. Additionally, it includes a built-in hearing test, dynamic compression, and four options of sound amplifier.

The free version of the app also offers a four-week adaptive course, the ability to create profiles for different sound situations, and support for Bluetooth headsets. The premium subscription offers advanced possibilities such as a “Super Boost” feature, regulated noise suppression, and an audio recorder/dictaphone with amplified sound.

It is important to note that it takes time to get used to any hearing aid, and the Petralex Hearing Aid app is no exception. Users may hear sounds and noises they haven’t heard before and some familiar sounds may acquire a metallic aftersound, causing temporary discomfort. The app includes a four-week adaptive course to help users adjust.

The app is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with a doctor’s prescription. The hearing test provided in the app is only for adjustment purposes and is not a substitute for professional audiology tests. The app offers a free 7-day trial and three subscription options: weekly, monthly, and annual.

Users can reach out to support@petralex.pro with questions, feedback, or suggestions. The app’s terms and conditions, including its privacy policy, can be found on its website.

4. uSound by Samsung – Hearing Test

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The uSound for Samsung mobile application is a collaboration between uSound and Samsung that offers a free estimated hearing test to determine the user’s risk of hearing loss. The application is downloadable for free and only requires a headset to perform the test. The app also provides access to hearing health professionals for consultations and more information.

The application includes a free, estimated hearing test that takes only a few minutes to complete. It can be used with conventional headphones and most smartphones on the market. The sound quality depends on the audio processor of each cell phone. Results can be compared with a hearing health professional directly through the app. uSound always recommends visiting and consulting with a registered hearing health professional.

It is recommended that the hearing test is performed in a quiet place, and in some cases, it is recommended to take the test twice to verify the results. uSound stresses the importance of consultation with a licensed hearing health care professional and recommends contacting one of the network of professionals in the app or privately.

Hearing loss is defined as partial or total hearing loss in one or both ears. Once the user obtains their results, they can consult a professional directly from the app to verify them or ask specific questions of interest.

For cases that demonstrate some risk of hearing loss, uSound launched a campaign to offer their Hearing Assistant app for free. The #ListenAtHome app is designed to promote companionship, union, and connection with loved ones during the current pandemic.

The uSound for Samsung application provides a quick estimate of the user’s hearing level but does not replace medical audiometry. uSound works with medical teams and licensed hearing health professionals to ensure the best quality of service and experience for their users.

5. Dectone

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The Listening device is a hearing aid app that automatically adjusts to the specific features of an individual’s hearing. By utilizing the power of a smartphone and the latest technologies, the app ensures maximum sound amplification with the use of a simple headset. The app includes several free features such as automatic adjustment to hearing specifics, hearing correction for each ear, adaptation to different types of environments, and a built-in hearing test.

In addition to the free features, the listening device offers several trial features, including the ability to use a smartphone as a remote microphone and noise reducer while using a Bluetooth headset for watching TV, etc. Other trial features include “Super Boost”- powerful sound amplification, the ability to create an unlimited number of profiles for different sound situations and volume control, regulated noise suppression, and an audio recorder/Dictaphone with amplification and personalization of sound to an individual’s hearing.

There are three subscription options available for the Listening device, including weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions. It is important to note that using a Bluetooth headset brings additional delay to sound transmission, and the quality of the application functioning with a Bluetooth headset may not be comparable to the quality of the application functioning with a wired headset.

The Listening device app is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with a doctor’s prescription. The audiometric test provided in the application can be used only for app adjustment and cannot be considered as a basis for diagnosis. More information about the terms and conditions can be found in the terms of service and privacy policy pages.