5 Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps

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Download the Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonVoice recording apps have become an essential tool for many individuals and businesses. They offer a convenient and discreet way to capture important conversations, lectures, meetings, or personal notes. The market is flooded with numerous voice recording apps, and finding the best one can be a daunting task. This article will provide an overview of some of the best hidden voice recording apps available on the market, highlighting their key features and benefits. Whether you are a journalist, student, lawyer, or just someone who needs to record important conversations, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps

1. Amazing MP3 Recorder

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The Amazing MP3 Recorder app is a free app that does not contain any ads. Users can control recording in the app using gestures in full screen mode. The app should be set up and working before using the Gestures app. Swipe up, down, left, and right to Record, Pause, Stop, and Play, respectively. TalkBack users can draw gestures with only one finger and avoid TalkBack sounds in recordings. The app also has a built-in drawing surface, but it is smaller in size.

To use the Gestures app, press down on the screen near the bottom and move up to the top (swipe up gesture) to record. Swipe down to pause, left to stop, and right to play the next recording. Short gestures are ignored, and it is safe to tap on the screen. TalkBack users can use just one finger to make gestures, and they can also use two-finger gestures if they want.

Vibration feedback is turned on by default in the audio recorder apps, indicating the recording state. Sound feedback can be turned on by going to Settings – Vibration & Sound. Users can also try different settings for Audio Channel to get the best sound. If vibrations appear in the recording, users can increase the Record Delay setting or reduce the Vibration Duration setting.

The Gestures app is a full screen app that covers the notification area as well. There are no buttons, so there is no risk of touching buttons during recording. The app will appear as a black screen to others, with the Android Back and Home buttons visible at the bottom. The audio recorder apps have Run App buttons, which can be used to launch the Gestures app. If users prefer a simpler interface, they can switch to the Gestures app and then press the Back button to return to the audio recorder.

Users should give their device time to stabilize before using gestures after a device restart. Android Pie’s optimizations may make gestures respond slower, especially on device startup.

2. Gestures for Hi-Res Audio Recorder

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The Hi-Res Audio Recorder app is a free app without ads that allows users to control recording with gestures in a full-screen mode. The Gestures app should already be set up and functioning before use. TalkBack users can use just one finger to draw gestures, making it easy to control recording with one hand. The app also has a built-in drawing surface, but it is smaller in size.

Users can swipe up, down, left, and right to record, pause, stop, and play. Short gestures will be ignored, and it is safe to tap on the screen. TalkBack users may need to practice drawing gestures slowly due to the slowness of touch events when TalkBack is on.

Vibration feedback is on by default in the audio recorder apps, and users can turn on sound feedback in the settings. Users can adjust the Record Delay or Vibration Duration settings to avoid vibrations appearing in recordings.

The Gestures app covers the notification area and has no buttons, so there is no risk of accidentally touching buttons during recording. The audio recorder apps display their usual notifications when recording. The Run App buttons in the audio recorder apps can be used to launch the Gestures app.

After restarting the device, users should wait for it to stabilize before using the Gestures app. Android Pie’s optimizations may make gestures respond slower, so users may need to disable battery optimizations for the audio recorder or turn on Notification Always On to ensure a faster response. If the focus moves to other buttons, users can move it back by clicking on the main view. The screen will remain on while the app is in use.

Users can send feedback to the app’s email or click on Menu – Contact in the audio recorder app.

3. Voice Recorder – Scheduled Timer Audio Recorder

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An old version of a voice recording app is no longer in use, and a new version (with all bugs and errors fixed) is available at the specified link.

The app offers the ability to pre-schedule future recordings, ensuring that important events are not forgotten. The ad-free PRO version can be accessed at the same link.

The Preschedule Voice Recorder app enables users to record audio with high quality and offers professional hidden voice recording capabilities. Scheduling recordings is easy and can be done for an unlimited number of future recordings, with the ability to set the time, date and duration. The app also includes a spy mode that allows for anonymous recording.

With a simple and intuitive design, the app is suitable for recording meetings, lectures, speeches, musical performances, and personal notes, among others. There are no time limits and the app can be used to record any event or conversation.

Features of the app include scheduling multiple recordings, high-quality voice recording, an easy-to-use material design, hidden stealth mode, and the ability to play, pause, stop or send/share recordings via email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and Onedrive.

Please note that the app referred to in this message is an old, discontinued version and users are advised to access the latest version at the specified link.

4. GOM Recorder – Voice and Sound Recorder

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The Smart Voice Recorder is a mobile application that offers a variety of recording features. Users can record voice memos and convert them into text format, use gesture recording by shaking their mobile device, and schedule recordings based on specific start and end times. The app is also capable of automatically matching recording times with a user’s calendar to ensure timely recordings. One-touch recording is enabled by a background screen widget, and maximum recording time can be set.

During recording, users can adjust the sound volume and check the available recording time on their device. The app allows for continuous recording even if a call is received or if the device’s screen is shut down during recording.

After recording, users can set their recordings as alarms or ringtones, share and listen to them with GOM Audio, and use the app’s internal player to skip or adjust the speed of recordings. Recording folders and lists can also be easily managed, and individual notes can be added to recordings. The app also enables users to edit and delete unwanted parts of voice files.

To access these features, the app requires access to the device’s microphone for voice recording, the ability to save recordings as audio files, and optional access to the phone and calendar features for additional functionality. Support for the app is available through GOM’s website and email.

5. Amazfit Bip Button Controller

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The Amazfit Bip Button Controller is a smartphone application that allows users to execute various functions with the click of a button on their Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip S, or Mi Band 4. However, the buttons do not work, so swiping the screen sideways is a single click. Functions available include music control, sound recording, volume control, manner mode, launching Google Assistant, battery level notifications, and sending Broadcast Intents.

To use the application, users should select their Amazfit Bip device at first launch, and then select the desired function from a list. A long press and click on the Amazfit Bip button will execute the function. If “Start single click and wait” is checked, the button function will work after a short time delay. The sound recorder function can limit recording time, and the recorded file is saved in the device’s AmazfitBipRecord folder.

If users encounter problems with music control, they can check “Check it out if there is a problem with music control” to troubleshoot. Broadcast intents can also be sent and used as a trigger for corresponding applications. Users of MiFit can check the functions executed on their Amazfit Bip by selecting “Amazfit Bip Button Controller” for app notifications.

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