9 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On Android

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Download the Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, privacy has become an essential concern for most smartphone users. With the increasing amount of personal and sensitive data stored on our mobile devices, the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches is higher than ever before. For Android users, various apps have been developed that allow them to protect their private pictures and videos from prying eyes. These apps use advanced encryption techniques and other security measures to ensure that only authorized users can access the protected content. In this article, we will explore some of the best apps available on the market that can help you hide your pictures and videos on Android devices.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On Android

1. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, Videos

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Vault is a mobile application that allows users to safeguard private photos and videos on their phone. It currently has over 100 million users worldwide who use the app for free. Vault provides a variety of features such as App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, and Cloud Backup.

One of the top features of Vault is the ability to hide and protect photos and videos by requiring a password for access. Additionally, users can backup their content to Cloud Space for extra protection. Another feature is Call Reminder, which allows users to search for incoming phone numbers through the inquiry box.

App Lock is another feature that is used to secure social, photo, call logs, and telephone apps to prevent privacy leaks. Private Browser ensures that internet activity leaves no traces behind, and the feature even includes Private Bookmark. Users can also backup their photos and videos using the Cloud Backup feature, which allows for cross-device synchronization during data transfer. Password recovery options are available for those who worry about forgetting their password.

Advanced features of Vault include Multiple Vault & Fake Vault for storing multiple photos and videos with varying passwords, Stealth Mode which makes the Vault icon disappear from the home screen, and Break-in Alerts which secretly takes a photo of anyone attempting to access the app with the wrong password.

In case of a forgotten password, Vault provides a “Forgot Password” entrance if a security email has been set up beforehand. Alternatively, if data has been backed up to Cloud Space, the data can be recovered by reinstalling the app. Users are advised to avoid deleting Vault’s data folder and subfolders (mnt/sdcard/SystemAndroid) when using cleaning or free storage apps to prevent data loss.

Vault’s Facebook Page and Messenger can be found under the handle @nqvaultapp. The app uses the Device Administrator permission.

2. Fotox

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Hide Pictures & Videos is an app that provides a private gallery for storing photos, pictures, and videos. This app allows users to back up their data in the cloud and share private data among multiple devices. A fake crash dialog feature is also included to mimic an application error. The app requires Device Administrator permission to enable the “Prevent Uninstall” option, which allows only the user to uninstall the app.

The main features of the app include the ability to store private pictures, photos, and videos in the FotoX Gallery, the ability to use a fake crash dialog to unlock the app, and FotoX cloud (premium) that securely stores private images and videos in the cloud and allows for data transfer between multiple devices. Additionally, the app records and stores every break-in attempt, provides advanced security features that prevent anyone from uninstalling the app except the user, and offers password recovery options in case of forgotten pin codes or patterns.

Thank you for using Hide Pictures & Videos, the ultimate private gallery app available on Google Play.

3. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

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Vaulty is a privacy protection app that has been trusted by millions of users for a decade. It has received positive feedback from various sources, including Naked Security and BlueStacks. Vaulty is user-friendly, making it easy to hide pictures and videos within the app or share them from other apps. The app also has security features, including image and video hiding, password protection, free automatic online backup, multiple vaults, and mugshot. It also has media features, such as organization, slideshow, full zoom, and video format support. Vaulty is a comprehensive app that offers privacy and media management features to its users.

4. Safe Gallery

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Safe Gallery is a privacy protection app that allows users to hide media files using passwords. With this app, users can download and hide their favorite photos from web pages, manage gallery albums, and easily view and move pictures. The app has several main features including the ability to manage audio and all media files on the phone, show locked photos and videos, and lock web images and audios. The app also allows for screen lock types such as PINs, passwords, patterns, and fingerprint recognition. Additionally, the app supports animated GIFs and users can use an ad-free version by playing reward ads.

Users are advised to be cautious when deleting unlocked media files as they may lose important data. If this happens, steps to recover the files can be taken by reinstalling Safe Gallery, going to Settings, and selecting Lock Media Recovery. If the “.SafeGallery” folder in the SD card is deleted or the “Clear data” menu in Settings is selected under Applications Manager for Safe Gallery (Free), information about locked files will also be lost. It is important to note that apps that clean up storage, such as Clean Master, may delete locked media, so users should avoid deleting any relative files of Safe Gallery while cleaning up their smartphone. Locked media should also be unlocked and backed up before upgrading firmware or formatting internal/external SD cards.

Users should also remember to unlock all locked media before deleting Safe Gallery as all locked media may be lost if this step is not taken. It is recommended that users back up important locked media in extra storage in case of other app or outbreak situations. Finally, Safe Gallery provides users with the ability to recover disappeared or invisible locked media files through the app settings.

5. Andrognito

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Andrognito is a security app available on the Play Store that can be used to hide files, photos, and videos in a device. It uses military-grade encryption techniques to lock files with multiple layers of protection, with one of the fastest encryption speeds available. Andrognito is also useful for storing files in a private cloud and freeing up device space. It has been a trusted app for over two years as one of the smartest ways to stay safe on Android.

If users encounter an issue or can’t find a feature they want, they are asked not to leave a bad review. Instead, they should email helpdesk@andrognito.com for assistance.

Some of the key features of Andrognito include the ability to hide files using military-grade AES 256 algorithm coupled with encryption and decryption speeds, secure locking of private photos, videos, and files on Andrognito cloud, backup of secret pictures, videos, and large files to Andrognito cloud, and access to all important files synced to the cloud across all Android devices with the same account. End-to-end encryption ensures all data is completely safe and only readable by the user.

Advanced features of Andrognito include Vault Spoofing, which creates a fake vault to deceive intruders, Fake Force Close, which forces the app to crash during unlock to deceive intruders, TimelyPIN Lock, which uses auto-changing dynamic PINs that vary based on date, time, and other modifiers to keep files safe, and Custom Themes, which allow users to customize the app and make it their own.

Andrognito requires certain permissions, including INTERNET used to authenticate users and sync files to the cloud if necessary, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE used to view, encrypt, decrypt, and preview encrypted files on the device, and USE_FINGERPRINT used to lock/unlock the app if chosen by the user.

6. Private Photo Vault

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Private Photo Vault is a mobile application that allows users to keep their private pictures and videos hidden behind a password. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. With Private Photo Vault, users can protect their personal photos and videos from intruders by requiring a password to view them. The app also allows users to password protect the entire app as well as individual photo albums, providing double layer password security.

To lock private photos and videos, users need to set up an account and create a new pin. They can then go into the first photo album already created for them and hit the plus button to hide pics. These photos will be removed from their gallery and locked into Private Photo Vault. Users can also create secret photo albums right in the app, import/export from normal gallery, email or text message photos. The app offers custom album covers to keep the contents of the private album safe.

Private Photo Vault protects users’ special photos and videos in various ways. The app has a password-protected app entry, pin lock, password-protected photo albums, and a break-in report feature that takes a photo and records the device’s GPS location whenever a wrong password is entered for the app. The app also offers a decoy password feature that opens up to an entirely different set of photos, making nosy people lose their curiosity.

The app supports video management, allowing users to import/export videos from normal gallery and watch videos. Private Photo Vault is hidden from the recently used apps list, keeping photos safe and secure away from prying eyes. Users can create a video vault that offers protection for their private videos.

Private Photo Vault has no limit on the number of private pictures and videos it can accommodate. It allows password protecting as many private pictures and videos as users have, so long as they still have free space on their device. Additionally, users’ photos are securely stored on their device and not uploaded to the app’s servers.

7. Hide it Pro

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The Hide It Pro app allows users to hide photos, videos, apps, messages, and calls in their phone for free and with unlimited storage. The app provides a secret PIN code to access hidden items and allows for easy sharing of the phone without compromising privacy. The app is disguised as “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer, which can be used to adjust volume. However, long-pressing on the Audio Manager title launches the Hide It Pro app, which serves as a secret vault for hidden files.

The app offers a variety of features, including disguising itself as a fully functional Audio Manager, categorizing media into hidden folders, Free Cloud backup, disappearing from the recent apps list, and integrating with WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and other platforms. Other features include a built-in encryption tool, fingerprint unlock, and the ability to hide the app icon from the app drawer.

Additional features include custom slideshows, batch delete, and the ability to move data between albums and sort files and folders. The app can be downloaded for PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad. If users encounter issues with installation, they can try reinstalling the app. Users can contact support via email, Twitter, Facebook, or the website.

8. Smart Hide Calculator

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“Smart Hide Calculator” is a calculator application with an added feature. Users can set a password upon first use and change it in the future to access an interface where they can hide or unhide media files with any file extension placed in a folder on their device’s SD card. Users with rooted devices can also hide or unhide apps. The application is designed to appear as a simple calculator, and it will not appear in recent apps. If the user forgets their password, they can recover it by entering password recovery mode and providing a secondary password. Users can also view hidden files without unhiding them. The application’s developers plan to add more features and improvements in the future and welcome suggestions.

The secret screen’s user interface, which includes hide and unhide buttons, may look distorted on smaller screen sizes. Additionally, the refresh gallery button will not function on Android KitKat 4.4, but the developers plan to remove it in a future release.

The official Facebook page for “Smart Hide Calculator” is https://www.facebook.com/IDSstudioPage, and the website is http://www.IDSstudio.in.

9. KeepSafe

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Keepsafe is a photo vault and album locker app that has been downloaded by over 50 million people on Android. It securely stores personal photos and videos with features such as PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. Keepsafe allows users to preserve special memories, store family photos, protect copies of IDs and credit cards, organize important documents, and PIN protect their photo gallery. Users can import photos or videos from their phone’s gallery into the Keepsafe Photo Vault to view them while keeping them hidden from the public gallery.

Keepsafe Photo Locker Features include PIN, pattern, or fingerprint protection, secure Private Cloud sync across devices, backup and recovery, face-down auto lock, and Safe Send photo sharing. Additionally, Keepsafe Basic offers free secure Private Cloud storage and a free trial of Keepsafe Premium. The latter includes Album Lock, Break-In Alerts, and Fake Pin features to enhance security, as well as Private Cloud storage for up to 10,000 items, space saver, and trash recovery features to better manage photos. Keepsafe Premium also offers customization options such as ad-free viewing and custom album covers.

Keepsafe is committed to making secure, user-friendly apps and services that improve digital life. Support can be found through the Help & Support tab within Photo Vault or via email at support@getkeepsafe.com. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.getkeepsafe.com/policies/#terms and https://www.getkeepsafe.com/policies/#privacy, respectively.