5 Best History Cleaner Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best History Cleaner Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to maintaining the performance and privacy of your mobile device, clearing unwanted history data is crucial. While most operating systems come with built-in history cleaners, third-party apps offer a more efficient and comprehensive solution. In this article, we will explore some of the best history cleaner apps available for Android and iOS platforms. These apps employ advanced algorithms to scan and delete various types of history data, including browsing history, cache, cookies, call logs, and more. We will also discuss the features and benefits of each app to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best History Cleaner Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best History Cleaner Apps For Android & iOS

1. Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

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The Smart Cleaner app is an all-in-one solution for optimizing Android device performance. Its features include cache and junk file cleaning, memory boosting, and antivirus protection. With the AppLock function, private data can be secured.

The app’s phone and memory boost feature increases speed by cleaning up memory and eliminating redundant background tasks. The one-tap boost shortcut makes optimization easy. The junk file cleaner scans and removes residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks, and other large files to free up space and improve performance.

The network boost feature comprehensively detects network status, including Wi-Fi security, download speed, upload speed, and networking devices. It closes background network-occupied applications to ensure that the using apps are in a better network condition.

The CPU cooler feature continuously monitors temperature changes and detects apps that cause overheating. It starts a cooling progress and reduces the phone temperature. The apps manager scans and cleans redundant APK files, and the Smart Task Manager transfers apps, games, or files to the SD card easily.

The applock feature is the fastest and safest applock for Android. It prevents others from accessing important private apps such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and Gallery. The smart charge feature displays charge status in real-time and accurately estimates remaining charge time. Notifications are displayed on the screensaver to avoid missing messages.

Overall, Smart Cleaner – Speed Booster & Cleaner is a comprehensive solution for improving Android device performance. It optimizes background apps, memory space, junk (cache) files, and battery power. It also inspects apps permissions and secures the phone from viruses.

2. CCleaner: Cache Cleaner

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CCleaner for Android is a software designed for cleaning, optimizing, and boosting the performance of Android phones and tablets. It is developed by the makers of CCleaner, the most popular cleaning software for PC and Mac. CCleaner for Android allows users to remove junk, reclaim space, monitor their system, and more.

The software offers numerous features, including speed optimization, junk cleaning, and RAM cleaning. Users can optimize their phone, clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and more. They can also reclaim valuable storage space by analyzing and optimizing storage, uninstalling unwanted applications, and clearing obsolete and residual files.

Additionally, CCleaner for Android offers a variety of features to boost device performance and battery life. Users can disable functions they don’t use, clean their RAM, and set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work or car. There are also features to analyze applications’ impact on the device and discover unused apps with the App Manager.

The software includes a photo storage optimization feature that allows users to remove similar, old, and poor-quality photos. They can also optimize file sizes with low, moderate, high, and aggressive file compression, and move originals into cloud storage. CCleaner for Android also has a monitoring feature that checks the usage of the CPU, RAM, internal storage space, battery levels, and temperature.

CCleaner for Android has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. It is fast, compact, and efficient, with low RAM and CPU usage. Users can choose the color theme they like the most. Certain battery profiles are automatically triggered based on the device’s location, which requires access to location data. Access to this data will be requested before using it.

3. Norton Clean, Junk Removal

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Norton Clean is an Android cleaner app that helps users free up storage space by removing junk, residual files, and optimizing memory. The app is designed to remove clutter from Android devices and speed up their performance.

The app cleaner and memory cleaner can be installed to remove junk and free up memory space. The app performs tasks such as cleaning and clearing cache, identifying and removing junk, APK, and residual files, optimizing memory space, and managing apps to get rid of bloatware.

Norton Clean offers various features and capabilities such as Cache Cleaner, Junk Remover, APK File Remover, Residual File Remover, Memory Optimizer, App Cleaner, and App Manager. The app can effectively remove junk files that waste memory space and compromise device performance. It also allows users to identify and remove apps they rarely use, thus reducing clutter and reclaiming memory to store new apps, photos, and videos.

To use Norton Clean, Android OS 4.1 or later is required. Some features of the app may require Android 5.1 or later.

Norton Clean is a renewable service that includes protection updates, as available throughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the Norton License Agreement. Norton respects the privacy of its users and carefully safeguards personal data.

Users can also download the free version of Norton Mobile Security for antivirus protection to prevent bad apps from damaging their phone and stealing their information.

4. Droid Optimizer

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Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is a free app for Android devices that helps to improve smartphone performance, conserve battery life, and protect user privacy. The app offers a range of features, including accelerating, cleaning, and optimizing devices, terminating foreground and background apps automatically, and emptying the system and application cache.

A dark theme is available, as well as the ability to find and delete junk files quickly and easily. Cleaning tasks can be carried out automatically, and users can conserve energy and enhance battery life by disabling wifi at preset times or each time they switch off the screen. All installed apps can be managed, and users can learn about their apps’ critical permissions and expose spy apps.

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer frees smartphones from clutter and reclaims free disk space and performance, automatically and regularly. The app offers 1-Touch Speed Up and Auto Clean Up features, supported by Junk Finder, to help users manage clutter effectively.

For privacy, the app helps to get rid of Internet traces and expose potential spy apps. The Good Night scheduler can also disable features such as WLAN or mobile connectivity automatically during customizable time periods or each time the screen is switched off, aiding battery life.

The app features a ranking system that provides rewards and funny pictures for achievements, and it is free to use without ads. Droid Optimizer works with Android 4.0 and higher devices, and it offers full access on rooted devices. Unwanted apps can be disabled or deleted as needed to keep devices clean.

Although Ashampoo Droid Optimizer does not include features such as Game Booster or CPU Cooler, it is designed to close unneeded apps to free up memory and processor resources as much as possible, making use of Auto-Clean and 1-Touch Speed Up features.

5. Files by Google

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Files by Google is a file management application that offers four main features to help users better manage their files. Firstly, it allows users to free up space on their devices by recommending cleaning activities including deleting old photos, memes from chat apps, removing duplicate files, erasing unused apps, and clearing cache. Secondly, it helps users check their storage and see how much free space is left on their phone and SD card. The application also has an integrated file cleaner to free up more space on the phone.

Thirdly, Files by Google empowers users to be in control of what they delete by allowing them to select only what they want to remove and keep the rest. Additionally, the app helps boost phone performance by regularly prompting users to remove junk or temporary files, for more immediate storage. Fourthly, it provides smart recommendations to help users erase files before running out of space. The recommendation feature improves with increased usage of the application.

Files by Google also offers several other useful features. For instance, it uses filters, rather than folders, to organize files for fast and intuitive access. Users can easily search for files or navigate through categories and filters to manage them. Additionally, the app enables users to share files offline with others, and even transfer large files or app APKs through an encrypted direct Wi-Fi network with a speed rate of up to 480 Mbps.

Furthermore, Files by Google allows users to back up files to the cloud or their SD card, saving their files forever without taking up space on their phone. The app is also efficient, taking up less than 10MB of storage on the device, with no malware or bloatware that could impact performance. Finally, Files by Google is a three-in-one tool app that helps users free up space, find files fast, and share files with super-fast speed.