9 Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonHome security is an essential aspect of modern living, and the proliferation of smartphones has made it easier than ever to monitor one’s home while away. There are several apps available for Android and iOS devices that offer a range of features for home security, including remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and access control. This article aims to provide an overview of the best home security apps available for Android and iOS, highlighting their features, advantages, and limitations.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

1. Alarm.com

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Alarm.com is a technology provider that offers integrated security solutions for homes and businesses. Their system connects security, locks, lights, video cameras, and other devices into a single system that protects against crime, fire, carbon monoxide, and water damage. The company’s all-in-one app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, which allows users to remotely control their entire property, receive intelligent alerts, and live video feeds. The app also automates daily security routines and other time-consuming tasks. However, this app requires a compatible system and an interactive Alarm.com service plan.

Users can enjoy the convenience of connecting with their home or work easily with Alarm.com’s Apple Watch-supported features. Alerts, video clips, and a full range of smart controls are accessible right on the user’s wrist. It is worth noting that feature availability varies based on the system, equipment, and service plan. For more information, visit their website.

Alarm.com’s smarter home security features include controlling security panels, locks, lights, and more from anywhere, getting alerts when people enter and leave or when there is unexpected activity, watching live and recorded videos from indoor and outdoor cameras, customizing video alerts, talking to visitors through the doorbell camera, and using Scenes commands to activate multiple devices with one touch.

Likewise, the company’s smarter business security features allow users to arm or disarm their security panel across multiple locations, get alerted if the store opens late, or if an employee accesses a restricted area, get smarter video alerts that highlight specific types of activity, automate lights, locks, thermostats, and more, track and manage access to multiple properties, buzz open access control doors from the Doorbell Call screen, and respond to alarm events and alert emergency personnel.

Alarm.com is a comprehensive solution for the connected, protected home or business. It is dependable in emergencies and helpful every day.

2. Canary – Smart Home Security

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Canary is a home security system that connects to your phone via the Canary app. By using our security devices, you can monitor your home through live or recorded HD videos day or night. The app also offers a living history of your home through Canary’s timeline, where you can save and bookmark your favorite clips.

Canary’s intelligent notifications alert you when it identifies something out of the ordinary. You receive a notification with recorded HD video of the event, with the option to watch live. With automatic arming, Canary changes modes when you come and go, eliminating the need for complicated keypads or codes to remember.

Canary has four customizable modes: Away, Home, Night, and Privacy. When all members are away in Away mode, Canary monitors for activity and sends notifications. Home mode is customizable, allowing you to set notification and privacy preferences. Night mode is scheduled to monitor for activity while you sleep. Privacy mode turns off the camera and microphone completely.

In case of emergency, you can respond directly from the Canary app. The app offers an option to trigger the 90 decibel siren or connect directly to your home’s local emergency responders. Additionally, Canary’s HomeHealth Technology™ monitors indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, making your home safer and healthier.

Canary values customer feedback and is always looking for ways to improve. You can get in touch with us through email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please note that the auto-mode switching feature of Canary may briefly access your GPS to have high confidence in your location, but we ensure to use battery life sparingly. However, continued use of GPS services can dramatically decrease battery life.

3. Kuna Smart Home Security

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Kuna Smart Home Security is a system designed to prevent break-ins and safeguard your property from anywhere, anytime. Users can utilize the Kuna app to set up and manage their Kuna, Maximus, and Toucan smart security devices. By connecting your Kuna Powered security device to your Wi-Fi network and using a free Kuna account, you’ll have access to all of Kuna’s preventive security features.

Security is a prominent feature of Kuna Smart Home Security. The system sends you an alert with the activity thumbnail the moment activity is detected, allowing you to quickly assess the situation and respond accordingly. It also has an exclusive auto-greeting feature, pre-recorded messages, and instant two-way intercom, making it easy to communicate with anyone outside your home. In case of an emergency, you can easily sound a 100dBA siren or call 911 from the Kuna app, and you will be prompted to confirm before making the call to avoid accidental calls.

Kuna Smart Home Security also offers monitoring capabilities, allowing you to stream live HD video and two-way audio day or night. With Kuna’s proprietary “Smart Detection” technology, it captures activity 10 seconds before and after an event is triggered, creating recorded events that are useful. Additionally, users can download and share events with law enforcement, neighbors, or family and friends.

The system offers convenience as well, with users able to rewind and download every event captured for up to 2 hours for free, and up to 30 days on an optional premium plan. Users can also easily turn their outdoor lights on and off, set up a schedule, enable dawn-to-dusk mode, and adjust motion detection sensitivity. Amazon Alexa integration allows users to control their outdoor lights using voice commands.

Kuna encourages users to leave a review if they love the system. For questions, issues, feedback, or feature suggestions, users can contact Kuna through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

4. Ooma Home Security

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The Ooma Smart Security mobile app, in conjunction with the Ooma Telo communication hub and sensors, offers the ability to secure and monitor your home remotely. The system provides alerts when it detects activity, and allows the user to remotely contact emergency services from their home phone number, using their address as the emergency location.

Notification preferences can be managed, and real-time status and logs of all sensors are viewable. The system can accommodate as many sensors as required, such as those for Door/Window, Motion, and Water detection. Installation of sensors is wireless and easy, and up to ten modes, including Home, Away, and Night modes, can be utilized to control notifications.

Using the Ooma Keypad, users can switch modes from Away to Home using customized Pin codes, while the mobile app allows mode switching manually or automatically using a scheduled time and day. Professional Monitoring Service is available to look after the house when the user is unavailable.

The Smart Security Certificate by Ooma can save up to 30% on Renters insurance. For more information, visit ooma.com.

5. Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones

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WardenCam is a home security camera system that allows users to repurpose their spare smartphones and tablets. This system enables users to view live streaming and past events through motion captured recordings. The system can be used to monitor package deliveries, check on the health and safety of loved ones, or to observe pets.

To get started with WardenCam, users must install the free app on their phone and spare android devices. With the WardenCam app, users can set their spare device to “Camera” mode, sign in with their Google Account, and place the device in the desired location. In the user’s phone’s WardenCam app, they can set it to “Viewer” Mode, sign in with the same Google Account, and start viewing the live stream. The devices can find each other by logging in with the same Google account.

WardenCam features include the ability to work anywhere with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. The system includes motion detection and alerts through push notifications and email. Users can enjoy free cloud storage directly in their Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. Other features include replay recordings, the ability to set up multiple cameras, live streaming, and two-way audio communication.

Video monitoring is possible 24/7 with WardenCam. Users can sign in with any Gmail account as “camera” and “viewer.” The spare device can be placed anywhere of interest, such as the kitchen, garage, or office. Users can monitor live on their phone anywhere with internet access.

WardenCam offers peace of mind with its automated motion detection schedule. Once motion is detected, it starts a siren alarm to scare intruders away. Users can link their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts on both the camera and viewer devices so that WardenCam can upload the motion video to cloud storage. Users can also enable 24/7 recording to the cloud.

6. Home Security Monitor System: Surveillance Camera

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The Home Security Camera is a smart system that transforms any two devices into a CCTV protection system for monitoring and safeguarding homes. The system is useful for individuals who feel nervous and uncomfortable when leaving their homes unguarded. It provides real-time video streaming and multiple room monitoring features, and works on 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi networks.

The system is easily portable, and can be placed in different angles to find the best spot for placing the surveillance security camera. It has a user-friendly interface, with a range of customizable settings to control the areas as closely as desired. Home Monitor alerts users when devices disconnect or when battery levels drop below 10%, and automatically creates a timeline of monitoring statuses for viewing previous sessions.

The Home Security Camera system supports up to 4 independent areas and an unlimited number of Home Security Camera units, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can be configured over local WiFi with automatic device lookup or over QR invitation code in less than 30 seconds.

The communication between the CCTV devices is securely encrypted via private cloud solution, and industry-standard encryption is used to ensure that only authorized viewers have access to the stream. The system also supports reusing fully functional old devices instead of purchasing new ones, thereby saving costs.

The Home Security Camera Surveillance System offers a free trial for exploring the app within 30 minutes, and users only pay once for the home security alarm bundle.

7. SimpliSafe Home Security App

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The SimpliSafe Home Security app enables remote control of the SimpliSafe security system from anywhere in the world. The app allows users to arm and disarm the system, set instant notifications, and keep track of events in a timeline that is updated in real time. Additionally, if a SimpliSafe camera is available, live video can be watched and captured through the app.

8. IP Camera Monitor – Video Surveillance Monitoring

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The IP Camera Monitor app allows users to remotely access and control their IP cameras from anywhere. The app is designed to set up an effective IP camera video monitoring system within minutes. Users can view live video from any IP camera remotely, and IP camera models from different vendors are supported. The app automatically detects any camera that supports ONVIF and is present in the local network. Cameras present beyond the local network can also be manually added in the application.

IP Camera Monitor is a video surveillance app that enables users to watch a live video of any camera directly from their phone no matter where they are. Users can also capture photos of the event. The app works in tandem with Security Monitor Pro, a professional video surveillance software that turns users’ PC and IP cameras into a full video security system. To use the IP Camera Monitor app, users must first install Security Monitor Pro on their Windows PC.

A video tutorial is available to show users how easy it is to connect to Security Monitor Pro and remotely access cameras on their Android mobile device. With IP Camera Monitor, users can keep an eye on their home, office, parking area, or anywhere they need security. The app comes with several key features, including auto detection of ONVIF cameras within the local network, the ability to view IP cameras from anywhere, PTZ support for IP cameras, and access to Security Monitor Pro cameras.

Users can like and stay connected with Deskshare, the company behind IP Camera Monitor, on Facebook or the Deskshare website. Technical support is also available through the Deskshare website’s contact page.

9. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV

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AlfredCamera is a popular app that has received recognition for its innovation and utility. Google Play has awarded it as the “Most Innovative App” in 2016 and “Most Popular Utility App” in 2019. CNET has also acknowledged it as one of the best options for setting up a phone as a security camera in June 2021. AlfredCamera has been chosen by over 40 million families globally as an affordable and simple solution for home protection, as noted by Infobae and Robotina in June and July 2021, respectively.

The AlfredCamera app offers an all-in-one solution for home security, including a 24/7 live stream, smart intruder alerts, unlimited cloud storage, low-light filters, walkie-talkie, and more. It works via WiFi, 3G, and LTE and is easy to set up, requiring no hard skills or cost. AlfredCamera can be used as a CCTV camera to monitor belongings, baby monitor to watch over newborns, or pet cam to entertain pets. It provides peace of mind to users with its reliable and stable features.

AlfredCamera can be DIY installed in just three minutes, offering professional-grade features. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras or home surveillance cameras, AlfredCamera can be placed anywhere to strengthen security. It can be added or removed whenever desired, providing convenience and flexibility to users.

AlfredCamera provides simple security at users’ fingertips with its crystal clear live stream and motion sensor. It sends an instant alert when an intruder is detected, and users can scare them away by speaking through the walkie-talkie. The auto-recorded videos are kept in free, unlimited cloud storage, which can be downloaded and used as evidence.

AlfredCamera is a smarter solution for home security, as opposed to expensive CCTV cameras, baby monitors, pet cams, or IP cameras that charge a monthly fee.