9 Best Hymnal Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Hymnal Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonHymnals have long been a fundamental aspect of religious practices, providing a comprehensive collection of hymns and songs that play a significant role in the worship experience. With the advent of technology, the traditional hymn book has undergone a transformation, making way for digital hymnal apps that offer the convenience of a comprehensive hymn collection accessible on a mobile device. This article will explore some of the best hymnal apps for Android and iOS, highlighting their features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Hymnal Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Hymnal Apps For Android & iOS

1. CAG Hymns

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CAG Hymns is an app that allows users to access and listen to various hymns. With a wide range of collections available, users can easily find their preferred hymns. The app also allows users to record a cappella songs or solos, enabling them to sing from the heart in praise of God. With its Favorites and Playlist functions, users can easily add the hymns they enjoy and listen to them offline anytime through one-click downloads.

In addition, the app offers songs in different languages, providing users with a diverse array of global musical styles. The CAG Hymns app can be downloaded for free, enabling users to praise God anywhere and anytime.

The app’s Browse function allows users to listen to the newest hymns, beautifully produced videos, and different collections available. Additionally, the app offers karaoke features, enabling users to download the music and lyrics to sing hymns wherever and however they prefer. Users can sing along with the original vocals or just the music, and practice their favorite hymns in a cappella. Users can easily find hymns in different languages by tapping a button.

The app’s Videos function contains all the newest videos, including hymn videos, choral works, musicals, songs, and dances. The Library function features the app’s different collections, allowing users to quickly scan and add their favorite songs, create playlists, and save their preferred music. With single-tap downloads, users can enjoy music offline, and in the Recently Played section, users can easily find songs they have already listened to.

The app’s developers encourage users to stay tuned for more features and updates.

2. Hymnal

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The United Church of God has developed a mobile application designed to provide easy access to their hymnal. The app includes a search function enabling users to find specific hymns by title, while piano recordings are also available to assist with singing.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and is available for download through the respective app stores. Once installed, users are presented with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and quick access to the desired hymn.

In addition to its primary function as a hymnal, the app also includes a number of useful features such as bookmarking, allowing users to save their favorite hymns for quick retrieval at a later time. The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it an ideal tool for anyone wishing to access the United Church of God’s hymnal on-the-go.

3. Hymnals

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Hymnals is a free app that allows users to purchase Roman Catholic hymnals from GIA Publications, Inc. through an in-app purchase. The app offers a variety of best-selling hymnals, such as Gather – Third Edition, Worship – Fourth Edition, and Ritual Song – Second Edition, among others. Hymnals also provides the complete content of a hymnal in a compact and lightweight form, making it perfect for choir members or churchgoers.

Users can easily page through hymns using swipe or tap gestures. They can also create and manage their own Service Lists. Moreover, the app allows users to zoom in or out without blurring and view hymns in both portrait or landscape mode.

The app offers several features, including the ability to backup your hymnals, imported music, service lists, and annotations to the cloud with your giamusic.com account. It also now works on iPhone. Additionally, users can quickly search for hymns by title or hymn number, share service lists with other Hymnals app users, and arrange their service list and display it in song order. Furthermore, the app lets users listen to audio samples if available and annotate hymns with easy editing tools.

The app comes with three sample hymns, and more hymns are available for download through in-app purchases. Hymnals offers crystal clear music and words, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to have their favorite hymns at their fingertips. Finally, the app allows users to turn pages with AirTurn and PageFlip Bluetooth pedals, making it even more convenient to use during church services.

4. Project Hymnal

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Hymns are widely appreciated in various settings and occasions as they hold a significant cultural and religious value. However, it is often observed that different versions of the same hymn exist, causing confusion and hindering effective singing. To address this, Project Hymnal has been introduced as a crowd-sourced hymnal that aims to cater to the needs of all individuals.

Project Hymnal is a platform that allows users to learn and contribute to hymns, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly option. The application provides up-to-date versions of hymns, including the latest songs, all accessible offline. Its features include the ability to learn new songs, listen to instrumentals, view music sheets, and play guitar, all from a single device, at any time and from any location.

Users also have the option to upload any song that they do not see on the app, and the team behind Project Hymnal will review and add it to the platform. This non-profit application aims to make hymns available to everyone, with the aim of personalizing the experience. It is noteworthy that if a user uploads a hymn that violates copyright laws, the team is committed to working with the owner to remove it from the system.

Overall, Project Hymnal is an innovative solution that fundamentally enhances the way individuals interact with hymns. By providing a central platform that provides access to a comprehensive collection of hymns, Project Hymnal has successfully democratized the experience of hymn singing, making it easier and more enjoyable for all.

5. SDA Hymnal

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The Hymns from the Seventh-day AdventistĀ® church hymnal is a comprehensive collection of 695 songs, complete with lyrics and MIDIs. It also features a widget that enables users to play and listen to MIDI files directly from their home screen. In addition, it provides users with Sabbath Times and reminders for their location.

This hymnal includes lyrics and MIDIs for all 695 hymns, as well as lyrics to the Old Hymnal, a Topical Index, and a search feature that allows users to find hymns by number, title, or words. Other features include Sabbath Times and Reminders, Major Key Notes, the ability to save favorite hymns, and the option to control audio from the notification area. Users can also edit the words of hymns, add comments to their favorite hymns, and enjoy an ad-free, user-friendly experience.

The midi files in this collection were provided by Maurice John, and the hymnal was published in 1985 by Review and Herald Publishing Association.

6. Adventist Hymnal with piano sheet

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The Adventist hymnbook app offers a comprehensive selection of hymnals, including the New English hymnal, Old English hymnal, New Spanish hymnal, Old Spanish hymnal, and New Russian hymnal. Users can search for hymns by title, content, and number, and access both text and piano sheet versions of the hymns. The app also offers configurable text size and music for each hymn.

For users who have suggestions for improvements or additions to the app, the developer can be reached via email at isaac.rebolledoleal@gmail.com. It is worth noting that this application is not for profit, and therefore does not include any advertisements or similar features.

7. SDA Hymnal

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The Sda Hymnal song book is a portable collection of 695 songs. The book offers a searching mode that allows users to find songs by number or title. Additionally, the book also features Midi playback capabilities.

This application is currently in the development stage, and the developer is seeking constructive feedback to improve the product. Users who are interested in contributing to the collection of midi files can send their submissions to the developer’s email at sofunico@gmail.com. The developer expresses appreciation to contributors and offers a blessing to all users.

8. Church Hymnal

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The Church Hymnal remains highly popular among Christians worldwide, with its motivating hymns consistently praised. The admirable efforts of the compilers, editors, and committee have resulted in a beloved piece of literature.

However, there have been numerous calls for the inclusion of prayers in the hymnal. To address these demands and requests, an app has been created.

This app responds to the requests for prayer inclusion by offering Liturgy, Canticles, and The Litany. These additions are expected to provide significant benefits to worshippers who utilize the app.

9. The Church Hymnal

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The Church Hymnal book is a mobile application designed for worshipers seeking inspiration through hymns. The app offers access to over 700 hymns, including their lyrics, music scores, and tunes. Users can create a custom Favorite List that suits their preferences. Furthermore, the app allows users to share hymn lyrics via emails or other apps. The music scores can also be played with a piano or other musical instruments, providing users with a comprehensive worship experience.

The developers of the app have taken into account user privacy. The app’s privacy policy is available for users to read at their convenience. The policy outlines how user data is collected, used, and protected. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy to better understand how their information is handled. The privacy policy can be found at https://www.eznetsoft.com/index.php/about-us/privacy-policy.