7 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThere are numerous apps available for both Android and iOS devices that offer a range of customizable highlight cover options for Instagram users. These apps allow you to create unique and eye-catching designs to showcase your Instagram Stories highlights in a more visually appealing way. In this article, we will explore some of the best highlight cover apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS)

1. StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram

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The input suggests the use of StoryArt to enhance storytelling by transforming it into a work of art. Additionally, the input mentions the release of a new iOS version called Artory – Insta Story Maker, and provides a link to download it.

StoryArt is a tool that can be used to create visually appealing stories. By incorporating various design elements, users can transform their stories into works of art.

The new iOS version of the StoryArt app, Artory – Insta Story Maker, provides users with a platform to create engaging stories. With its updated features and functionality, users can easily design and share their stories on Instagram.

Interested individuals can download the Artory – Insta Story Maker app through the provided link. By doing so, they can gain access to a tool that can help them turn their stories into visually stunning works of art.

2. Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

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Highlight Cover Maker is an Instagram story covers editor app that allows users to create high-quality highlights covers for their profiles. The app offers over 200 highlight templates, free icons and color palettes, and over 500 cover icons, logos, symbols, and stickers to choose from. Users can also select different color schemes, designs of borders and frames, and background textures like marble, watercolor, and nichi paper. Additionally, the app provides a free tool box for trimming, resizing, and zooming, as well as a customized Canva for designing templates with beautiful elements and presets. Users can preview their insta story highlights and upload them to their Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok pages.

The app also offers new features that allow users to create original business or personal logos and designs using thousands of graphics and icons. Using the logo creator, users can choose from numerous logo templates, customize the color of the icons, and use texture images to color their logos. Users can also adjust their graphics finely like Illustrator to make the logo look special and be their own.

To add highlight covers, users can long-press the story highlights on their profiles, click “Edit Highlight,” and then “Edit Cover.” They can then upload the highlight covers from their albums, crop them, and preview their highlights. Users are encouraged to share their highlight cover ideas on Instagram and hashtag #HighlightCoverMaker to get more views, likes, and followers.

3. Adobe Spark Post: Graphic design made easy

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Adobe Spark Post is a design app that allows users to create professional-looking graphics without any design skills. Users can choose from a variety of templates and customize them by adding text and applying filters. The app also features an auto resize function that resizes designs to fit each social media platform. Additionally, users can apply typography and text effects to enhance their designs. The app also includes a new beta feature that automatically removes image backgrounds in one tap.

Adobe Spark Post provides users with inspiration by offering a remix feed of fresh designs, hand-picked fonts and shapes, and millions of high-quality stock photos. Users can easily share their designs across multiple social media platforms, and everything is backed up to the cloud so that designs can be continued on another device. The app also has branding features that allow users to add their own logos, colors, and custom fonts to make their designs unique.

Users can create a variety of designs using Adobe Spark Post such as Instagram and Snapchat stories, social media posts, posters and flyers, invitations and announcements, memes, and business graphics. They can also create YouTube thumbnails and event headers. The app is suitable for solopreneurs, small business owners, and anyone who wants to create professional-looking designs for free.

Adobe Spark Post is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy. The app does not sell users’ personal information. Users can contact Adobe Spark Post through social media or email for any queries. They can also tag their Adobe Spark Post creations with #AdobeSpark for a chance to be featured on the app’s Instagram.

4. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

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Picsart is a photo and video editor that allows users to create professional-level collages and add stickers, filters, and effects to their content. As of 2021, it has a community of over 150 million creators worldwide. It is an all-in-one editor and collage maker that provides users with the necessary tools to add a personal flair and make their content stand out.

The photo editor feature of Picsart offers a range of trending filters and popular photo effects, the background eraser tool to erase and replace backgrounds, the remove object tool to remove unwanted objects, access to curated free images, 200+ designer fonts to add text, the hair color change tool for retouching selfies, the AI-powered smart selection tool to blur backgrounds, and the ability to add stickers and create custom ones.

The video editor feature allows users to create and edit videos with music, crop video clips to the perfect dimensions and ratios, add glitch effects and other trendy filters, trim videos or use smart video merger to blend videos, design using the slideshow maker with music, and create video collages. This feature also provides access to a vast video editor music library.

The collage maker feature enables users to create on-trend collages with their favorite pictures and offers options like photo grid collage, freestyle collage, scrapbook, and frames for pictures. It also provides access to a meme generator and offers Story templates to level up Instagram game.

The sticker maker feature provides access to over 60+ million Picsart stickers, the ability to add stickers to pictures, download any sticker for free, and create unique custom stickers. The photo effects and filters feature offers popular Sketch effects, Canvas effects to turn portraits into artistic masterpieces, Drip Art with dripping effect stickers, and Magic effects to cartoon yourself in seconds.

5. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

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Canva is a free graphic design application that offers a range of design and video editing tools. Users can create a variety of designs such as logos, posters, book covers, and even mood boards. Canva is available for both mobile and desktop devices, allowing users to work on their designs anytime and anywhere.

The app offers over 60,000 ready-to-use templates created by professional designers, making it easy for users to start their designs from scratch or use any of the available templates. Users can also upload their own images and videos, or choose from Canva’s library of premium photos and illustrations.

Canva’s editing tools allow users to add and edit text, apply filters to images, and make other adjustments to their designs. Users can easily share their designs on various social media platforms or save them to their device.

In addition to its graphic design features, Canva also offers a video editing tool that allows users to edit and enhance their videos with transitions, effects, music, and more. The app also provides social media-specific features such as Instagram highlight cover makers and Facebook post and cover creators.

Canva offers a range of design tools for any project, including evites, photo collages, motivational quotes, and humorous memes. Users can collaborate on designs with their friends or colleagues by creating a free team. Canva Pro is also available, which offers additional features such as brand colors and fonts.

6. Story Highlight Icons – Cover Maker App

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Story Highlight Cover Maker is a tool that allows users to create personalized icons for their Instagram™ story highlights. The app is free and offers a variety of features to help users create an enthralling cover. Users can choose from numerous background textures, colors and frames for their pictures. They can also upload pictures from their gallery to further customize their icon.

One of the unique features of this app is that users can create pink, white or black story icons to have a powerful effect on their followers. In addition, Story Highlight Cover Maker offers several cool photo effects and filters, as well as awesome icon stickers featuring babies, birthdays, love, fashion and more. Users can also add text to their photos and modify pictures with stylish fonts and colors.

With Story Highlight Cover Maker, users can create covers for their highlights in a few simple steps. They can select some of their favorite pictures, add stickers, cool logo text, oval shape photo frames and make some best highlight covers everyone will be hypnotized by. The app allows users to personalize their story highlights logo even more by making their own cover photo using this social media tool.

While Story Highlight Cover Maker does not provide cover templates, users can effortlessly create icons that appear right below their bio and above their news feed. With this app, users can maximize the impact of their highlighted content and gain more story viewers, helping them build their brand.

7. Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight

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A well-designed Instagram profile requires more than just a few posts, videos, and highlights. It needs unique decoration to stand out. If your profile has dozens of highlight stories without any cover, it may look unappealing. To enhance your profile’s appearance, you can add beautiful covers to your highlights. To accomplish this, you can use our app, a free highlight maker for Instagram. This app provides a range of options to make color stories, story arts, floral designs, color schemes, and marble designs to decorate your profile.

The highlight cover maker in StoryLight is easy to customize. You can customize all templates by tapping on colors, borders, icons, stickers, and texts to enlarge or edit them. With the app, you can create beautiful covers for your Instagram highlight backgrounds. You can choose from different backgrounds, colors, floral designs, and marble designs.

The app also allows you to add borders to your IG highlight covers to make them more attractive. There are dozens of highlight borders available, and adding them is simple. Additionally, the app provides a package of cool icons that you can add to your highlight cover, such as emojis, floral icons, food icons, and love icons. You can also add text with beautiful fonts to your Instagram highlight cover using the app.

For influencers who want to gain more followers and leads, a good highlight cover can be a profitable investment. StoryLight Highlight App is an Instagram story editor designed for influencers to enhance their profiles. The app is continually updated with new features, so you can expect more additions in the future. To try the app and see the results for yourself, install it today.