9 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS

Download the Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the field of cognitive training has grown substantially with the development of mobile apps that claim to boost users’ intuition levels. These apps are designed to improve cognitive abilities by providing users with exercises and games that challenge their thought processes. The apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, and offer a range of features, including personalized training plans, progress tracking, and social sharing. In this article, we will explore some of the best intuition trainer apps available for Android and iOS devices, and examine their features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Intuition Trainer Apps For Android & iOS

1. ESP Trainer

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The Five Mode Trainer is a tool designed to help users practice and master their ESP and intuition skills. The trainer offers five different modes to choose from, starting with an easy level and progressing to more advanced levels.

The objective of the trainer is to predict which tile is the correct one. If the user guesses correctly, the outline of the tile turns green with an audio-visual reward. The “Reset” button is available to restart the current session, while the “Pass” button allows users to skip the current guessing of a tile. It’s important to note that users have limited tries in one session, and at the end of the session, they receive their score in percentage.

The five modes available in the trainer are Duality, Trinity, Remote Viewer, Manifestor, and Wizard. Each mode presents unique challenges and helps increase the user’s ESP sense.

The tool encourages users to focus on their intention to guess correctly, which can further increase their ESP sense. If users are unsure where a hidden element is, they can choose to pass it until they feel it’s right. Consistent practice with this tool can lead to an increase in intuition skills.

2. INTU — Intuition Trainer

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The INTU app claims to help users develop and harness their intuition, which can enhance personal and professional success. According to the app’s creators, logic and rational thinking have limitations in our modern world, and intuition can serve as a valuable guide. Developing intuition requires practice, and the INTU app offers simple but effective techniques for users to cultivate their intuitive skills.

Strong intuition can improve personal relationships by enabling individuals to read other people’s emotions and feelings. Additionally, research has shown that highly developed intuition can foster success in the workplace. A study conducted by Dean and Mihalsky at the New Jersey Institute of Technology found that 81% of CEOs with high intuition scores doubled the size of their business over a five year period, compared to only 25% of those with low intuition scores.

The INTU app combines modern knowledge with ancient understanding about the potential of the human mind. By tapping into the rhythm of ideomotor movements, users can train their intuition through exercises provided by the Intuition Trainer module. The Answers Generator feature allows users to use their enhanced intuition to receive answers to life questions from their subconscious. The Info module allows users to track their progress over time and compare with others.

The developers of the INTU app remind users that decisions and actions are their own responsibility, and the app’s creators do not accept responsibility for the results of the answers. The app includes the Intuition Trainer, Answers Generator, and Info modules, which are designed to improve intuition through exercises, provide answers to life questions, and track progress. Users can download the INTU app and begin improving their intuition in as few as 10-15 minutes per day.

3. Real Superpowers

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Real Superpowers is a resource that introduces readers to the concept of humans possessing superpowers. Instead of abilities like x-ray vision or telekinesis, the book focuses on real-life powers that are still extremely powerful. The book offers an in-depth introduction to three real abilities that humans can possess and build into superhuman proportions. These abilities include Mind Control, Mind Reading, and Super Strength.

The first ability introduced is Mind Control, which teaches readers how to use the strongest tactics of persuasion to control someone’s actions and decisions. The second ability is Mind Reading, which includes using Cold Reading and Eye Patterns to read a person’s mind and produce a psychic effect. Finally, the book delves into Super Strength, which involves using the ancient Chinese knowledge of “Chi” to increase one’s strength and power.

The book asserts that people who master these abilities can live out the dreams of comic book superheroes. By providing insight into the potential of these real-life superpowers, Real Superpowers offers an intriguing exploration of what humans are truly capable of.

4. Extra Sense – intuition trainer

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The application, “eSense – Meditative Games”, aims to improve users’ intuition through a series of nine meditative games. These games are designed to be played during activities such as watching videos, listening to music, or an audio book. The games are endless and increase in complexity as the user’s sensitivity grows. The ultimate goal of the games is to help users test and feel their sixth sense and improve their sensitivity through training.

Users are encouraged to test themselves by attempting to quiet their thoughts and play the games without relying on logic. The development team is constantly working on new games and modes to add to the application. Updates on the progress of the game can be found at esense.me.

5. Intuition – train, measure, compare

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This article discusses the availability of various apps that aim to enhance one’s intuition skills. These apps offer a range of features that allow users to improve their intuitive abilities through interactive exercises.

One such exercise involves choosing a picture that can be tuned and attempting to reveal it after covering it. The picture contains two opposing images, and the user’s task is to identify the correct image.

Users can track their progress by keeping track of their scores, which represents the maximum score achieved in a given game. This feature allows users to participate in a World Leaderboard and compare their intuition scores with other users. Viewing others’ scores may act as a source of inspiration for the user.

The images used in these games can be free or purchased by the user. Alternatively, users can view ads to access new images. Overall, these apps aim to improve intuitive skills and provide a platform for users to engage with other users in a competitive and inspiring environment.

6. Magic Intuition

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The Magic Intuition application is designed to help users improve their intuition and make beneficial choices in various areas of their lives, including business, professional orientation, private life, and significant purchases. The app is optimized for speed and ease of use, with different games and levels of complexity that provide convenient statistics and records. Additionally, the app offers a diverse motivation system, including coins, a laziness progress bar, and vibration mode. The Pro version includes additional features such as a dice game, a space game, Zener cards for testing extrasensory perception, soccer betting, reminders for training schedules, and backups for securing and transferring data.

The app is free of advertisements and offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. The app’s games and exercises are designed to challenge and improve the user’s intuition, with varying levels of complexity to suit different users’ needs. The app’s statistics and records provide users with valuable feedback on their progress and enable them to track their performance over time. The app’s diverse motivation system encourages users to keep practicing and improving their intuition regularly.

The Pro version of the app offers additional features, including a dice game, a space game, and Zener cards for testing extrasensory perception. The app also includes a soccer betting game, which offers users a chance to play a game of chance with no risk to their wallet. The app’s reminders for training schedules and backup options provide users with added convenience and security. The Pro version also includes a mode of the real Forex exchange rate, providing users with a realistic trading experience.

Users may have questions about the app, which can be directed to the app’s support group on Olekdia.groups.io or the app’s Facebook page. The app is designed to help users tap into their intuition and make better choices, with a range of features and exercises to suit different needs and preferences.

7. Intuition training. Corridors of intuition

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The author of the input has expressed a long-standing interest in the development of intuition and has tried various games and simulators to achieve this. However, the author has always had questions regarding the functionality and integrity of these virtual methods. As a result, the author has preferred real-world methods such as tossing a coin or guessing the suit in a deck of cards. Nevertheless, carrying a deck of cards or tossing a coin may not always be feasible. Therefore, the author has decided to write their own game for intuition development that aligns with their expectations.

Developing intuition is a fascinating process that requires perseverance. It involves reading literature, learning different approaches, and most importantly, applying intuition in everyday life. The author wishes the reader to exercise persistence in this pursuit because, when intuition is trusted, relying on luck becomes unnecessary.

In conclusion, the author has developed a game for intuition development to align with their expectations. The development of intuition is a process that requires perseverance, involving reading literature, learning different approaches, and applying intuition in everyday life. The author encourages the reader to persist in this pursuit as intuition can replace the need for luck.

8. Are You Psychic

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The Zener cards app is designed to help individuals test and develop their intuitive abilities. The app features five different decks to test affinities, a custom deck creation option, interactive focus exercises, and analytical tips from a personal Guide. Additionally, the app offers an online multiplayer mode, a Global Leaderboard to track performance, and a community hub where verified psychics can provide free mini-readings. The app also boasts 3D graphics, calming music, and visual and haptic reward systems. Personal progress and score tracking are available as well. The app is maintained by volunteers and users are encouraged to report any issues for prompt resolution. Users can also submit ideas for improvement or new features via email or social media.

9. Increase Your Intuition

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The article titled “Three Powerful Ways To Increase Your Intuition” discusses the concept of intuition, how it works, and its benefits. According to psychology, intuition is the ability to connect information stored in the unconscious mind to a particular context. Neuro linguistic programming expert Malti Bhojwani explains that the unconscious mind collects and stores data which it retrieves when needed, presenting relevant information to us. This explains why we often have hunches that are accurate, as the necessary data has been stored in the subconscious mind.

Intuition serves as a signal, guiding us to take a particular action, warning us when something is not right, and leading us to be in the right place at the right time. It may seem like a coincidence, but in reality, our intuition has made a calculated decision that we may not have expected. The good news is that exercising our intuition can expand our consciousness, allowing us to tap into it more effectively.

The article offers three powerful ways to increase intuition, along with a YouTube video on activating the third eye, and a free guide on manifesting success, love, and wealth. By following the tips provided, we can become more attuned to our intuition and learn to make better use of it in our daily lives.