8 Best Key Finder Apps To Try For Android & iOS

Download the Best Key Finder Apps To Try For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAre you tired of constantly misplacing your keys? Fortunately, there are numerous key finder apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can help you locate your lost keys easily. In this article, we will explore some of the best key finder apps currently available in the market, highlighting their features and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a simple app or one with advanced tracking capabilities, this analysis will help you find the best key finder app to suit your needs.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Key Finder Apps To Try For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Key Finder Apps To Try For Android & iOS

1. Chipolo One

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Chipolo is a Bluetooth finder designed to help users locate misplaced items such as keys, wallets, and phones. Users can attach the Chipolo to any item they do not want to lose and use the Chipolo app on their phone to make it ring. Additionally, the Chipolo can be used to find a misplaced phone by double-clicking on the Chipolo.

The Chipolo has several features, including the ability to track the last known location of the item, receive alerts if an item is left behind, and share the Chipolo with loved ones through the app. Other features include a widget for the home screen, voice commands to find the Chipolo, and a wireless selfie button.

There are two types of Chipolos available: the ONE key finder and the CARD wallet finder. The ONE key finder has a replaceable battery with a battery life of two years, while the CARD wallet finder has a non-replaceable battery with a battery life of one year. Both have a range of up to 200 feet and are water-resistant.

Location data is used to display the last known location of the Chipolo finder in the app, trigger Out of Range Alerts on the phone, and display the phone’s location in the web app, even when the app is running in the background.

To purchase a Chipolo, users can visit chipolo.net. The company can be followed on Instagram at instagram.com/chipolo_tm and liked on Facebook at facebook.com/ChipoloTM.

2. Pebblebee Key Finder

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Pebblebee is a technology company that produces trackers for personal items such as keys, wallets, and pets. The Pebblebee app is available for free and is compatible with all Pebblebee tracking devices, including Honey, Finder Classic, Finder 2.0, BlackCard, and Found LTE, which can be purchased through the company’s website.

The app includes several features such as locating the last known location of a device, buzzing the tracker from the app to produce a loud sound and blinking LED, finding a lost phone by using the Pebblebee tracker to ring it, receiving a left-behind alert if keys or wallet are left behind, device sharing with other users, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Additional features for Found LTE include tracking history with data points on a map, and custom tracking modes such as Low Power Tracking, Dynamic, Emergency Tracking, and Bluetooth Only.

The app utilizes location services to record the most recent location of Pebblebee devices. However, the continued use of GPS in the background may decrease battery life.

Customer service can be contacted through email at support@pebblebee.com. Pebblebee can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Cube Tracker

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Cube is a Bluetooth tracker device that can be paired with a mobile app in order to locate everyday items quickly. It is designed to be attached to household items, keys, or purses, among others. Users can activate the device by pinging it via Bluetooth from their mobile phones. The Cube will then ring and allow the user to locate it.

The Cube also offers a feature that enables users to locate their mobile phones by pinging them through the button on the device, even if it’s on silent mode.

The Cube is compatible with Android devices that use 4.4 or higher. A list of supported devices includes Samsung Galaxy S5, 6, 6E, 7, 7E, 8, 8+, 9, 9+, Samsung Note 4, 5, 8, Nexus 4, 5, 5x, 6, 6p, Pixel, Pixel2, Moto Droid Turbo, Turbo2, G4, HTC M8, M9, U1, and LG G4, G5, G6. However, the company states that even if a user’s device is not on the list, as long as it uses Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0, the Cube key finder should work. However, the customer support team may not be able to provide troubleshooting assistance for unsupported devices.

4. Orbit – Find lost keys & phone

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Orbit is a family of Bluetooth trackers designed to help you locate your frequently misplaced items such as keys, wallet, phone, glasses, and bags. Orbits can be purchased at the website, findorbit.com.

To make your Orbit ring, you can attach or stick it to anything and use the app to select any of the three available ringtones. Additionally, the Orbit can make your phone ring, even when it is on silent, but this function is not available on Orbit Glasses.

The Orbit app records the last known GPS location of your Orbit and displays it on a map, making it easier to locate your lost item. The app also allows you to mark your Orbit as lost and notifies you as soon as someone comes within range of it, thanks to Orbit Net.

The Orbit also serves as a camera remote for your smartphone, making it ideal for taking selfies or group shots. However, this feature is not available on Orbit Glasses.

Orbit trackers have several other features, including replaceable or rechargeable batteries, making it unnecessary to replace them every year. Some of the Orbit trackers are also fully waterproof, like the Orbit Keys and Orbit Card, and have a built-in loudspeaker. Additionally, the separation alarm feature alerts you when you’re separated from your Orbit.

The Orbit app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Orbit, providing a maximum range of 100ft. The app also uses Location Services to capture the last known location of your Orbit based on your phone’s geo-location data. However, continued use of GPS or Bluetooth in the background may significantly reduce battery life.

The Orbit app is supported by Android devices running 4.4 or higher (KitKat or Lollipop).

5. Safedome – Find things fast

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Safedome is a Bluetooth tracker designed to fit in a wallet, passport holder, or attached to a laptop or tablet. It can connect to a phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), alerting the user if they leave their wallet behind and providing directions to its last known location to aid in quickly finding it. It is considered the thinnest, most durable, and powerful Bluetooth tracker available on the market.

It should be noted that the Safedome app requires a Safedome card and is optimized for use on smartphones rather than tablets. The best experience is achieved by installing Safedome on a smartphone.

Safedome has several features including the ability to connect multiple trackers to the phone to help locate wallets, bags, passports, laptops, and other items. The last known location of the wallet can be found on a map, and alert-free zones can be set to avoid unnecessary alerts. The app can also be used to call a lost phone or Safedome card.

Users can enjoy peace of mind as the app displays the connection status of the Safedome card and its location. However, it should be noted that continued use of GPS or Bluetooth in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

6. Tile

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The Tile app is designed to help users locate their misplaced items. The app offers Bluetooth trackers that can be attached directly to personal items such as keys, wallets, and bags. When within Bluetooth range, users can ring their Tile through the app or Smart Home device. When outside Bluetooth range, the app will display the Tile’s most recent location on a map. The Tile button can also be used to make a user’s phone ring even when on silent.

In addition to location tracking, the Tile network can be utilized to locate lost items. Users can add their contact information to the Tile if it is lost, and if someone scans the Tile’s QR code, the owner can be contacted. The Tile app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it easier for users to find their misplaced items.

A Premium Plan subscription is available for users who want the most robust Tile experience. This plan includes a Smart Alert notification if an item is left behind and item reimbursement for U.S. subscribers who lose an item that Tile cannot locate. New users can receive a 30-day free trial of a Premium or Premium Protect Plan. After the free trial, Premium is available for a monthly or annual subscription, and Premium Protect is available for an annual subscription.

The Tile app requires the installation of the Tile application, ownership of a Tile-enabled device, Tile account registration, acceptance of Tile’s Terms of Service, and acknowledgment of Tile’s Privacy Policy. The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Location Services to record the most recent location of a Tile. Users should note that continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can significantly decrease battery life. By installing the app, users consent to its installation and updates or upgrades released through the platform. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by removing or disabling the app.

7. Whistle GO Explore

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The Whistle companion app for smart pet monitors, including Whistle™ FIT™, Whistle™ GO Explore™, and Whistle™ Switch™ smart collar, assists pet owners in tracking and monitoring their pet’s health, fitness, and GPS location. The app provides science-backed insights unique to the pet, allowing for informed decisions to be made by the pet owner.

Whistle monitors provide a 360º view of the pet’s overall health by tracking and monitoring their health-related behaviors, fitness, and GPS location, all accessible through the Whistle app. Health behaviors, including scratching, licking, drinking, and sleeping patterns, are tracked, and changes in patterns are brought to the owner’s attention if they may indicate potential health issues.

GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks work in tandem to keep the pet’s location constantly updated, with customizable “Safe Places” boundaries to inform the pet owner if their pet leaves the designated areas. Escape alerts are sent to the owner if the pet leaves a Safe Place location without authorized assistance.

Fitness tracking is also available through the app, where customized goals based on breed, age, and weight inform the owner of calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active, and other metrics. Badges are earned when goals or milestones are met, providing a fun, celebratory element.

The Whistle app also includes a TeleVet feature, allowing pet owners to connect with a veterinarian directly from the app. Custom reminders can be set to ensure the pet receives daily meds, monthly flea + tick treatments, bi-annual vet visits, grooming appointments, weigh-ins, and more.

To activate the Whistle app, the Whistle plan must be acquired, and GPS-enabled Whistle smart monitors are necessary for GPS/location features like “Find My Pet.” Support is available through chat, call, or email through a Whistle Customer Experience Advocate. More information about Whistle products and services can be found on the website.

8. XY Find It

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The XY Find It App is a tool that aims to help users find their belongings. The app connects to XY Finders, which are attached to items that the user wants to track. By using the app, the user can locate lost items before it’s too late. XY Find It can be found online at xyfindit.com.

To begin using XY Find It, one must attach an XY Finder to any item they want to track. If the user loses the item, they can use the app to make the XY Finder beep. The app can also ring the user’s phone, even if it’s on silent.

The app comes with several features, including the ability to ring XY4+ Finders from up to 300 feet away. Users can connect as many XY Finders as they want and use KeepNear to know when an item goes out of range. Additionally, the app always displays the XY Finder’s last known location. If the item is lost, users can rely on the XY Lost and Findable Community to help look for it anonymously. When the Bluetooth XY Finder’s battery runs out, the user can replace it themselves, eliminating the need to purchase a new one.

The app requires certain permissions, including access to the phone’s GPS to mark the Finder’s last known location. It also needs access to the camera and photos for custom XY Finder images. The app only stores app-related information, and more information about data collection can be found at www.xyfindit.com/privacy.

It’s important to note that the app operates in the background of the device and may affect battery life. The app works with Android devices running at least Android version 5. Users can find support at support.xyfindit.com, or they can send an email to support@xyfindit.com.