10 Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article will present a comprehensive review of the best logic game apps available for Android and iOS platforms. These games have been carefully curated and evaluated based on their level of difficulty, quality of graphics, user interface, and overall gameplay experience. By providing an in-depth analysis of each app, this article aims to assist users in selecting the most suitable logic game app that matches their preferences and skill level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player seeking a challenge, this review will help you discover the top logic games available on the market.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iOS

1. Flow Free

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Hompath FireFly is a Homeopathy Repertory Software that includes 10 repertories from sources such as Kent, Boericke, and Boenninghausen, as well as 109 Homeopathic books from authors including Allen, Rajan Sankaran, and Farokh Master. The app is designed to help manage patients’ cases, repertorise, and prescribe remedies from anywhere and at any time.

The app includes an extensive range of features, including 10 repertories with over 3000 remedies, 107+ volumes of Homeopathic books, 100+ cured cases, 3000 remedy properties, 700 remedy relationships, 1400 keynotes of homeopathic medicines, 636 clinical tips verified in 1000’s of cases, 615 patient instructions for 70+ disease conditions, and a student academic module with question bank, MCQs, and more.

The app’s features aim to improve Materia Medica knowledge and enhance homeopathic practice, including an easy search option for browsing thousands of rubrics, a vast library and Materia Medica with intelligent search capabilities, a quick case record that allows users to record rubrics while patients narrate history and automatically repertorise them, and a patient management system that allows users to save all patient data and prescriptions in the app.

The app also includes detailed information on remedies, strategic repertorisation filters, clinical tips, allopathic drug data, and more than 600 patient instructions for a wide range of clinical conditions. Additionally, the app includes an academics module for homeopathic students with a vast question bank, MCQs, guidelines on investigation and thesis preparation, and other resources.

It is important to note that the Firefly Mobile app is exclusively designed for Homeopathy practitioners and cannot be substituted by the general audience for self-medication. Non-medical professionals are advised to seek a doctor’s guidance before making any medical decisions.

2. Brain Games: Words & Numbers for Brain Training

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Brain Games: Words & Numbers is a mobile game that offers two modes: Words and Numbers. In the Words mode, players click on adjacent tiles or drag over letter tiles to spell words. For every 20 words found, players earn 1 NeuroStar. The goal is to find 100 words to complete the game and earn 5 NeuroStars plus 1 NeuroStar Bonus. In the Numbers mode, players click on adjacent tiles or drag over number tiles to add them and match the target. For every 20 targets solved, players earn 1 NeuroStar. The goal is to solve 100 targets to complete the game and earn 5 NeuroStars plus 1 NeuroStar Bonus.

Players can use clues if they need help and earn NeuroStars to unlock more clues. Additionally, the game provides an offline dictionary feature, which allows players to check the definition of a word they have spelled. At the end of each game, players may check the definitions of all the valid words. The game is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and iCloud Sync allows players to sync their game progress across multiple devices. Players can start playing on their Mac, continue on their iPhone, and finish on their iPad. The game also includes a Game Center feature, which enables players to compete on six leaderboards and try to earn eight achievements.

3. Brain Games – free puzzle pop mind games

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Looking for an addicting puzzle game that can keep your brain fit? Look no further than this new game, which challenges players to put colorful shapes into a single big rectangle by moving them with their finger.

Despite its seemingly simple premise, players should not be fooled into thinking that this game is easy. In fact, it can be a real challenge, making it perfect for those who love cracking puzzles and are looking for a new mental workout.

One of the key features of this game is the fact that it comes with 90 levels to exercise your brain with, providing hours of entertainment and challenge. Additionally, it is a single, universal app that works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, making it easy to play on all your devices.

Finally, the game boasts amazing Retina graphics that really shine on compatible devices, making it an enjoyable and visually appealing experience for players of all ages and abilities.

4. REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

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The developers of a new application named REBUS have announced that the app is designed for those who enjoy mind games, stylish graphics, and “crisp insanity”. According to the developers, the game involves associations, logic, and design that is intended to stimulate the brain.

REBUS can be played for any length of time, whether it’s for an hour or just a few minutes, and each solved rebus is said to create a pleasant snap in the player’s head. The developers encourage people to enjoy the game and its challenges.

They have also stated that they plan to update the app regularly by adding new levels to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. REBUS seems to be targeting people who enjoy thought-provoking games with a unique twist in design and logic.

5. Skillz – Logical Brain Game

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The “Skillz Logical Brain Game” is a fun and addictive game that aims to improve players’ memory, speed, accuracy, and ability to distinguish colors. It is designed to be a logical game that provides a good test to the brain.

The game offers players the opportunity to sharpen their minds while having fun. It is a skill test game that challenges players’ abilities to distinguish between different colors and tests their reflexes. The game also includes fun puzzles of various kinds that enable players to score points and advance levels.

The app highlights the benefits of playing a logical game and training one’s brain while also having fun. It includes various tests that improve players’ skills and abilities, such as memory, reflexes, accuracy, touch ability, speed, and color coordination. Each level tests players’ abilities to their peak and ranks their results between 1 and 5 stars.

Players are rewarded with “Brains” for every star earned, which can be used to retry a current round, pass a round, or pass a level with 5 stars. The game is designed to improve players’ memory and sharpen their minds with its addictive gameplay.

The game also includes a multiplayer feature, allowing players to play with friends or random players. The feature rewards players who finish the game in first place with a “Win” and 5 Brains, while those who finish in second place earn 3 Brains and no “Win”. Multiplayer ranking depends on the number of “Wins”, and players can unlock achievements by playing in multiplayer mode.

Overall, the “Skillz Logical Brain Game” is an entertaining and engaging game that challenges players to improve their cognitive abilities while having fun.

6. Gears logic puzzle

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This is a logical puzzle game that involves the mechanics of gears. Players must connect light gears with red gears in order to make everything rotate. The game features thousands of levels and offers free play that can be enjoyed at any time and place. It is suitable for players of all ages and offers an entertaining mechanic experience.

Players can create their own levels, play exciting levels created by other players, and enjoy a new player vs player mode. The game offers visual themes to choose from (wood, metal, ice, paper, and stone) and provides non-stop play with level skip. It is a physics puzzler that is based on physics-based gaming, and there is no time limit. The game can be played offline, and players can receive hints if needed.

In addition, the game is designed to be educational and provides players with the opportunity to develop their wisdom and imagination. It is a stress-relieving game that offers simple rules and good gameplay, making it an addictive experience. The game also includes a button to save battery power and provides email help to users who need assistance.

7. That Level Again

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This is a small logic game consisting of 96 non-unique levels. Although the levels are the same, the ways to win are different in each level. The game is set in a room with spikes, a platform, a button, and a door, which may seem easy to navigate. Moreover, the game features a new immortal hero that can rise from the dead. Additionally, the game includes Easter eggs for players to discover.

8. 100 Logic Games – Time Killers FREE Puzzle Pack!

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Logic Games is an Android application that offers over 100 unique puzzle games for mental exercise. It has received over 5,000,000 downloads on iOS and WP platforms. The collection of games is designed for people who find Sudoku boring and are searching for more entertaining and diverse puzzle options.

The game offers diverse levels of increasing difficulty, and players are able to save their progress, undo moves, restart games and use hints when stuck. Its variety of puzzles makes it an ideal companion for leisure time.

The games include Parks, Snail, Skyscrapers, Tents, ABCD, Battleships, Nurikabe, Hitori, Lighten Up, Magnets, Hidden Stars, Branches, Tatami, Futoshiki, Hidden Path, Blocked View, Fillomino, Black Box, Number Link, Masyu, Slitherlink, Mosiak, Linesweeper, Hidato, Kakuro, Calcudoku, Landscaper, Galaxies, Clouds, Rooms, Domino, Loopy, Ripple Effect, Box it up, Walls, Slanted Maze, Mathrax and many more.

The game offers several features such as 10,000 puzzle levels, auto-save and quick resuming, in-game rules and solved examples, timed hints, note-taking for complex puzzles, single game progress in the list, achievements and leaderboards, pinch zoom for big puzzles.

In the future, there will be a single purchase option that removes ads on all devices and gets a quick input panel for less taps. Overall, Logic Games is an engaging and challenging puzzle game that offers a variety of games and levels for players to enjoy.

9. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

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Brain It On is a game that offers deceptively challenging physics puzzles. Players must draw shapes to solve each puzzle, which can be difficult despite their simple appearance. Dozens of brain-busting physics puzzles are available, with new ones added regularly. Players can compete with friends for the Brain It On! crown and try to find the best solution to each puzzle, with multiple ways to solve them. Unique solutions can be shared and compared with friends.

All levels can be unlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. The community screen offers dozens of new, player-created levels each day. Players may also purchase the game to remove all ads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock the level editor. Note that purchasing the “No Popup Ads” option only removes the ads between levels, while purchasing the “Full Game” removes ads to get hints as well.

Players are encouraged to rate and comment on the game, as the indie developer greatly appreciates support and feedback. If something isn’t liked in the game, the developer can be reached at support@brainitongame.com. Additional information can be found on Twitter at @orbitalnine, on the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/brainitongame, or on the website http://brainitongame.com. The developer hopes players enjoy Brain It On.

10. You Must Escape

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This is a room escape puzzle game where the objective is to find a way to open the doors and exit each room. The game offers challenging puzzles and logic brain teasers, and is easy to start but difficult to put down. Players can explore different themed rooms, and new rooms are added frequently. The game is available for Android for free.

To play, the player needs to find and combine objects to solve puzzles. The objective is to unlock the door and escape from the room.

For those who need help, a walkthrough is available at http://youtu.be/DOF63jCKGaY. To discuss the game or connect with other players, visit https://www.facebook.com/MobestMedia.