4 Best Measure Tree Height Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Measure Tree Height Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article discusses tree height measuring apps that are available for both Android and iOS platforms. The apps use various techniques to measure the height of a tree such as trigonometry, angle calculations, and satellite imagery. The article provides an overview of the key features of the apps, their accuracy, and ease of use. Additionally, the article explores the benefits and limitations of using such apps for tree measurement purposes. Overall, this article aims to provide readers with an objective assessment of the best tree height measuring apps currently available on the market.

We have compiled a list of 4 Best Measure Tree Height Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

4 Best Measure Tree Height Apps For Android & iOS

1. Measure Height by Deskis

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The software utilizes the accelerometer and trigonometric equations of the device to estimate the distance and height of a tree. Users have the option to input a known distance or have the software measure it. It is noted that the measured height value will be more accurate with an exact distance value. Additionally, the software features an assisting cross on the screen to aid in measuring the tree base and tip.

To measure the distance and height of trees, the software uses the device’s tilt sensor and trigonometric formulas. When measuring the height, the user can choose between inputting a known distance or having the software measure it. On the screen, there is a helpful cross that facilitates measuring the lowest and highest points of the object.

2. Arboreal – Height of Tree

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A new app allows users to measure the height of trees and other structures with high accuracy using AR technology on their phones. By measuring the distance from the tree and the angle to the top, the app can estimate its height.

The app emphasizes the convenience of having a measuring tool always available on one’s phone. Users can also measure buildings, towers, and bridges. The app offers features such as measuring in feet or meters and saving measurements.

To obtain accurate results, users should hold their phone in an upright position and avoid pointing the camera towards the ground. Standing at a good distance from the tree and having a clear view of the top is also recommended.

Users can try up to five measurements for free and can purchase unlimited measurements to support the app’s development and add more features. The app is optimized for Samsung phones and requires at least Android 8.0 (Oreo), with Android 9 (Pie) being strongly recommended. Additionally, users must have Google Play services for AR and use one of the phones listed on the supported devices page.

3. Telemeter. Distance and Height by VisTech.Projects LLC

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The Telemeter is a bundle of tools for Android OS that can be used for indoor and outdoor measurements. It consists of several tools that complement each other, including distance measure, moving, layout design, construction, room measurement, and planning, house and room decoration and furnishing, and trips. The Telemeter is a very handy solution that can immediately estimate object dimensions, distance and size, orientation and exact horizontal, vertical or angular alignment using camera measure technique. Traditional rulers or tape may be difficult to apply for long distance or big object measurements.

The Telemeter has several modes, including the Telemeter Tool, which can remotely estimate distance without reference objects using only a camera measure. Meanwhile, the SpiritLevel3D tool measures distant object alignment and tilt, while the Lines Tool provides vertical and horizontal reference lines that can be used for horizontal or vertical object alignment and tilt elimination. The Augmented Compass Tool, on the other hand, detects orientation in the room or space, while the Angle Tool measures and marks angles in vertical and horizontal planes. The Calibration Tool is used to calibrate the phone before measurements, while the Unit Converter is used to convert results into different length or area units.

The Telemeter Tool has two options: the Hand-mode and the Stand-mode. The Hand-mode is used when the exact height of the camera is unknown, and the device is held on the ground. The user enters their height, and the smart algorithm estimates the camera height, allowing for immediate measurements. In contrast, the Stand-mode is used when the exact height of the camera from the ground is known, leading to more accurate measurement results.

The Telemeter can measure distance from the observer to an object, distance between points in direction ‘from an observer,’ distance between two points in a plane, object dimensions, height from the ground level, height of big objects or a person, angles between planes, angles between two orientations in the space, and angles in horizontal or vertical planes.

4. Tree Meter by Inalbyss Technologies

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Tree Meter is a mobile application designed to measure the height of trees and other objects using a reference object with a known height. The app provides measurements in the same metric as the reference object height, such as meters if the user inputs the reference height in meters.

One feature of Tree Meter is its pixel-based measuring system, which allows for measurements of various objects beyond just trees. However, the accuracy of measurements depends on the user’s placement of markers and perspective of the photo taken.

Presently, Tree Meter is available in English and Spanish. This version is the first public release and feedback is welcomed by the developer at inalbyss@gmail.com.