8 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMissed call alert apps have become an essential part of modern communication. These apps notify users of missed calls, making it easier to keep track of incoming calls and missed connections. With the plethora of options available on both Android and iOS platforms, it can be challenging to discern which app is the best suited to your needs. In this article, we will explore some of the top missed call alert apps available on both platforms, highlighting their features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of which app may be the best fit for your missed call alert needs.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Missed Call Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Call Reminder – Call Scheduler

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The Call Scheduler app is designed to help users remember important phone calls for friends, family, or important events. This app can be installed on smartphones to schedule calls in advance, ensuring that users won’t forget to make them at the last moment. With this app, users can also schedule calls for important events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and receive reminders to make the call on the scheduled date.

The Call Scheduler app is a user-friendly tool that works well with iPhones. Users can easily schedule calls and receive reminders about when to make them. The app also features a notification system that alerts users when it’s time to make their scheduled call.

The app comes with a host of useful features, including the ability to review, delete, and edit scheduled calls. Users can also use their own network provider without third-party involvement. The app gives users absolute control over their scheduled calls, making it easier to remember important connections and events.

The Call Scheduler app is compatible with all iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. By downloading this app, users can stay connected with their loved ones forever, never missing an important call or event again.

2. Call Reminder – For Call & SMS

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Call Reminder is an application designed to assist users in remembering to make calls. The app provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to set up reminders for calls, messages, or FaceTime in just three simple steps. The app does not require a complicated task manager or user interface for operation.

Call Reminder utilizes interactive notifications and widgets to provide the fastest and simplest way of creating and keeping track of reminders. The app’s interactive notifications feature allows users to “Call Now” or “Snooze” without leaving the app they were using when the notification came in. Additionally, users can access upcoming reminders from the app’s widget and make calls with just one tap.

Call Reminder automatically deletes reminders from the list once they expire. This feature eliminates the need for users to manually delete expired reminders. Users can also easily edit reminders if they need to make any changes.

The app provides two theme options, gray and black, for users to choose from depending on their preference. With Call Reminder, users can rest assured that they will no longer forget to make important calls.

3. Flash Blink Alert for all notification, call, SMS

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The Flash Notification – Magic Alert Flash 3 is a flash tool designed for Android devices, offering notification alerts for incoming calls, messages, and notifications from various apps. Magic Flash 3 features an LED flashlight that flashes when receiving calls and messages, with customizable settings for flash length and SOS flash patterns. The app can also control the flash notification speed, and users can set up multiple notifications for incoming calls and messages.

The Flash Alert Notification – Magic Flash 3 app only blinks the LED flashlight by default for incoming calls and messages. Users can enable flash notifications for any other apps installed on their device by going to the “Notification for Apps” section and turning on/off the desired apps.

The main features of Magic Flash 3 include notification alerts for all apps, custom speed of the flash, choice of apps to flash, active flashlight when receiving notifications, and a test function for turning on SOS flash or DJ light. Users can also set up the number of times they want to receive notifications, and the app shows important information on battery when charging. Call Assistant is displayed after missed or hung up calls.

The advanced features of Magic Flash 3 include battery threshold to save battery life, setting up time intervals to avoid disturbances, compatibility with most types of Android phones, and headphone compatibility for undisturbed music listening. The app also helps users find their phone easier with active flashlight notification, and displays important information on battery, calls, and quick actions for missed calls. Magic Flash 3 has a new light design following material design. The app is easy to use and offers a range of customization options for flash notifications.

4. Missed Notifications Reminder

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This open source tool addresses the lack of default integrated functionality on Android devices to notify users periodically about missing calls, messages, and other notifications via sound, as only the LED blinks. It enables users to monitor notifications from any applications that are important to them, including missed calls, messengers, and SMS, and perform sound reminders periodically. Users can launch the app, allow it to receive notification events, select reminder intervals and important applications, and the app will notify them periodically with the notification sound they choose, if there are any unhandled notifications from the selected apps in the status bar.

It is important to note that if the app does not work, users may try to find a solution for their phone at https://dontkillmyapp.com. The battery is used only if there are missed notifications that require a periodical reminder. The app wakes the phone to perform sound notification and then goes back to sleep. Additionally, the app uses a minimum set of required permissions. However, Android 4.0-4.2 support is experimental, as these OS versions do not have a 100% working method to monitor notification removal.

Users of Xiaomi devices should explicitly enable application autostart in their security settings, while users of Huawei devices should disable battery automanagement for the Missed Notifications Reminder app. They can do so by going to Battery > App Launch -> Manage All Automatically and unchecking MNR app.

The source code for the app is available at https://github.com/httpdispatch/MissedNotificationsReminder. The app has received contributions from several individuals, including Sergiy Belozorov, who added limit reminder repeats and dismiss notification features, naofum, who provided the Japanese translation, Gerasim Panteleev, who contributed the Bulgarian translation, Heimen Stoffels, who provided the Dutch translation, and Olaf Kuba, who made design updates.

5. Missed call reminder, Flash on call

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The Missed Call and SMS/MMS Reminder with Profiles is a mobile application designed for phones without an LED indicator. It has several features including profile support, reminders for missed calls, unread SMS and MMS messages, and notifications for third-party apps (only available in the Premium version). The application also has a content filter (only available in Premium version) and a night mode. Users can customize notification schedule, set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages, and disable sound when the phone is in silent mode. Additionally, there is an option to ignore accidental (short) calls and the application does not disturb during a call. The Missed Call and SMS/MMS Reminder with Profiles also offers widgets, flash on call, and a plugin for Tasker/Locale.

The application is safe and does not require Internet permission or Root access. It is also compact in size and consumes low memory. The Missed Call and SMS/MMS Reminder with Profiles supports 30 languages, and users can add or update translations through the provided link. Furthermore, the application has a dedicated support forum and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page available at http://ProfReminder.com/faq.

6. Missed Call Alert

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The app being discussed here provides basic and additional services, with full support for Android 9/10. The missed call notification service is activated after a user-specified “Alert interval” time, which begins when the smartphone’s screen is automatically turned off after an incoming call has ended. However, if the user manually locks the screen by pressing the power button, the notification will automatically stop functioning. If the missed call notification is not functioning properly, the user will see an error message displayed on the upper banner of the app. The SMS/MMS notification service works in the same way as the missed call notification service.

The app also offers two additional services: User message alert and Find my phone. The User message alert allows the user to define a specific string that, when included in an incoming message, will trigger a notification. For example, a parent might set the string “###” to receive a notification whenever their child sends a message containing that string. The Find my phone service allows the user to locate their phone if they have misplaced it. By sending an SMS or SNS message containing a user-defined string, the phone will ring loudly, even if it is on silent mode.

The app offers support for translation, with the relevant information available at the provided link.

7. Missed call & SMS notification

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The Missed Call & SMS Notification app is a tool designed to display text messages and missed calls over the lock screen. It is useful in various scenarios where quick access to incoming messages is necessary, such as during work, cinema, or important meetings where time is limited. The app allows users to view and respond to text messages and missed calls directly from the popup window.

Additionally, this app can provide notifications over the lock screen, even if the screen is off. This feature is useful in situations where the phone is out of reach or when the user is engaged in other activities, such as driving or cooking. Users can act on text messages directly from the notification window without having to exit other applications.

For users concerned about text message privacy, the app includes a security feature that keeps text messages behind the security lock. This feature requires users to unlock their phones to view the message content.

Other features of the app include notifications over the lock screen or behind the secured lock screen, repeated notifications, the ability to add important missed calls and SMS to a calendar, different font styles and themes to choose from, and quick and easy ways to dismiss notifications. Users can also dismiss pending notifications by pressing the volume down key on their device.

If users encounter any problems while using the app, a troubleshooting guide is available at https://sites.google.com/view/bluedroidyapps/home. For questions or special requests, users can send an email to bluedroidyapps@gmail.com.

Finally, the app is made with love in Australia, and users are encouraged to support the developers by purchasing the premium version if they find the app useful.

8. Missed Call Alert

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The Missed Call Alert application allows users to receive SMS alerts when they miss a call. The user can set a specific time for the service to operate and also start or stop the service as needed.

The purpose of the application is to help users keep track of important calls that they may have missed. Missed Call Alert records all missed and rejected calls that have not been replied to, allowing users to easily track these calls.

In addition to missed calls, the application also tracks unsuccessful or rejected outgoing calls. It provides a missed call reminder by giving a missed call notification in the notification bar, which can be disabled from the settings.

Users should be aware that the application will consume SMS and they will be charged by their service provider. When the app is opened for the first time after installation, it may take a few minutes to populate all alerts. However, subsequent usage should not take as long.