9 Best Moon Phase Calendar Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Moon Phase Calendar Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMoon phase calendars are important tools for those interested in lunar cycles and their impact on various aspects of life. With the advent of mobile technology, moon phase calendar apps have become popular among Android and iOS users. These apps offer a range of features that allow users to track the phases of the moon, including full moon and new moon, as well as moonrise and moonset times. In this article, we will explore some of the best moon phase calendar apps available on both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Moon Phase Calendar Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Moon Phase Calendar Apps For Android & iOS

1. You Know Moon Phase?

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The “You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle! – Lite” app is an educational tool designed to help children understand the changing shape of the Moon. The app offers 3D simulations to help users visualize the shapes of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, and understand why the Moon looks different from these different perspectives.

The app offers a step-by-step approach to learning about the Moon’s changing shape, beginning with a comparison of the sizes of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Users can explore the distance between the Moon and the Sun, and learn about what happens when a sphere-shaped object gets light.

With the “You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle! – Lite” app, users can experience the Moon’s changing shape for themselves through 3D simulations. The app is part of WICEAN’s “You Know?” series, which aims to develop inductive logic skills through visual science education.

WICEAN is dedicated to creating quality science education content, and encourages users to leave reviews and feedback to help improve their products. The company’s Facebook pages and Twitter account provide additional resources for those interested in science education.

2. The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

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The Moon Phases Calendar is a universal lunar calendar that covers any location from 0001AD to 2100 years. This calendar is based on the lunar month, which can only be 29 or 30 days long. This is different from a solar-based calendar, where the length is arbitrarily fixed.

One of the oldest calendars in modern society, the lunar calendar features various aspects of the moon, such as moonrise, moonset, moon phases, lunar days, illumination, distance, and position. In addition, the calendar includes bonus features like sunrise, sunset, altitude, azimuth, and distance.

Users can access this calendar in two languages: English and Russian. To view day info, they simply need to tap on the “Day number,” and to change the year, they can tap on the year number on the calendar.

In summary, the Moon Phases Calendar is a comprehensive tool that enables users to track various lunar and solar events. With its user-friendly interface and multi-language support, it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in lunar events.

3. My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

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My Moon Phase is a mobile application that offers a convenient way to keep track of the lunar calendar. The app features a sleek, dark design that allows users to easily view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise and moonset times, and the date of the next full moon. Additionally, those who are interested in moon photography can find out when the golden hours and blue hours occur, which can be helpful for taking visually appealing photos.

Users can view the moon cycle for any future date by scrolling on the date bar or tapping the calendar button. The app can either use the user’s current location or a manually selected location. The app also provides information on the expected cloudiness of the sky in upcoming days, which can help determine whether the moon will be visible or not. Users can easily find the upcoming moon phases straight from the main screen.

The app provides more specific information such as the moon’s distance from Earth, age, and current altitude. This information is available for any given date on the lunar calendar. Users can also receive notifications and alerts when the moon reaches a particular phase of their choice. The app is completely free of charge, and all functionality is available with no in-app purchases.

Overall, My Moon Phase is a useful tool for those who want to efficiently keep up with the lunar calendar and its current phases. The app is ad-supported, but it provides a wide range of features that can be helpful for moon enthusiasts and photographers.

4. Lunar Phase – Moon Phases Calendar

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Lunar Phase for Free is a mobile app that provides instant information on moon phases and eclipses. The app includes a lunar calendar that covers the entire 21st century, from 2001 to 2100, and offers notifications for upcoming phases, solar and lunar eclipses. Users can track lunar and solar eclipses and explore the synodic cycle.

The initial page of the app is a quick glance that displays the present phase of the moon, visible percentage, age in days, distance, and the current zodiac constellation. The current moon phase image will indicate if an eclipse, super, or micro moon is occurring. The app also lists all full moons with their respective names, such as Wolf, Snow, Worm, Pink, Flower, Strawberry, Buck, Sturgeon, Corn, Hunter’s, Beaver, Cold, and Harvest.

If the app is allowed access to the user’s location, the azimuth, altitude, and moon rise and set times for the present day will be shown. The next four upcoming phases are also displayed with exact phase times and moon rise and set times. All moon images indicate eclipses, super, and micro moons, and users can tap on them to see the single day view.

All moon images are adjusted based on the user’s hemisphere, making sure that they see the moon as it appears in their sky. The lunar calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day of the month, covering dates from January 2001 to December 2100. The present date is highlighted in green, and all four phases of the moon are identified in this view, along with Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Super moons, Micro moons, and Blue moons.

Selecting an individual day will show the detail view for that day, where users can use the slider control to see information about every minute of that day. Lunar eclipse information is displayed here.

5. Simple Moon Phase Calendar

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The app in question is a successor to the “Simple Moon Phase Widget” application. The new app boasts of several improvements such as an upgraded calendar with additional data, variations to the background, and the inclusion of MoonSign and Mercury retrograde. The app has also been optimized to reduce its capacity, and it now allows notifications without the widget being set on the home screen. A trial version of the app permits users to change the color of the moon widget.

The app’s functionality includes tapping the date on the calendar to display detailed information on a large moon image. The information displayed includes the age of the moon, the distance to the moon, percent illuminated, time of the moonset/moonrise, Moon sign, and Mercury retrograde. The app will notify the user of the full moon and new moon, first quarter, and last quarter, which are displayed in the status bar. The app also offers a resizable widget with a memo function on the calendar.

There is a paid function that allows users to change the color of the moon widget. Users need to grant permissions for storage and location to use this app. The app does not change the wallpaper automatically, and users need to prepare the wallpaper themselves. The app does not provide images to completely reproduce the libration of the moon. The position of the moon phase pattern, such as craters, shifts periodically, causing libration.

In conclusion, this app is an improved version of the “Simple Moon Phase Widget” app, offering several advanced features. Users can view detailed moon-related information, receive notifications, and even change the color of the widget. It requires specific permissions and does not change the wallpaper automatically or provide images to reproduce libration.

6. Moon Phase Calendar

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The application is a lunar calendar that provides information about the Moon in the user’s chosen location. It includes details on the current phase of the Moon, illumination, and subsequent phases. It also features information about the Sun, dawn, twilight, and important phenomena of light. The app is beneficial to individuals feeling the influence of the Moon, amateur astronomers, and photographers.

The application’s functionalities include Moon and Sun views with over 15 and 10 parameters, respectively. It also has a calendar with a view of the selected month and important parameters of the Moon or the Sun. The compass view visualizes azimuths of the Sun and the Moon (and elevation angle) for the selected location. Notifications are available for the current Moon illumination and phase name, as well as upcoming Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter, or Last Quarter up to three days in advance. The app also has a widget with the visualization of the current Moon phase and the ability to check the parameters of the Moon and the Sun for any date, both future and past.

Permissions required for the app include access to the network and location for automatic location search. In case of issues or ideas for improvement, users can contact the developers through the envelope icon in the application or by email. The app is available in various languages, including Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, and Turkish.

7. Moon Phases

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This application provides users with the ability to countdown to the exact time of the next moon phases, including full moon, new moon, and first and last quarter, as well as the next blue moons and super moons.

The application offers several features, including the ability for users to add moon phases to their calendar and share moon phase dates with others. Additionally, the application includes blue moon and black moon detection, as well as supermoon and super black moon detection.

In addition to these features, the application shows the current moon cover and displays the last phase for a period of one day after the event.

It is important to note that this application is an ad-supported freeware, meaning that users may encounter ads while using the application.

8. TimePassages

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The TimePassages app generates a personalized astrology dashboard after users input their birth information. The dashboard includes an astrology chart and interpretations of each feature. Users can add a photo to personalize their chart.

Users can easily access descriptions of their Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign. They can also view their birth chart, daily horoscope, transits, and progressions. The app lists all planetary body positions and aspects and provides a full interpretation for each.

The app provides personalized horoscopes generated specifically for each user’s unique astrology chart. These horoscopes are accurate and insightful.

The app uses the current day’s transits to provide short-term and long-term influences. It utilizes the same interpretations found in the desktop software.

With users’ birth information, the app creates a professional and visually pleasing astrology chart that displays the zodiac, planetary bodies, houses, and aspects. Users can zoom in on the chart and select a planet or aspect for an insightful interpretation. The app contains over 2,500 paragraphs of interpretations for all possible planetary configurations.

Users can compare their astrology chart to the current transits or progressions in a bi-wheel. The app provides date ranges for each transit to help users find windows of opportunity.

The app makes it easy to share astrology in social situations. Users can create a profile for a friend, take a picture of them, and view their chart and daily horoscope. They can also categorize profiles into friends, family, clients, or specific events.

The app includes a Compatibility Meter that analyzes the unique chemistry between any two people. Users can compare charts with a bi-wheel and a list of interpreted aspects to find potentials in romance, money, career, communication, and more.

The app features an in-depth glossary of astrological terms, including zodiac signs, planetary bodies, and moon phases. Users can optionally include parallel and contra-parallel aspects to natal positions. The app includes many more features to explore.

9. Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun

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Luna Solaria is a mobile application that provides users with real-time, accurate details about the Moon and Sun. The app boasts an attractive, user-friendly interface that displays a real-time image of the current Moon phase along with technical data, including upcoming Moon phases. Users can easily determine whether the Moon is above the horizon and find its rise and set times, as well as its precise position in the sky, by looking at the Lunar Position screen. For Sun rise and set times, users can refer to the Solar Position screen.

Luna Solaria is designed for efficient use and is immediately ready to use after installation. Users can easily navigate through the app’s various screens by swiping or clicking on convenient icons. The app automatically configures the user’s location by using their phone’s geographic location.

The app utilizes precise mathematical algorithms that are accurate to within a second or better, making the data highly reliable. All data presented is live and based on the user’s current time and location. An optional, paid upgrade allows users to change the date to any day between 6,000 BC to 10,000 AD, with the results adjusted accordingly.

Among Luna Solaria’s features include real-time Moon details, including a picture of the Moon’s surface from NASA images, the names of Moon phases, dates of upcoming Full, New, First and Third Quarter Moons, percent of full, age, brightness, zodiac sign, and distance from Earth. The Lunar Position screen also provides Moonrise and moonset times, transit time, subtransit time, azimuth, altitude, RA and Dec, and ecliptic longitude and sign of zodiac.

The app also offers details about the Sun, such as sunrise and sunset times, including twilight times (Civil, Nautical and Astronomical), transit and subtransit times, azimuth, altitude, right ascension and declination, and ecliptic longitude and sign of zodiac.