8 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMultiplayer horror games have become increasingly popular on mobile devices, providing a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. These games offer players the opportunity to team up with friends or strangers to survive terrifying environments and complete challenging objectives. With a wide variety of multiplayer horror games available on both Android and iOS platforms, players can choose from various themes and gameplay styles. In this article, we will explore some of the best multiplayer horror games available on mobile devices.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android & iOS

1. Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

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Horrorfield is an action-packed and scary hide-and-seek online game with real-time multiplayer capabilities. The game allows players to either become survivors trying to evade a deadly serial killer or assume the role of the psycho killer hunting down victims. The game features unique character roles with distinct abilities, such as the Doctor, who can heal themselves and other players, the Engineer who can repair generators and craft weapons, and the Police Officer who can apprehend the murderer.

The goal of the survivors is to develop team strategies, rescue friends, and escape the lair of the psycho killer. The game is set in an abandoned monster lair with terrifying traps and secret hiding places. Survivors must combine different skills and items to outlast the psycho killer’s hunt. Repairing generators to turn on the power and unlock the exit gate is also essential to survival.

The psycho killer’s goal is to catch victims hiding in the dark labyrinth and commit murder. Matches pit one psycho against four survivors, but the killer is powerful and almost invincible. There are four different psychos to choose from, each with a unique set of skills and hunting style. The game features high-detailed locations with a frightening atmosphere.

Horrorfield is a multiplayer horror game that is sure to give goosebumps even to true fans of serial killer games. The game boasts a unique crafting system for creating and upgrading items at workshops. The multiplayer horror survival game is waiting for its heroes.

2. Friday Night Multiplayer

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The developers of the game request for 5-star ratings. However, they acknowledge that the game is still under development and needs further additions.

Friday Night Multiplayer is an online multiplayer game where players can choose to play as a killer or as a survivor. Playing as Jason killer requires the player to kill as many people as possible. The survivors have several win possibilities such as repairing cars, escaping through gates, calling the police, repairing generators, or killing the killer with weapons. Playing with friends is possible, and the game offers a microphone and a chat feature. Players can also customize their characters with different hats and characters.

To communicate with the developers, players can join their discord server within the game.

3. Slendytubbies: Android Edition

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On December 12, 2012, the original Slendytubbies game was released. Now, three years later, the Slendytubbies: Anniversary Edition has been released as a “HD” remake to commemorate the anniversary of the game’s release. The game has been optimized for Android devices, which means that the graphics might look different from the desktop version.

The Slendytubbies: Anniversary Edition offers players the ability to switch between classic graphics and the new, remastered HD graphics in-game. The game includes both a Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode. The developers intended to release the game as a way to express their gratitude to their supporters who have been with them throughout the development process. They hope to continue to make high-quality indie games that players will enjoy.

4. Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

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Last Day on Earth is a free MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game where players must stay alive and survive as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic world filled with walking dead zombies. The game offers no room for friendship, love, or compassion, as a deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone. Players must trust only themselves in this post-apocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies.

The game is set in a world where a few months ago, a secret research center leaked a lethal virus called “DEAD PLAGUE”. The warm tropical environment spread the virus rapidly, turning people into enraged zombie mutants. An organization named “BIOCORP” stands out to prevent the virus from spreading. Players are assigned to their strike team to work in the dangerous infected areas to collect DNA samples and reveal the mystery behind the outbreak. The hope is that a cure can be made, so players must act quickly and decisively to defend mankind from a killer virus spreading across this survival and action-packed top-down 3D shooter.

The game offers features such as male and female characters, each with unique skills, and can be completed in a single or multi-player campaign with unique quests, missions, and battles with Zombie BOSSES. Players can also play with up to 4 friends in the online co-op mode. The game has a story-driven single-player campaign with unique quests and missions. There is a vast arsenal of powerful weapons and character skills to help players stay alive, including additional battle equipment like mines, frag and stun grenades, and an adrenaline shot. The game also has different types of zombies, each with varied behaviors and abilities, and realistic lighting and dynamic weather environment effects. The game is translated into several languages and optimized for phones and tablets, with tough BOSS battles designed to push players to the limit.

5. Bigfoot Monster Hunter

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Bigfoot Hunt Simulator Online is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) horror survival game where players assume the role of monster hunters in search of a mysterious beast in the northern forest. Reports of people disappearing and being found dead in the area add to the game’s danger and intrigue. Players equip themselves with an array of hunt devices, including spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifles, flashlights, and other useful items to aid in their quest. The objective is to locate and hunt down the monstrous beast while avoiding becoming its prey.

Players can enjoy a variety of features in this online hunting simulator, including a wide selection of hunt devices, a cool and scary atmosphere, hunting wild animals like deers, a huge map, and easy controls. The hunt for the giant yeti requires players to act intelligently, as this monster has already killed many people and is capable of doing the same to the player. Hunters must always be alert and prepared for an attack from behind, placing traps and setting up cameras to monitor the area. The beast is cunning and knows the players’ weak spots, so cooperation is essential to taking it down.

Bigfoot Hunt Simulator Online offers a unique experience for players to enjoy with friends in cooperative mode. Players can work together to hunt down the deadly beast, and those without friends can participate in cooperation mode by finding a random player. The game is available for download for free, providing an opportunity for players to experience the state of survival and potentially come out victorious in the hunt. Good luck to all players.

6. Murderer online

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The game “Blooded” allows players to experience the excitement and tension of a murderer and fugitive scenario. The murderer can utilize various geographic features to find and kill a beauty who tries to hide or escape. Meanwhile, the fugitive can experience the extreme thrill of escaping and hiding from the murderer, as well as the fear of not knowing when they will be killed.

The game offers several key features, including RUMBLE MODE, which allows players to have a face-to-face contest to choose the strongest murderer. There are over 10 murderer characters with distinct personalities to choose from, and various situations are created through crawling, jumping, and other functions. The View-Jacking function enables players to check the location and movement of a murderer by stealing their eyes, while the transparency function allows them to temporarily avoid their gaze. The heart color gradually turning red informs players about the distance between them and the murderer. By accumulating the number of killing and points, players can upgrade the murderer’s skills.

Two notes should be kept in mind: wearing headphones enhances the murderer’s heartbeat sound, and once the game is deleted, it cannot be recovered. More information can be found on the game’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bloodedgame.

7. Slender Man Hide & Seek Multiplayer Free

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The Slenderman Hide & Seek game is an online multiplayer game with horror elements. It offers players an opportunity to experience an adrenaline rush through the thrilling gameplay. The game is designed to be played in a 3 vs 1 mode where one player is Slender, and the other three players are normal students trying to escape from Slender.

The objective of the game is to stay safe by destroying Slender dolls that are hidden in chests scattered around the game’s locations. Players must find the dolls before Slender catches them. The Slenderman Hide & Seek game offers several benefits, including cool and scary atmospheric locations, terrifying sounds and music, an exciting plot, the ability to choose a player, and the need for players to be cautious in every step they take.

The game’s multiplayer mode offers a unique experience to players who enjoy horror games. The game’s atmosphere is designed to maintain a mood of horror, which keeps players energized throughout the game. Players have the option to choose to be Slender, who hunts their friends, or be a defenseless student who must run away from Slender.

The Slenderman Hide & Seek game is not a game for those who seek fun and amusement. It’s about survival, fear, and players’ desperate attempts to avoid a terrible fate. The game’s gameplay, coupled with its thrilling music and sounds, offers an immersive horror experience. The game is already a top 10 scary game of 2020, and players who want to experience the game’s horror elements can download the game and start playing.

8. Identity V

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Identity V is a mobile game developed by NetEase that falls into the asymmetrical horror genre. Players can choose to take on the role of either one of four survivors or the hunter. Survivors must work together to escape the hunter and avoid being caught and tortured, while the hunter must use their powers to catch their prey. The game features a gothic art style that transports players back to the Victorian era.

The background settings in Identity V are compelling and players start the game as a detective who receives a mysterious letter to investigate an abandoned manor to find a missing girl. As they get closer to the truth, they uncover something horrifying. The game also features randomized map adjustments, ensuring that every new game has a unique layout.

Players can choose from multiple distinct characters, customized to fit their own personal strategy, to get the final victory. Identity V also has a website, Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Discord server for players to connect and get more information.