5 Best Nft Crypto Games For Android & iOS

Download the Best Nft Crypto Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the popularity of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) has surged, ushering in a new era of digital ownership and unique asset trading. As a result, developers have created several NFT crypto games for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. These games offer players the opportunity to interact with and collect unique digital assets, which can be traded or sold on various marketplaces. In this article, we will discuss some of the best NFT crypto games available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Nft Crypto Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Nft Crypto Games For Android & iOS

1. Spells Of Genesis

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Spells of Genesis is a fantasy tactical arcade game that combines strategic elements with card collection and team building. Its unique combat mechanics offer players the excitement of epic battles and an engaging gaming experience. The game begins in the mountainous land of Askian, where players must form a team of heroes to defeat opposing foes, earn gold, and master the art of shooting and bouncing spells.

Throughout the game, players collect, combine, and exchange cards to create powerful decks that can take on formidable opponents. As they explore Askian’s medieval kingdom, players must select the best set of cards for each battle and aim their orbs precisely to destroy enemy orbs. Success requires both skill and cunning.

Spells of Genesis features stunning artwork that brings the Land of Askian to life. Talented artists have crafted each piece of artwork, which includes a vast array of heroes, villains, monsters, and animals to confront, battle, and defeat.

The game’s innovative mechanisms require strategic skills and talent to master. While players may have the strongest deck, they must still win over 30 levels and gather the unique rewards that come with seven-star campaigns. Additionally, the game offers an asynchronous Raid mode (PvP) that allows players to compete against other players’ decks and a more challenging Challenge mode.

Spells of Genesis offers over 300 different orbs and cards to collect, upgrade, and combine. Players can engage in the unique battling gameplay and complete 210 levels and missions. The game also features hundreds of hand-drawn cards that can be fused together to create stronger decks, as well as 7-star campaigns with amazing rewards, a Challenge mode, and an asynchronous player-versus-player Raid mode. Furthermore, the game offers seasonal and monthly leaderboards that reward players with fantastic prizes. Please note that while this game is free to play, players have the option to purchase items for real money.

2. League of Kingdoms

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League of Kingdoms is an MMO Strategy game that is owned and powered by its users. Players have full control over the lands and can own, develop, and engage in alliance warfare to earn rewards. The game requires strategic thinking, diplomacy, instincts, and tactical warfare.

The game incorporates various constraints such as limited resources, time, and distances, which require astute tactics, intuition, and swift decision-making. This adds to the immersive experience of the game and encourages players to focus more on strategy rather than micro-control.

Players can own a parcel of land where the game unfolds, and invite friends to build a powerful alliance. The concept of ownership adds another layer of immersion to the gameplay, and active engagement enriches a player’s land and attracts more kingdoms.

Players can collect magical relics that have been passed down from ancient times. When all pieces of the treasures are collected, players can unlock massive magical powers that can be actively put to use.

Alliance features allow players to grow together, with alliance chats, officer roles, alliance researches, gifts, and more. Alliances can take down monsters, seize good locations, and work together to unlock group achievements.

Players can fight alongside their alliances to take control of sacred shrines. They can clash with other alliances and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in controlling a shrine.

The game has a transparent voting and democratic governance process. Players can voice their opinions and take part in important decision-making about the future of the game ecosystem. This creates a self-sovereign society that empowers players.

3. Skyweaver

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Skyweaver is a strategy trading card game that is currently in Private Beta. A code is required to access the game. Skyweaver is an online TCG that allows players to collect, trade, and gift cards to friends. It is free to play and play to own, with skill winning players tradable Silver cards and rare Gold cards. The game has a friendly and loving global community, and players can trade cards with other players from around the world. Skyweaver offers deeply strategic online multiplayer card battles, intuitive deck building, and a player-owned market. It is a cross-platform TCG with browser, PC, and mobile play available. No knowledge of Ethereum blockchain nor dapp is required to enjoy the game.

Skyweaver unlocks all 500+ base cards for free as players level up by playing matches. Players can enter Discovery mode with a random deck or play Constructed once they have crafted their custom deck. Silver and Gold cards that players win are NFTs and give them more control over the cards they own. Players can unlock every single card in the game for free, without spending a dime.

Skyweaver rewards players for their skill with valuable cards. Players can play competitively to climb the leaderboards and get rewarded for their mastery. The game has a weekly reward system where players can win tradable Silver cards if they rank high enough on the leaderboards. Players can also compete in Conquests to earn new rare Gold cards every week.

Skyweaver offers action-packed turn-based PvP battles that put players’ skills to the test as they ascend the ranks. The game has great depth and strategy for card game masters looking to refine their skills and duel against the best, yet it is easy to pick up for brand new players looking to learn a new game.

4. Splinterlands

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Magic + Mayhem is a game that is set in a world that has been shaped by blood and power since the Splintering. It is a world where factions constantly battle for control, and primal energies are harnessed and unleashed.

The game offers a fast-paced alternative to other card games that require a significant investment of time to play a single session. Players can expect rapid battles that are both fast and furious, with each game taking only a few minutes to complete.

One of the game’s notable features is its accessibility, allowing players to play, trade, and earn anywhere and anytime.

5. Forest Knight

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Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy RPG world. Players can explore a variety of lands, battle numerous fantasy creatures, and discover unique knights to build the best possible team. The objective is to defend one’s town against monsters and dragons using strategy and tactics.

One of the game’s highlights is its campaign mode, which offers numerous worlds to explore. Players can customize and upgrade their heroes, merge over 100+ items, and engage in battle tactics that mix with RPG elements. The game features powerful knight skills and abilities, unique knights to hire, and rankings and leaderboards.

Forest Knight boasts beautiful toon graphics and offers both turn-based strategy and real-time PVP modes. It is also Enjin and NFT enabled. Players are reminded that the game requires a data connection for storing data online to ensure progress is not lost when changing phones or reinstalling the app.

For any game-related issues or questions, players may contact the creator via social media or email at support@chronogames.net.