7 Best Gallery Apps For Android

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Download the Best Gallery Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to finding the best gallery app for Android, there are a plethora of options available in the Google Play Store. These apps offer not only the basic features of viewing and organizing photos and videos but also a range of advanced features such as cloud storage integration, security, and editing tools. In this article, we will explore some of the top gallery apps for Android that provide a seamless user experience and cater to the diverse needs of users.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Gallery Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Gallery Apps For Android

1. Simple Gallery

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Simple Gallery is an app that provides a photo manager, allowing users to view images, edit photos, and create photo galleries in one application. The app is user-friendly and can fix pictures quickly and easily, with no hassle. Users can rotate pictures, crop, flip, and resize photos with a couple of taps, apply filters, and view images in the photo gallery to see their works of art. Simple Gallery supports various types of files, from JPEGs to PNGs, GIFs, and more, and photo and video files are also supported within the app. Users can create any file they need, and photo sharing is as easy with Simple Gallery as it is with their phone gallery.

Simple Gallery can be customized to suit users’ needs, and it features a file organizer that keeps photos private. Users can recover deleted photos, and hidden galleries are also safe and secure. Simple Gallery allows for managing features that include security like a pin, pattern, or fingerprint scanner, and users can decide who can see which pictures. The app can be downloaded for anyone interested in creating photo magic.

Simple Gallery has several features, such as an advanced photo editor that allows users to edit photos, crop and edit pictures on the fly, rotate pictures, and apply filters. Users can share photos they have edited and view images before sharing with contacts. The app supports many different file types, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, and more. Simple Gallery allows users to manage their app and customize it to suit their needs, and photos can be recovered if accidentally deleted. Hidden galleries are safe and secure, and users can manage their security with features like a pin, pattern, or fingerprint scanner.

Simple Gallery has a website where users can find more information about Simple Tools. Still, the version of the photos gallery app is no longer maintained, and users can get the Pro version on the Play Store.

2. Gallery

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The Android Phone gallery app is a lightweight, fast and user-friendly app that allows users to easily review their special moments. This app is free of advertisements and does not require any network usage.

One of the key features of the app is its ability to explore and classify faces and scenes using deep learning and AI technology. The app can easily recognize all faces and some specific scenes taken by the user’s camera and classify them accordingly.

Another noteworthy feature of the app is its “Moments” section which lists all the photos and videos chronologically using an intuitive timeline. Users can share these images with other apps such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Facebook, among others. Additionally, users can set their favorite images as wallpaper, print pictures, and use the app’s photo and video editor tools.

The app also allows users to manage their albums with features such as add, modify, and delete albums. Users can also create simple collages with the app’s collage feature. Overall, the app is designed to be simple and easy to use, and user feedback is welcome via email.

3. A+ Gallery – Photos & Videos

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A+ Gallery is a photo gallery app for Android devices that claims to be the world’s best, boasting a user base of 9 million. The app offers fast performance for viewing HD photos, searching and managing albums. A simple and attractive user interface that combines the aesthetics of material design and iPhone style design is a notable feature. Customization options are available, with a large collection of themes to choose from.

The app automatically sorts photos and videos by time and location, and maps them accordingly. Users can create and manage albums, set favorites, and hide unnecessary albums. The app also facilitates search by date, location, and image color, and the search function is available offline.

A password-locked, secure vault is provided for users to hide private photos and videos, which will be invisible in system galleries and other apps. Users are the only ones who can see such content with a password.

A+ Gallery can access online photos from Facebook, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive. Users can view and manage these photos as easily as local ones.

Sync and backup options are available for users to back up photos to Dropbox, download Facebook albums to their phones, and synchronize photo albums and Dropbox albums. The app can be found on Facebook and Twitter at https://www.facebook.com/a.plus.photo.gallery/ and https://twitter.com/a_photo_gallery, respectively.

4. Piktures

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Piktures is an app that offers users access to their photos and videos, including those on their SD card, cloud media on services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, and a secret space where users can hide their most private content. The app also includes a photo editor for cropping, resizing, adjusting parameters and applying filters, a video player, a GIF player and maker, and a QR code scanner.

In terms of display options, users can view their photos in a standard grid, mosaic view, list view, or calendar view. Piktures allows users to access their photos stored on various cloud services, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, and supports USB drive access when the disk is formatted in FAT-32.

Piktures also includes a secret space that can be protected by a PIN-code and organized with folders. In addition, the app boasts an advanced photo editor for applying filters, adjusting lighting, cropping and resizing, and advanced sharing options that allow users to compress their photos before sharing, and remove GPS data for added privacy.

Users can share their photos and videos with other Piktures users in their vicinity without the need for mobile data, via Wi-Fi Direct transfer options. The app also features a powerful search function that enables users to access their photos by places, dates, and tags, as well as a QR code scanner with a dedicated folder to retrieve previously scanned codes.

Piktures offers both a free and premium version, the latter being designed for power users with multiple cloud accounts. Users who want more from Piktures can contact the app’s creators at piktures@diune.com or visit the online help page at https://help.piktures.app. The app was designed by Diune.

5. Focus Go

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Focus Go is a free app that offers a gallery for users to showcase their pictures, cat gifs, and videos on a chronological order. The app focuses on providing only the necessary features instead of bloating it with unnecessary ones. When users click on a picture, it loads up in a fancy animation and opens to full-screen with touch controls. The app also allows users to choose which picture editor to use instead of bundling a third-party lib.

The app’s zooming feature is smooth and re-renders each tile to its best quality. By default, pictures are loaded with a lower “bitrate,” which may result in some banding on gradients. However, users can enable the 32-bit decoder inside Options. They can also choose the size of the grid to whatever they like and share pictures to and from other apps.

Focus Go is a lean app and offers an apk size of only ~1.5Mb. It is 100% free, and users can provide feedback for any missing features they think should be included. The app is the baby brother of the full-featured Focus app that is undergoing a major re-structure built on top of this app.

It is important to note that the app’s main focus is to provide a “it just works” approach instead of filling it with features. Additionally, the Internet permission is there for Crashlytics crash reporting.


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F-Stop is an image gallery app that offers various professional tools and a clean interface designed for organizing photos and videos on Android devices running on Android 8.0 or later. The app allows users to instantly search through their media files to find results based on file name and metadata such as tags, ratings, and camera model. Additionally, F-Stop offers an integrated Google Maps experience that allows users to view their photos on a map.

Users can save tags and ratings in XMP format, which stays with the image and can be read by popular programs such as Lightroom, Picasa, and Aperture. Moreover, F-Stop can read metadata directly from images, including EXIF, XMP, and IPTC. Users can custom sort their images using drag and drop and choose from various themes or choose their own color combinations to customize the app’s interface. F-Stop also offers nested folders that let users browse their media using the folder structure instead of the flat view seen in most gallery apps.

The app features Smart Albums that allow users to set up simple rules such as “Tags with the word Family” or “Ratings greater than 4 stars” and then updates automatically as the library grows. Additionally, F-Stop enables users to easily exclude folders to prevent album art from showing up in the gallery, play animated GIFs, and share or edit photos with popular apps like Snapseed, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Furthermore, users can hide images and videos from other apps with password protection and enjoy a slideshow mode with popular transition types.

Some features are only available in the PRO version, including saving tags and ratings in XMP format, custom sorting images using drag and drop, and using nested folders. F-Stop will scan for some file types, but viewing is dependent on device support. For support or feedback, users can visit F-Stop’s website or email the support team.

7. Google Photos

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Google Photos is a photo and video storage and sharing service that automatically organizes your media. It has been reported by The Verge and Wired as the “best photo product on Earth” and an “essential picture app,” respectively. The official app is designed to accommodate modern photography practices and includes features such as shared albums, automatic creations, and an advanced editing suite. All Google Accounts come with 15 GB of free storage, and users can choose to automatically back up their media in High quality or Original quality. This enables users to access their media from any connected device and on photos.google.com.

The official app offers free storage of up to 15 GB for photos and videos, which users can access from any device or photos.google.com. Media is safe, secure, and private, and photos and videos backed up in High quality before June 1, 2021, will not count towards users’ Google Account storage. The app also allows users to free up space on their phones by removing backed-up photos from their device’s storage in just one tap. Smart automatic albums are also available, which automatically create a new album with the user’s best shots after an event or trip, and invite others to add their photos to the album.

Users can bring their photos to life with automatically created movies, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from their photos. The app also offers an advanced editing suite, which allows users to transform their photos with a tap. Intuitive and powerful photo editing tools are available to apply content-aware filters, adjust lighting, and more. Smart sharing suggestions make giving friends photos painless, and users can add their photos too. Photos are now searchable by the people, places, and things in them, with no tagging required.

Live albums automatically add photos of selected people and pets as users take them, with no manual updates needed.