7 Best Passive Income Apps In (Android & iOS)

Download the Best Passive Income Apps In (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPassive income apps have gained significant popularity among investors, as they provide a convenient way to earn money without requiring a substantial time commitment. These apps use various investment strategies to generate profits, such as stock trading, real estate investing, and peer-to-peer lending. In this article, we will examine the top passive income apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, analyzing their features and benefits to help potential investors make informed decisions.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Passive Income Apps In (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Passive Income Apps In (Android & iOS)

1. Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie is an online community that offers incentives to its members in exchange for their opinions. The platform has over 11 million members who take fun and interesting surveys to help large companies create new products or improve existing ones. Survey Junkie is dedicated to making their members’ voices heard, as they believe that their opinions are essential to a brand’s decision-making process. Once members complete rewardable actions, such as surveys or profile questionnaires, they earn points, which they can redeem for cash or e-Giftcards.

To become a member of Survey Junkie, individuals must be 16 years or older and reside in the United States. Points can be earned by successfully completing surveys, profile questionnaires, or other rewardable actions. Members will know if an action is rewardable if it has designated points displayed within a green button.

To redeem their points, members can click “My Points” from the navigation bar’s dropdown menu or “Current Points” from the user dashboard. Once on the My Points page, members can redeem their rewards with cash using PayPal, popular e-Giftcards, or direct bank transfer. If members opt for PayPal redemption, they may need to log into their PayPal account. After selecting the redemption method, members must provide the email address where they would like to receive the reward. If adding a new email address, members will be required to confirm the email before proceeding. Once verified, members should click “Yes, Redeem” to receive their reward. If successful, a “Congratulations” popup window will appear to indicate that their reward has been sent to their registered PayPal or e-Giftcard email.

Points earned on Survey Junkie can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or e-Giftcards. At present, e-Giftcards are available to U.S. residents only. Survey Junkie provides a platform for members to have their opinions reflected in the products and services of tomorrow.

2. Swagbucks

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The Swagbucks App is a mobile application that allows users to earn free gift cards and cash while on the go. Users can take surveys, shop at their favorite stores, and discover new products, services, and content all from their phone. Upon joining, users receive a $10 welcome bonus. Swagbucks is the Play Store’s Most Popular Money Making App with over 10,000 free gift cards redeemed by members daily.

Users can earn money and free gift cards by redeeming Swagbucks rewards for PayPal cash or gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Google Play, Target, Visa, Walmart, Starbucks, Uber, and more. Rewards can be cashed out starting at $1, or users can save up for a $250 PayPal deposit. The Swagbucks App also allows users to take paid surveys on important topics including politics, movies, TV shows, and shopping experiences. As the web’s #1 Best Paid Survey App, Swagbucks offers the most surveys and highest payouts.

Swagbucks Magic Receipts allows users to become a mystery shopper and get paid cash for every grocery receipt they scan. In addition, users can get exclusive coupons and cash back while picking up everyday items at the grocery store. The Swagbucks App also offers cash back shopping at popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Safeway, Kroger, The Home Depot, Lowes, Groupon, and more.

Swagbucks members get exclusive access to new products and services, with the best deals on new brand offers and free product samples. Users can earn cash for sharing their feedback. Additionally, users can earn rewards by watching videos about sports, fashion, music, celebrity gossip, and more, as well as playing the latest mobile app games on their phone.

A disclaimer notes that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

3. Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

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Sweatcoin is an activity tracker app that allows users to earn a new digital currency called sweatcoins for their steps. The currency can be redeemed for goods, services, experiences, donated to charity, or exchanged with friends and family. The more steps users take, the more sweatcoins they earn. Sweatcoin has an achievement tracker and converts steps into digital currency.

Sweatcoin offers users the ability to exercise at home or outside and be rewarded with sweatcoins. The app’s activity tracker counts steps and monitors exercising activity. Users can redeem their earned coins for exclusive discounts and products on the app’s marketplace. Sweatcoin is ideal for those who want to stay healthy, get in shape, or lose weight. The app is compatible with smartphones (Android or iPhone) and smartwatches (currently Apple Watch, Android Wear compatibility coming soon).

Sweatcoin’s features include a pedometer that runs in the background, a marketplace with exclusive offers, crowdfunding to support NGO charity projects, social sharing, goal setting, and security. The app uses its algorithm to count steps and does not track user location or share information with third parties. The app is currently in beta, and features such as leaderboards, competitions, and achievements will be available soon. Users can start using Sweatcoin by taking just one step.

4. Acorns – Invest Spare Change

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Acorns is a financial services platform that allows users to invest spare change and grow their wealth with the help of experts. This investment platform offers a variety of investment options, including automatic Round-Ups and Recurring Investments. With these features, users can invest for their future, retirement, and even their children’s future through the Acorns Early UTMA/UGMA investment account. In addition, Acorns offers an Acorns Checking account with a heavy metal debit card that invests when you spend and automatically invests a portion of every paycheck.

Acorns also provides rewards to its users, allowing them to shop from 12,000+ brands that invest in them and search for millions of jobs in their job finder. The app provides financial literacy content powered by Acorns + CNBC, and all of this is available for a low monthly fee with no hidden fees. Acorns also prioritizes security and data encryption to ensure that users’ information is protected.

Acorns’ mission is to look after the financial best interests of the up-and-coming with the empowering step of micro-investing. The company’s investing philosophy is based on the time-tested power of compounding, diversification, and sticking with it to give users’ money a chance to grow long term. Acorns has attracted investment from various investors, including Blackrock, CNBC, PayPal, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey, and Ashton Kutcher.

Acorns offers two pricing options: Acorns Personal for $3/month and Acorns Family for $5/month. Acorns Personal is an all-in-one investing, retirement, and checking platform, while Acorns Family includes all of the features of Acorns Personal, plus the ability to invest for the whole family, earn extra rewards, and get family financial education.

Overall, Acorns is a platform that aims to make investing accessible to everyone.

5. SavvyConnect

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SavvyConnect® offers a means of earning cash in exchange for anonymous data collected while browsing the internet. The application is secure and easy to install. Completing the installation process makes you eligible for additional paid research opportunities. Installing SavvyConnect on multiple devices can result in even greater earnings.

To utilize SavvyConnect, a SurveySavvy.com account must be created and the user must be 13 years of age or older. For further information, visit www.surveysavvy.com/savvyconnect or send an email to savvyconnect@surveysavvy.com.

To view the full terms of service, visit https://www.surveysavvy.com/savvyconnect_terms.

6. mCent Browser – Recharge Browser

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mCent Browser is a web browser app that allows users to earn free mobile talk time and data while browsing the internet. Users can earn up to ₹199 in free talk time and data, or use their earnings to pay towards their postpaid plan every month.

To use the app, users simply need to register and start browsing their favorite sites, reading the latest news, or searching for anything from the search bar. Points will accumulate in their account, which can be used to recharge prepaid plans or pay for their monthly postpaid bill. The app connects directly to the user’s carrier within seconds.

In addition to its earning capabilities, mCent Browser offers several features for an improved browsing experience. Home screen shortcuts allow for quick searching and site visits, while incognito browsing lets users browse with total privacy. The app also offers top trending news, an ad blocker, night mode, bookmarks, browse history, tabbed browsing, autofill forms, smart downloading, and the ability to save for offline browsing.

Overall, mCent Browser offers a unique way for users to earn rewards while browsing the internet. The app can be downloaded for free and is available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can also access the app’s privacy policy, support page, and social media channels for more information.

7. MobileXpression Panel

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MobileXpression, an app that rewards users with credits redeemable for popular gift cards, is a product of Comscore, a well-respected market research organization. Installing the app earns new members instant credits, with additional credits awarded each week of membership. MobileXpression offers transparency and control to users, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding how their data is collected and used. Credits accumulate and never expire as long as the user remains an active member.

To get started with MobileXpression, users must create an account at MobileXpression.com and install the app. Once installed, users can login at any time to view their credit balance and choose to redeem them for gift cards. The data collected by MobileXpression is used to create market reports and analysis, providing insight into internet trends and patterns for market research purposes.

MobileXpression prides itself on transparency, providing free software through its parent company, VoiceFive, Inc., without targeting users with advertisements. In exchange for this service, users must grant permission for MobileXpression to monitor and collect data on their mobile browsing, app use, video streaming behavior (including secure sessions), and call and message frequency. Participation in the program is governed by MobileXpression’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

To join MobileXpression, users must answer a few simple questions before installing the app. Once installed, users will start earning credits for their mobile activity.