5 Best Pet Adoption Apps In USA For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Pet Adoption Apps In USA For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPet adoption has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking to add a furry friend to their family. As a result, numerous mobile applications have been developed to assist potential pet owners in their search for the perfect companion. This article will review the top pet adoption apps available for both Android and iOS devices in the USA, highlighting their features and functionalities. With an abundance of options to choose from, it is essential to understand what each app offers to make an informed decision on which one suits your needs best.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Pet Adoption Apps In USA For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Pet Adoption Apps In USA For Android & iOS

1. Pet Adopter – Adopt pets direct from people nearby

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The app enables peer-to-peer pet adoption, allowing pets to be directly adopted from their previous owners rather than from animal shelters. Pet owners can find the next owner for their pet, while those looking to adopt can search for a pet directly from its previous owner.

Animal shelters frequently struggle with overcrowding, often resulting in pets being put down due to lack of space. By reducing the number of pets needing to go through shelters, this app aims to alleviate the strain on such facilities and lower costs for both pet owners and adopters.

2. Petfinder Mobile

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Petfinder is an online platform that enables adoption of pets including dogs, cats, and other animals. Users can search for pets by breed, gender, age, size and location from thousands of shelters and rescue groups. Petfinder is home to hundreds of thousands of adoption and foster organizations across the country, including cat and dog rescue groups focused on specific breeds.

Petfinder has introduced a new visual search feature that allows users to upload a photo of a pet and search for similar-looking dogs or cats across the country. It also provides resources that no other app has to help find the best pet for you. Users can learn more about hypoallergenic dogs, small dog breeds, hairless dogs, and the best dogs for kids. View the most common cat breeds and find articles about hairless cats, hypoallergenic cats, cutest cat breeds, and the best cat breeds for families.

Users can browse one of the largest sources for adoptable cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, fish, and more. They can filter based on pet characteristics and lifestyle preferences to find the right pet for them. Users can view photos and videos of adoptable dogs and cats, share adoptable pet profiles with friends or poll their family on which pet to adopt, see details on how they might match up with a pet, and contact shelters quickly and easily to start the adoption process.

For feedback, issues, or questions, users can reach out to lianna.shepard@purina.nestle.com.

3. WeRescue – Adopt a Pet

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WeRescue is an app designed to facilitate pet adoption, offering search filters for over 70 different types of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, reptiles, and small and furry pets. The app allows users to hide breeds they are not interested in and provides extensive information on each pet, more so than any other app in the market. The app boasts the largest number of filters of any pet adoption app, as well as beautiful high-resolution photos.

WeRescue connects users with hundreds of thousands of pets across the United States, with pets from shelters and foster-based rescues shown in order of distance from the user’s location. The app allows users to enter zip codes for different areas and caps the search to a certain distance. Users can specify filters such as gender, age, size, and breed. WeRescue offers more filters than any other adoption app.

WeRescue allows users to share pets via social media, SMS text, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other platforms. Even individuals who are not looking to adopt can help save pet lives by sharing the beautiful pictures with friends. When shared, friends will be directed to the exact pet on the WeRescue app.

The app boasts innovative features such as breed search, hiding breeds, mixed breeds, extensive filters, and high-resolution photos. The hashtag #AdoptDontShop is frequently used in association with the app.

4. Pets Adoption: Adopt Dog and Cat

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Adopt Pets is a free app that assists in finding pets of various breeds available for adoption. Users can access pet details and contact information of the pet owner, which can be a shelter, via email address or phone number. Adopt Pets also enables users to search for pets based on location, breed, age, size, and gender. Once the user enters the required search details, the app produces a list of available pets matching the criteria.

The key features of Pets Adoption include browsing through pets of different breeds for adoption, providing details about each pet, offering contact information of pet owners, and a list of pet breeds. The app enables users to select a breed to find pets of that specific breed for adoption. Additionally, users can search for pets for adoption based on location, age, size, and gender. Users can also bookmark pets they like and access them in the Favorites section.

Overall, Pets Adoption is an ideal app for individuals seeking to adopt a pet. The app provides a comprehensive platform for finding pets of different breeds available for adoption. It is user-friendly and efficient in providing details about pets and their owners.

The app requires access to the user’s location to allow searching for nearby pets. Pets Adoption is available for free download.

5. Pets Adoption

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Pets Adoption is a community-based platform that helps users find pets that are available for adoption or post their own pets for adoption. The platform features a variety of pet animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and more. Users seeking new pets can browse available options and easily contact the pet owner or poster to negotiate the transfer. Those seeking to post pets for adoption can create a post with relevant information and photos, and users near their location will be able to see and contact them for adoption.

Pets Adoption offers several benefits to its users, including a UI that is light and easy to use. The platform is based on location, ensuring that users will always receive relevant results. Additionally, each pet on the platform has a photo and description, making it easy for users to determine if they are interested in adopting. Finally, communication with pet owners is simple and straightforward.

For those interested in using the Pets Adoption platform, the website is available at www.petsadoption.app. Users can easily find animal pets or rescue puppies, cats, and other pets near their location, all in one place. The app is free to use and offers a simple and convenient solution for those seeking to adopt or post pets for adoption.