5 Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPet owners often want to keep an eye on their furry friends, even when they’re not at home. In recent years, the rise of pet camera apps has made this possible. These apps allow users to remotely monitor their pets while they’re away, with features such as live video feeds, two-way audio, and interactive play. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best pet camera apps available for Android and iOS devices, examining their key features and functionality.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS

1. Dog Monitor

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The Dog Monitor app allows dog owners to remotely check on their pets by providing live video, barking alerts, and the ability to talk to their dogs. It is currently the first dog monitor app available in the App Store with unlimited reach, making it ideal for any dog owner.

In terms of usability, the app is easy to navigate and requires no registration or connection adjustments. Users can quickly turn any two iOS devices into a dog monitor with all the necessary features included.

The barking alert feature allows owners to receive immediate notifications when their dog barks. With wide sensitivity settings, the app ensures that no noise goes unnoticed.

Owners can also talk to their dogs remotely, allowing them to communicate with their pets even when they are away. Users can record commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Lay down” in their own voice, helping to keep their dogs well-behaved and entertained.

The app also offers a live video stream, providing owners with a window into their pet’s behavior even when they’re not at home. The adjustable light feature allows for easy monitoring even in low light conditions.

The app works on both WiFi and cellular networks, providing unlimited reach for owners to check on their dogs from anywhere. Other features include Every Noise, Vibrate, Reliability, and Security.

Users can find more information about the app at www.dogmonitorapp.com and are encouraged to send feedback to support@tappytaps.com to help drive future feature development.

2. Pet Monitor VIGI

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Pet Monitor VIGI is an app that allows pet owners to monitor their dogs or puppies remotely while away from home. The app sends noise and motion notifications to alert owners when their pet is barking, howling, or suffering from separation anxiety. Additionally, owners can use the app to record videos of their pets, talk to them remotely, and track their behavior through an activity log.

To use the app, owners can leave an old iPhone or iPad running the app at home as a pet camera. They can then use their own iPhone to receive noise and motion alert notifications from the pet camera, and watch live video, record videos, or take pictures of their pet’s funny moments. The app also allows owners to soothe their pets remotely when they miss them.

Pet Monitor VIGI is a useful tool for owners who want to keep an eye on their pets while at work, receive notifications about unexpected activity, and monitor pets with separation anxiety. The app also allows owners to record videos, take photos, and share them with friends and family.

Features of the app include motion and sound alerts with automated photo snapshots, two-way audio and video chat, recording videos and taking photos, zooming in on live video, activity log recording past behavior of pets, remotely controllable night light, high quality live video and super sensitive audio, unlimited range, and support for Apple Watch notifications.

The app’s motion and sound alerts notify owners of any disturbance in pet activity and save photos to the activity log. Two-way audio and video chat makes it easy for owners to communicate with their pets remotely. Owners can also record videos and take photos of their pets with the app, and browse through the activity log and photo library to learn more about their pets’ behavior. The app also features a remote night light and can be used on any Wi-Fi network, over 3G or LTE, protected by industry standard encryption.

3. Petcam – Pet Camera

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Petcam is a recently launched solution that enables pet lovers to capture their pets’ memorable moments through photography. The solution offers various features, including sound selection, which can be used to get the pet’s attention, ensuring that the perfect shot is taken at the right moment.

Using Petcam, pet owners can select from a variety of sounds that will help grab their pet’s attention effortlessly. This feature is particularly useful for capturing candid moments that might otherwise be missed. By playing the sound, the pet will naturally look in the direction of the camera, allowing the owner to take a perfectly timed photo.

Petcam is a must-have for pet owners who like to capture their pets’ personalities and unique behaviours. Its sound selection feature enhances the ability to capture candid moments, making it an ideal tool for taking pet pictures. Pet owners can now take advantage of this solution to capture the fun moments of their pets with ease.

4. PetCamApp – Dog Monitor | Pet Camera

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PetCam App is a mobile application that allows pet owners to stay in touch with their pets via live video stream using their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. The app lets users set alerts to inform them when their pets are noisy or need their attention, and they can view what’s going on at home at any time.

To get started with PetCam App, users must choose their home station and activate it, along with activating their receiver on their mobile device that will stay with them. They can then watch their pets while they are away from home by tapping the “open video” button.

The app offers various features, including a free standard full version for 7 days with the first download, live video chat with pets, 8x digital video zoom, the ability to take pet photos, talk to pets, live video stream, record pet videos, and auto sound to calm pets when they get stressed during the owner’s absence.

PetCam App provides full version subscriptions for users to take advantage of all its features. The standard full version pricing includes a monthly subscription for US$6.49/month, subscription for 2 months for US$10.49 (US$5.25/month) with a 20% discount, subscription for 3 months for US$11.49 (US$3.83/month) with a 40% discount, and subscription for 6 months for US$15.49 (US$2.58/month) with a 60% discount. The live web view pricing includes a monthly subscription for US$9.49/month, subscription for 3 months for US$21.49 (US$7.16/month) with a 25% discount, and subscription for 6 months for US$28.49 (US$4.74/month) with a 50% discount.

5. Look Here – Pet Camera

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The app provides several sounds, including Squeaky Toy, Door Bell, Baby Crying, Dog Barking, and Puppy Crying. Additionally, the app offers various camera features, such as Pinch to zoom, Full screen access, Flash, Front and Rear Camera, and Video.

According to the app developers, the Squeaky Toy sound is particularly effective in grabbing a dog’s attention before taking a photo. This feature can be especially useful when taking selfies with a puppy. By using the Squeaky Toy sound, pet owners can ensure that their pet is looking at the camera and not at the owner.

Overall, the app provides an easy and convenient way for pet owners to take photos with their pets. With the sound feature and various camera options, pet owners can capture great photos without the hassle of trying to get their pet to stay still or look at the camera.