8 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, photo booth apps have gained immense popularity among smartphone users owing to their ease of use and advanced features. These apps allow users to create fun and memorable photo experiences at events or in everyday life. With a wide variety of options available on both Android and iOS platforms, selecting the best photo booth app can be a daunting task. In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the top photo booth apps available for both Android and iOS, and highlight their unique features and functionalities.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Photo Booth Apps For Android & iOS

1. Photo Booth Connected

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Photo Booth Connected, the leading social media kiosk PC software for photo booths and event photographers, has extended its availability to iPads. With this new feature, users can now sync their photos from the companion program on their PC to the iPad.

Moreover, Photo Booth Connected for iPad boasts of features such as printing, emailing, SMS, and posting photos to Facebook and Twitter. This integration of social media platforms provides users with an efficient way of sharing their photo booth experiences with their friends and loved ones.

In addition, using an iPad enhances the overall experience of using Photo Booth Connected. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the iPad ensures that users can easily navigate through the program and quickly access the features they need. As a result, they can optimize their photo booth experience and further enhance their social media game.

Overall, with the new availability of Photo Booth Connected on iPads, users can enjoy a seamless and convenient experience that allows them to share their photo booth experiences on different social media platforms. The program’s features and user interface have been optimized to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all users.

2. SLR Booth Pro

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SLR Booth Pro is a photo booth application that enables users to take professional-quality photos using their DSLR and Android devices. Before using the app, it is important to check if your camera is supported through the provided link. Not all cameras are compatible with SLR Booth Pro.

To obtain professional image quality, attach your compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera to the USB-otg port on your Android device. Users can take advantage of Chroma-key background replacement and photo trigger options, which include touch, Bluetooth remote, or USB foot pedal.

Custom templates are available in SLR Booth Pro to enhance the guest experience at events. Users can easily create and upload templates without needing to configure files or coordinate specifications. A live preview screen is also included, allowing everyone to prepare for the shot and adjust the countdown to their liking. Kiosk mode is also available.

Users can share individual photos via text, Facebook, Twitter, and email directly from the app. Photos can also be sent to guest phones through QR code or SMS, even without SIM cards. Automatic uploads to hosted, password-protected online galleries are available as well.

SLR Booth Pro supports printing to AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or FTP-enabled printers. It is compatible with phones, tablets, all-in-ones, and TV boxes.

If users encounter any issues with the app, they can contact customer support at info@slrbooth.com. The SLR Booth team prides itself on providing excellent, personal customer service and will work with users to find a solution. The company also provides clear documentation and helpful hints for setting up the photo booth on www.slrbooth.com. Users can send feedback to info@slrbooth.com if they have any suggestions for improvement.

3. LOL Photobooth

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LOLSnap is a new and innovative way to snap events. Event organizers interested in LOLSnap can contact the company to arrange for the service to be featured at their event. LOLSnap aims to make events more memorable through the use of its service. Additionally, LOLSnap now accepts events throughout Indonesia, and those interested in learning more can inquire for additional details.

Customers who have had their photos printed by LOLBooth can use LOLSnap to download their photos to their device. To do so, they simply need to scan the QR code located on their photo. LOLSnap will also automatically generate the photos into a GIF video that can be uploaded to social media. Customers are encouraged to share their photos and tag the company at #thatshowwelol.

In summary, LOLSnap is a new service that allows customers to snap their events in an innovative way. Those interested in the service can contact the company to arrange for it to be featured at their event. Customers who have had their photos printed by LOLBooth can use LOLSnap to download their photos and share them on social media.

4. Photobooth mini

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Photobooth Mini is an application that enables users to take funny pictures for printing and sharing. The application features a full-screen preview that adapts to the distance of the face in a real cabin. With the use of volume buttons, the chosen distance can be kept. The application also comes with a timer and takes four pictures, sometimes five, for added fun. After the pictures are taken, Photobooth Mini dries the photos with a nice blowing sound and offers a video message feature.

Designed for parties with friends, the application is always active and is within the reach of all users. Photobooth Mini can work for days and even longer, saving as many photos as desired. Friends can print, share, and email photos directly from the application. Users can add a line of text and the date to fix memories. Photobooth Mini is highly configurable with options such as replacement of background images to adapt to the cabin, configuration of the timer, and more. If guests want to email their photos and there is no internet network available, the application keeps track of all email requests and sends them once a network is found.

For users interested in creating their photo booth, Photobooth Mini is compatible with the photo booth described in this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17LdR5OCbwz5e5LONtJVxVl8l5aWy0WBj. Users are encouraged to send ideas for improvements to the application as the developer responds to all inquiries. Contact information for the developer can be found at http://fb.me/photobothmini or via email at mohamed.toure.obs@gmail.com.

5. Photo Booth

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The Photo Booth application is designed to provide a photo booth experience for social events. It is compatible with Print Box, a Raspberry PI-based printing solution.

The application offers users the ability to set up a photo booth through a simple 3-step process. Users can choose different format options such as mode of use (automatic kiosk, semi-automatic or photographer), filters (color, sepia or B&W) and templates (1 photo, vertical strip with 2 to 4 photos or a panel of 4 photos). Additionally, users can include event information such as texts, logo or decorative banner.

The Photo Booth application is most effective when used in conjunction with our Print Box device. The Print Box allows for automatic printing of photos captured by the Photo Booth application.

The Photo Booth application has specific compatibility with DNP RX1 and DNP RX1HS printers. Depending on the selected template and media, automatic 2×6″ cut is possible.

For more information about our photo booth solutions, please visit www.innvas.com.

6. funEvent photo booth

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FunEvent is a photo booth app that can be used by both one-time customers and professionals. The app allows users to transform their tablet or Android device into a powerful photo booth. By entering the event name, users can try out the app with either PORTRAIT or 360VIDEO, which allows for four photos and GIF or 360 slow motion video and boomerang respectively. For the 360VIDEO event, the user must have a latest generation mobile phone.

FunEvent offers a variety of features, including the ability to take and share images, GIFs, 360 slow motion videos, and boomerangs via WhatsApp, text message/SMS, e-mail, print, and live slide shows. Users can customize their photo booth using the online control panel.

The demo version of FunEvent allows users to test all of the app’s features, but all photos will include a watermark. If users are satisfied with the app, they can purchase the one event plan, one month subscription plan, or one year subscription plan to remove the watermark.

FunEvent offers several advantages, including the ability to print and share photos at events, 360 videos with slow motion, boomerang, and fast camera, landscape and portrait orientation, and custom photo and app branding. Additionally, users can wirelessly print from multiple stations using one printer, share photos on social media and TV screens, capture data, and customize their disclaimer text and thank you emails.

FunEvent also offers support for digital props, webcam features, and DSLR cameras with Android devices that have USB OTG. Users can print directly from their Android device with Wifi printers, without the need for a laptop or other hardware. However, for dye sublimation printers, users will need a Windows laptop to install the printer drivers and the photoprinter file.

7. Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH

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The Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH app allows users to take selfies and create amazing photo collages. The app takes four images in four different colors, using a front-facing selfie camera and colorful screen flashes. The final result is a pop art-inspired photo collage that can be shared with friends on social media. The app was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Prints and the Pop Art movement.

Users can experiment with taking photos in different light conditions, including at night or in dark places, for specially fabulous pop art results. Previously taken photo collages can be found in the phone’s gallery. Users can also become a VIP to add a “VIP” tag to their image and remove all advertisements.

Overall, the Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH app is a fun way for users to express their fabulousness through pop art-inspired selfies. Users are encouraged to follow the app’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Selfie Photo Booth

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Selfie Photo Booth is an application that allows users to create and edit photos using a variety of frames and artistic effects. With over 25 different frames to choose from, users can easily create stunning photos that stand out from other photo frames. Users can also add text to their photos, choosing from a selection of stylish font faces and colors. Additionally, users can change the text style to bold, italic, or underline.

The application offers an auto-blur feature to easily blur the background of uploaded photos. Users can add different types of Selfie Photo Booth editors to their photos to find a style that suits them. They can also select any Selfie Photo Booth they like and drag it to their photo, adjusting the size with finger touch.

Users can create beautiful memories with friends, family, and loved ones by selecting a photo from their gallery or camera. The app is regularly updated with new frames to keep users entertained. The application is very easy to use, with a single click functionality.

Edited Selfie Photo Booth photos can be shared with friends and family on various social apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, hike, Line, WeChat, and others. The application also allows users to share the app with their friends for them to try out the different features. Overall, Selfie Photo Booth offers users a fun and creative way to edit their photos.