4 Best Photo Contests Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Photo Contests Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, photo contests have become increasingly popular, offering individuals the opportunity to showcase their photography skills and compete with others. With the rise of mobile technology, several photo contest applications have emerged for Android and iOS devices, each offering unique features and functionality. This article will provide an overview of the best photo contest apps available for Android and iOS, highlighting their key features and benefits. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy taking pictures as a hobby, these apps offer a fun and engaging way to participate in photo contests and showcase your talent.

We have compiled a list of 4 Best Photo Contests Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

4 Best Photo Contests Apps For Android & iOS


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Agora is a global talent awards app designed for creators to showcase their unique talents. The app caters to photographers, filmmakers, and video creators who can upload their creations and participate in contests to gain recognition and visibility in the international community. By promoting their work on Agora, creators have the opportunity to win important prizes and receive support for their talents.

The app allows users to upload both videos and photos to display their talent worldwide. Participation is easy and quick, and anyone can vote to choose the finalists and winners. Agora prides itself on being the first digital democratic system that ensures talent is measured by people’s votes, rather than the number of likes, followers, or algorithm.

Through Agora, users are able to discover the world’s talent and connect with like-minded individuals. The app emphasizes the power of people worldwide and seeks to provide a platform for creators to showcase their unique abilities. For those with questions or feedback, the Agora team can be reached at support@agoraimages.com.

To stay updated on Agora’s latest news and community events, users can follow the app on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2. GuruShots

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GuruShots is a photography community that aims to make photography more enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. The community is comprised of over 7 million people from around the world, including mobile creatives, hobbyists, and photography professionals. Users can discover amazing photos from some of the world’s most talented photographers, learn photography, develop their own style, and gain exposure for their work. The gameplay is fun and challenging, testing users’ creativity. To join, users simply need to grab their camera and start playing.

In the game, users can choose from over 300 new themed photo challenges every month, submit their photos, and find out how good they really are. By gaining votes on their photos, users can level up the ranks and achieve the ultimate title of Guru. The gameplay provides a unique and exciting way to share photos. Users can capture new photos or use existing ones to compete against other players.

Throughout the game, users can track their progress in real-time, vote on other players’ photos, and see how they rank compared to others. As users level up, their voting power increases. In addition to leveling up, users can also earn badges, collect achievements, and get recognition for their photography. They can receive instant feedback on their photos from photographers around the world, which helps them improve their photography skills.

Users can also join a team or create their own and take on challenges together. They can participate in team vs. team matches, chat with other members, and track their team score in real-time. By moving up team leagues, users can win bigger prizes. In addition, users can submit their photos to an exhibition challenge for a chance to showcase their work in international photo exhibitions.

GuruShots is a unique photography community that welcomes members of all levels, from mobile creators to DSLR camera photographers. The app is available for free on the web or as a download. Users can also connect with fellow photography enthusiasts from around the world on social media.

3. ViewBug

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The ViewBug photography app is ideal for photographers of all levels, featuring a photography community, photo editor, and photo-sharing app. With the app, users can participate in photography competitions and challenges, receive feedback from fellow photographers, and improve their art. The app boasts powerful tools in its picture editor, allowing users to enhance their pictures and make them look great.

The app offers 20 new photography contests every month, judged by professional photographers and sponsored by top brands. Users can submit their photos to these contests and potentially win amazing prizes such as cameras, drones, and TVs. By sharing their best photos, users can also be featured, get published, and win gear to take their photography art to the next level.

The app also provides free photo editing tools, including advanced photo presets, exclusive photo filters, and basic picture editing tools like brightness, contrast, and saturation. Users can get creative with photo filters and effects and show their art in its best light. Additionally, users can participate in peer photo challenges and browse millions of submitted photos for inspiration.

The app offers insightful photography tips and tutorials from peers and thought leaders in the community to help users improve their photography skills. Whether they want to edit photos like a pro or master lighting techniques, users can learn from the best on ViewBug. The app is privacy-focused and offers a marketplace for users to license and sell their photos.

Overall, the ViewBug photography app is an excellent resource for photographers looking to grow their craft and showcase their art.

4. ClickChack

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Photoria is a mobile photography app that allows users to upload and share their pictures with friends and showcase their talent to a wider audience. The app offers three main features: the ability to upload and share photographs, the capacity to get inspired by images uploaded from all over the world, and the opportunity to participate in the ongoing craze for photography.

Additionally, the app uses a specialized technology that exclusively allows users to upload only mobile photographs while filtering out computer-generated images. This approach ensures that users can rely on the authenticity of the photographs they view and share on the platform.

In conclusion, Photoria is an exclusive app that caters to the needs of mobile photography enthusiasts. With its unique features and specialized technology, the app provides an authentic platform for users to share and view photographs from all over the world. Users can dive into the world of photography with Photoria and explore their passion for this creative outlet.