8 Best Photo Retouching Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Photo Retouching Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPhoto retouching has become a popular way for people to enhance their photos and make them look more polished. With the availability of numerous photo retouching apps for Android and iOS, users now have a variety of options to choose from. These apps offer a range of features, such as skin smoothing, blemish removal, color correction, and more. In this article, we will explore the best photo retouching apps for Android and iOS, their features, and their pros and cons.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Photo Retouching Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Photo Retouching Apps For Android & iOS

1. Pixl: Photo Editor

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The Pixl app is a face photo editing tool that offers an array of features to help users achieve their best look. It includes a Face Retouch & Blemish Remover Photo Editor to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and other facial flaws from pictures. The app is easy to use and provides professional-level features for editing facial photos.

Users can retouch and tune their photos using numerous tools to achieve a perfect selfie. The app offers a Face Editor that includes impressive filters and photo effects to help enhance photos. Additionally, a Pimple and Blemish Remover tool eliminates pimples and blemishes seamlessly with advanced imaging algorithms to blend the source data into the healed area.

The app also includes a Skin Smoother tool that makes skin smooth and clear without any scars or unwanted marks. The Acne Remover tool helps users remove acne and wrinkles, dark circles, and dark spots with just a tap. Teeth Whitener is another feature that can be used to brighten a user’s smile without over-whitening.

The Red Eye Remover/Corrector tool uses AI technology and a secret algorithm to achieve super realistic results easily and effortlessly. The app’s skin tanning tool allows users to give themselves a light or dark tan that looks natural. Users can also reshape their face with the app’s slimming features, which offer the ability to thin the nose or face shape and make lips appear bigger. Users are free to contact the app’s developers for any queries, suggestions, or problems.

2. AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

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AirBrush is a photo editing application that strives to provide users with the best editor and filter technology. The app constantly updates with new features and effects to remain current with editing standards. AirBrush offers user-friendly retouch tools, cool filter options, and natural, beautiful results.

The app’s features include a blemish and pimple remover, teeth whitening and eye brightening functions, and the ability to retouch and even tan skin for perfect results. AirBrush also allows users to slim, reshape, and lengthen any area of their photos. Its artistic retouching features allow for blurring, cropping, stretching, slimming, and tuning to add an artistic, dramatic touch.

AirBrush’s “Blur” editing tool adds depth to photos and focuses on the important elements. The app also offers natural, radiant filters that enhance even the best pictures and selfie photos. These filters can add natural-looking makeup, such as blush or mascara, to photos.

AirBrush is ready for sharing when editing is complete. Users can share their pictures to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat directly from the app. AirBrush also has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and its website where users can share their selfies, pictures, and comments.

3. Fotogenic: Photo editor

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“Fotogenic” is a photo editing app suitable for all levels of photographers. It features an innovative and easy-to-use interface, creating a simple user experience. The app provides an interactive help section to aid users in understanding each feature, making it accessible to beginners while still appreciated by professionals.

The app offers a broad range of tools for editing photos, including text on path, speech bubbles, captions, stretch, slimming, cropping, perspective, rotation, straightening, square fit, and mosaic. Additionally, the app includes beauty features such as smoothing, whitening, detailing, makeup, cloning, bodybuilding, tattoos, bronze skin, defocusing, and reshaping.

Users can adjust the color of their photos with features like vibrance, color splash, color replacement, levels, filters, red eye correction, lighting, channel mixer, brightness and contrast, sharpening, HDR, and highlights and shadows. The app also offers painting tools, including signature, paint, and various artistic brushes, live brushes, and textures such as mixer, light leaks, grunge, gradient, lens flare, vignette, mask, frames, doodle, and borders.

Overall, Fotogenic is a comprehensive photo editing app that offers a vast array of features for improving and enhancing photographs. Its versatility makes it suitable for users of all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

4. PhotoDirector Animate Photo Editor & Collage Maker

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PhotoDirector is a photo editing software that offers a variety of AI-powered effects for animating photos, removing unwanted objects, changing backgrounds, and editing photos with various effects. The software provides precision editing tools for making lighting and color adjustments, cropping, and adding one-touch looks to transform photos. With powerful photo animation tools, users can use animated decorations, sky replacement, and object removal tools to bring their images to life.

The software’s incredible photo animation tools allow users to choose from dozens of animated elements, including animals, seasonal specials, flowers, and moods. It also has animated overlay and animated dispersion features that manipulate particles in images to create dramatic pictures popping with different shapes and motion. Furthermore, users can use AI to create powerful edits, mix, match, and try them all together, animate any element, alter or change any object and completely redesign their snap.

PhotoDirector comes with creative editing tools that include object removal, face shaper, sky replacement, change background, light rays, easy-to-use White Balance, HDR, and Vignette tools. It also has magic brush, photo retouch, selfie editor, red-eye removal, blur photo editor, brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation adjustments. Additionally, it has AI-powered tools that can enhance or completely transform the sky of images and automatically detect the outline of any object for perfect results.

The software offers thousands of stickers, filters, frames, and effects, with new content updated monthly. It has unique seasonal stickers, frames, filters, and effects, and free community content. Premium subscribers can unlock all premium content, including effects, filters, stickers, and frames, save images in ultra HD 4K camera resolution, and enjoy an ad-free and distraction-free experience with no watermark.

PhotoDirector is powered by Shutterstock, providing users with unlimited access to premium stock images. The premium subscription is billed annually and auto-renews every year, unless canceled 24 hours prior to the renewal date.

5. PicsArt Editor: Photo Retouching Tools

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Picsart is a photo and video editor that allows users to create professional-level collages and add stickers, filters, and effects to their content. As of 2021, it has a community of over 150 million creators worldwide. It is an all-in-one editor and collage maker that provides users with the necessary tools to add a personal flair and make their content stand out.

The photo editor feature of Picsart offers a range of trending filters and popular photo effects, the background eraser tool to erase and replace backgrounds, the remove object tool to remove unwanted objects, access to curated free images, 200+ designer fonts to add text, the hair color change tool for retouching selfies, the AI-powered smart selection tool to blur backgrounds, and the ability to add stickers and create custom ones.

The video editor feature allows users to create and edit videos with music, crop video clips to the perfect dimensions and ratios, add glitch effects and other trendy filters, trim videos or use smart video merger to blend videos, design using the slideshow maker with music, and create video collages. This feature also provides access to a vast video editor music library.

The collage maker feature enables users to create on-trend collages with their favorite pictures and offers options like photo grid collage, freestyle collage, scrapbook, and frames for pictures. It also provides access to a meme generator and offers Story templates to level up Instagram game.

The sticker maker feature provides access to over 60+ million Picsart stickers, the ability to add stickers to pictures, download any sticker for free, and create unique custom stickers. The photo effects and filters feature offers popular Sketch effects, Canvas effects to turn portraits into artistic masterpieces, Drip Art with dripping effect stickers, and Magic effects to cartoon yourself in seconds.

6. Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

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Retouch Me selfie editor is a professional photo editing and slimming app that boasts 25 million users. This beauty app allows users to reshape their body, smooth skin, touch up photos, and perfect their face. With RetouchMe, users can easily slim, resize, reshape, fix, and lengthen any part of their body or face, resulting in a taller, thinner, fit, and more beautiful appearance.

The main features of Retouch Me include a perfect body app and muscle editor. Users can utilize this app to slim down their body, including their tummy, waist, and hips. Additionally, the app offers breast augmentation, breast size reshaping, breast lift, and the ability to increase butt size. The app can also correct stretch marks and scars, remove shadows, and iron clothes.

Overall, Retouch Me is a powerful and feature-packed photo editing app that allows users to enhance their appearance in various ways.

7. Photo Retouch – AI Remove Unwanted Objects

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This app offers a solution for individuals looking to remove unwanted content or background from photos, without the need for extensive photo editing skills. Key features include object removal, quick repair, clone stamp, versatile corrector, simple tutorials, and blur and mosaic effects. The app also allows for easy sharing on social media platforms.

Using the object removal feature, users can mark unwanted content and tap “Go” to remove it from the photo. The app also offers quick repair, allowing users to instantly remove objects they don’t want by swiping their finger over the area. The clone stamp feature enables users to copy an area of the photo and paste it elsewhere.

The app’s versatile corrector allows users to remove watermarks, logos, pimples, and skin blemishes. In-app tutorials help users master the use of different tools, and the app also includes blur and mosaic effects for added customization.

Users can easily erase watermarks, remove logos, and declutter their photos with one click. The app also has a touch eraser feature for restoring removed or cloned content. It comes with a range of top filters for photo editing, split toning, and aglow presets, and can remove quotes and noise from photos.

For any questions or suggestions, users can contact the app’s creators at kingsonyoyo@aliyun.com.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

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Photoshop Express is a mobile picture editor that allows users to create professional-looking images. Millions of individuals use the app to personalize their photos using a variety of tools and effects. The app provides users with the ability to instantly fix crooked or distorted images, reduce noise and blur backgrounds, and personalize images using stickers, memes, captions, and watermarks. It also offers hundreds of filters for pictures, allows users to create stunning pic collages, and provides easy fixes for uneven lighting, blemishes, and red-eye.

The app allows users to import images from multiple sources and formats, including raw and TIFF, and share them directly on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, as well as via email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, and Line. By using Photoshop Express, users can enhance their creativity and inspire others with their personalized images.

The use of Photoshop Express is governed by Adobe’s General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Users can access these terms and conditions on the Adobe website. Additionally, Adobe allows users to opt-out of the sale of their personal information. To do so, users can visit the Adobe website and follow the instructions provided.

Overall, Photoshop Express is a user-friendly and versatile app that provides users with a range of tools and effects to enhance their photos. Its integration with popular social media platforms and easy sharing options make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to personalize and share their images with others.