7 Best Prescription Discount Apps (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Prescription Discount Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis report provides an overview of the top prescription discount apps available on both Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer various discounts and coupons that can significantly reduce the cost of prescription drugs for consumers. The report evaluates the features, usability, and effectiveness of these apps based on objective criteria. By providing this information, the report aims to aid consumers in selecting the most suitable app for their needs and maximizing their savings on prescription medication.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Prescription Discount Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Prescription Discount Apps (Android & iOS)

1. GoodRx: Prescription Coupons

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GoodRx is a platform that helps individuals find the best prices and coupons to save money on prescription drugs. Users can get free coupons on GoodRx and show them to the pharmacist when they drop off their prescription. The platform has helped millions of Americans save on prescription medication and virtual care. Users can compare prescription drug prices and find coupons to save up to 80% on their Rx. GoodRx makes it easy to compare prescription drug prices, find discounts, and locate valuable savings tips for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies near the user.

Many of GoodRx’s savings coupons can be used from within the app, and the prescription coupons are free and easy to use. Users can follow a few simple steps to start using the coupons. GoodRx’s features include saving money on prescriptions, searching for over 70,000 pharmacies, savings alerts and refill reminders, and security features like setting a passcode to limit access to the app. Users can also upgrade to GoodRx Gold and unlock additional benefits at participating pharmacies.

GoodRx offers virtual care on users’ schedules, making it unnecessary to hassle with long drives or waiting rooms. With GoodRx, individuals can connect with a healthcare provider online and get professional, affordable virtual care. GoodRx Care services include urinary tract infection (UTI) testing and treatment, erectile dysfunction (ED), start or refill birth control, short-term medication refill, and many more.

GoodRx has been featured by numerous reputable sources and has received positive feedback from users. The platform’s privacy policy and advertising practices are available for review.

2. MediPocket-Rx Saving On Demand

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MediPocket Prescription Discount Card is a service that provides discounts of up to 80% off on all generic and most brand medications. The discount card can be used at any pharmacy in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. By using the MediPocket app, users can search and compare drug prices, view current cash and sale prices, and save money with the MediPocket Prescription Discount Card. The service is free to use and can be utilized by every member of the family, including pets.

The MediPocket Prescription Discount Card is simple to use. It is stored in the app under the user’s profile, and can be shown to the pharmacist to save up to 80%. The pharmacist can then save the card to the user’s profile in their pharmacy system. The discount card can be shared with family and friends.

Most Americans are unaware that prescription prices can vary drastically from pharmacy to pharmacy, and that the same drug can cost differently at different pharmacies. MediPocket provides a free platform that allows users to search and compare drug prices. The app provides current cash and sale prices, and allows users to save money with the MediPocket Prescription Discount Card.

MediPocket also offers a Medi Delivery service that provides on-demand, same-day medicine delivery from the user’s choice of the local pharmacy. Customers can search for the lowest price, use the savings card or their insurance, and request same-day delivery. Customers can also have their doctor send the prescription to the lowest priced pharmacy and MediPocket will pick it up from there and deliver it to the user. Additionally, if the user has a hard copy of their prescription, they can request the hard copy to be picked up. The driver will take it to the pharmacy of the user’s choice, have the prescription filled, and deliver it back to the user. The service is available on the app and can be utilized by doctors, hospitals, and caregivers to request prescription delivery for their patients.

3. Rx Discount Card by FamilyWize

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The FamilyWize Prescription Discount App offers an opportunity for individuals to save money on their medications regardless of their insurance coverage. The app has been in operation since 2005 and has helped over 13 million people save more than $1 billion through their free Rx savings card.

To start utilizing the app, users can download it to their device and display the in-app Rx card during checkout at the pharmacy. The average savings on medication is around 45%, and the discount drug card is available to all users nationwide.

The app also offers a Drug Price Lookup Tool that allows users to compare prescription drug prices at different pharmacies. By opening the app, users can access an instant view of the price for their saved medications and view FamilyWize’s negotiated amount for their medication at participating pharmacies nearby.

For added convenience, users can save a list of their preferred local pharmacies and medications in their Medicine Cabinet. The app catalogs the pharmacy automatically when adding a new prescription to the Medicine Cabinet.

FamilyWize has been featured in several publications and is partnered with organizations such as the United Way, American Heart Association, and National Council on Aging. By downloading the free FamilyWize App, users agree to be bound by their Terms of Use.

4. ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts

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The ScriptSave® WellRx app provides a platform for users to search for savings on prescription medications, get discounts at pharmacies nearby, and save an average of 60% on Rx medications. The app offers savings on prescription medications at over 65,000 pharmacies and applies to every member of the household, including pets, without any usage limits. A dynamic price comparison tool is available on Apple devices, enabling users to review the cost of all their Rx medications at local pharmacies by entering a drug name and zip code.

The app also features a medication price checker to help locate the best price in users’ areas or their preferred pharmacy, drug interaction warnings to alert them to adverse interactions with saved medications, and a virtual medicine chest to store, manage and price their medications instantly. Additionally, medication information, images, and videos are available, along with pill and refill notifications to remind users to take their medications and track their moods. Nutrition tools are also available to help identify foods that align with users’ health goals.

ScriptSave WellRx values users’ feedback and provides a prescription price comparison app for users’ review. For more information about the discount prescription savings card and program, users can visit www.wellrx.com. The app is administered by Medical Security Card Company, LLC, Tucson, AZ, which offers some of the most advanced technology, pharmacy expertise, and customer service in the industry for more than 25 years.

By downloading the ScriptSave WellRx prescription app for iOS, users agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, and ScriptSave values their privacy, promising never to sell or share their personally identifiable data. The average savings of the program are based on 2019 national program savings data. It is important to note that this program only offers discounts and is not insurance. Discounts are available exclusively through participating pharmacies, and the range of discounts will vary depending on the type of prescription and the pharmacy chosen.

5. Vpharmacist – 20% Discount for all medicines

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All Medicines is a door delivery medical store that is exclusively run by pharmacists in India. The app requires certain permissions to function properly.

The app requests permission to access the user’s identity. This is done to facilitate a smoother sign-up and login process.

Additionally, the app requires access to the user’s photos, media, and files. This is needed to store and retrieve any uploads made by the user.

The app also requests permission to use the user’s camera and microphone. This allows the user to take a photo and directly upload it to the app.

Finally, the app requires access to the user’s SMS. This is necessary to support automatic OTP confirmation, which eliminates the need for the user to input an authentication code manually.

6. Prescription Drug Discounts – Rx Discount App

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The app offers an opportunity to save an average of 42% on prescription medications for one’s family without the need to fill out any forms. The savings are immediate and accessible through a simple process.

Over 60,000 participating pharmacies across the United States, including major chains such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, and Rite Aid, as well as local pharmacies, are included in the program.

Using the app is uncomplicated – one only needs to show it to the pharmacist to receive instant savings on medications.

The app is available to everyone, regardless of their income or insurance status, making it easy to share with friends and family.

The app also provides an opportunity to save on pet prescriptions, offering further savings potential for users.

7. Myra – Fastest Medicine Delivery & Healthcare App

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Medlife Xpress has been acquired by PharmEasy. The two companies will work together to provide better healthcare experiences for customers, delivery personnel and retail partners. The aim is to make authentic healthcare services more affordable, available and accessible for all. Medlife Express users will become PharmEasy users and their existing services will continue, including 4-hour express delivery. Customers can download the PharmEasy app and receive a discount on their first medicine order for iOS and Android.

PharmEasy is an online pharmacy and medical care platform that enables customers to order pharmaceutical and healthcare products online. The company connects customers to registered retail pharmacies and delivers products to their homes. The mission of PharmEasy is to simplify healthcare and impact lives. By joining forces with Medlife, the company aims to strengthen its platform and accelerate its mission to make healthcare easier, simpler and more accessible. Medlife Express will discontinue operations and merge with PharmEasy on June 21st, 2021. Customers can login to the PharmEasy app using their Medlife account via the same mobile number.

PharmEasy offers a range of services, including online medicine ordering from licensed retail pharmacies. The company provides information about medicines, including uses, benefits, contraindications, mode of action, dosage, storage/disposal, side effects, precautions and safety warnings. Customers can also book diagnostic tests and save up to 70% on health packages and lab tests, with free sample pickup. Third party labs can be found and appointments booked for health tests. Fitness and nutritional products, ayurvedic herbs, personal care and healthcare products are available for purchase.