5 Free Pupillary Distance Measure Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Pupillary Distance Measure Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe measurement of pupillary distance, or the distance between the center of the pupils, is an important component in the fitting of eyeglasses. With the increasing use of smartphones, there has been a rise in the availability of free pupillary distance measure apps for both Android and iOS. These apps aim to provide an alternative to traditional methods of measuring pupillary distance, such as using a ruler or visiting an optometrist. This paper will explore the features, accuracy, and limitations of several free pupillary distance measure apps available on the market for Android and iOS users.

We have compiled a list of 5 Free Pupillary Distance Measure Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Free Pupillary Distance Measure Apps For Android & iOS

1. Pupillary Distance Meter | PD Camera Measure by vistech.projects

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VisTech.Projects recently released a PRO version of their optometry tool, Pupil Distance Meter. The app allows users to measure pupillary distance (PD) or Inter-pupillary distance (IPD) using a camera and a standard card. This feature is useful in selecting the right eyewear.

The app offers several features including the ability to use either the front or rear camera, upload pictures from the gallery, and use millimeter units. The app also provides special rulers to mark pupils and a reference card, auxiliary lines and points for segment height (bifocal), monocular (center to bridge) and frame measurements, and monocular measurements (O.D and O.S.). Additionally, users can call the app from other apps to get measurement results.

To use the app, users must take or load a face picture with a reference card, mark eye pupils with the ruler, and mark the card length with the card template. The app will then display the PD result.

VisTech.Projects requests feedback and comments from users who find the app useful. They can be contacted via email at support@vistechprojects.com.

2. Pupil Distance Meter Pro – Accurate PD measure

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The mobile solution for measuring pupillary distance (PD) with a camera is considered the best option. The solution also includes the bonus feature of Try-On basic eyeglass frames. It is recommended that users check their interpupillary distance (IPD) before purchasing eye- or sunglasses or VR headset to ensure proper fit.

For any questions, requests, or assistance with the app, users can contact support@vistechprojects.com. If there are any issues with the app on a device, the support team will address them promptly upon receiving a request. If the user wishes to cancel their order for any reason, a refund will be given.

3. EyeQue PDCheck

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The EyeQue PDCheck app is a tool used to accurately measure an individual’s Pupillary Distance (PD) in order to order glasses or enjoy a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. The PDCheck Frames are necessary to access the app. Interested individuals can purchase the frames for $12.99 at EyeQue.com.

Measuring PD using this app is a three-step process that involves wearing the PDCheck Frames, taking a picture of oneself or having a friend take the picture, and finally adjusting the markers to the center of the pupils and frames.

EyeQue also offers award-winning at-home vision testing products that can be viewed on their website, EyeQue.com.

4. GlassesOn | Pupils & Lenses by 6over6 Vision LTD

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GlassesOn is an app that allows users to measure their pupillary distance (PD) and extract their glasses parameters. It is the only medical grade app for PD measurement and is capable of providing full prescription details including sphere, cylinder, axis, and PD. GlassesOn uses computer vision to scan glasses for their optical parameters and meets industry guidelines for accuracy within 0.25D and PD within 2mm. The app is FDA, CE, and TGA listed.

To measure PD, users need any standard magnetic card and can follow the voice instructions on the app. To extract glasses parameters, users need a 12″-27″ computer screen, their current glasses, and a standard magnetic card. Anyone can use GlassesOn for PD measurement for free, but the premium version is available for healthy individuals aged 18 or older with stable vision and a single vision prescription between -6.00 and +3.00 and a cylinder measurement up to -2.50. The app should not be used for Rx details if users have multifocal/bifocal/progressives eyeglasses or a prescription with a prism measurement, among other conditions.

GlassesOn respects user privacy, and its privacy policy clearly states what information is collected when users visit the website or use the app. The app is a registered medical device on the FDA Medical Device Listings, CE (EU) self-declared Class 1, and a registered Class 1 Medical Device on the TGA Medical Device Listings. However, GlassesOn does not provide medical advice and does not replace a full eye health exam. The app is manufactured by 6over6 Vision Ltd.

5. PD Pupil Distance for Eyeglasses & VR Headset by GlassifyMe

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GlassifyMe’s PD Meter App is a highly ranked application available on Google Play that allows users to measure their Pupillary Distance (PD) in a quick and accurate manner. To use the app, users simply need to take a picture while holding a standard-sized card with the magnetic strip facing the camera. However, it is important to note that a credit card is not recommended, and instead, a points or rewards card should be used for reference sizing purposes.

PD, or Pupillary Distance, refers to the distance between the center of one’s pupils in millimeters. This measurement is crucial in the manufacturing of prescription glasses and is required to ensure proper vision. Additionally, measuring PD is also necessary for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

The PD Meter App offers a variety of benefits to users, including the ability to measure their Distance and Reading PD in just three quick steps. The app also features an advanced algorithm that accurately calculates and provides precise results. Additionally, users can take a picture of themselves, have a friend take their picture, or import a photo from their gallery. Furthermore, users can enjoy exclusive discounts for shopping at GlassifyMe.com.

For those interested in learning more about the app and how it works, GlassifyMe offers a full video tutorial that can be accessed at https://youtu.be/eIuSNoEZWig.