7 Best Push Up Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Push Up Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFor fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their upper body strength and tone their chest and arms, push up exercises are a popular choice. With the prevalence of mobile devices, numerous push up apps have emerged on both Android and iOS platforms to help users track their progress and provide customized workout plans. In this article, we will explore some of the best push up apps available for both Android and iOS and evaluate their features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Push Up Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Push Up Apps For Android & iOS

1. 100 Pushups Be Stronger

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The 100 pushups program is designed to help individuals achieve the goal of performing 100 pushups. The program is unique in that it provides alternative training methods that cater to different fitness levels. The program consists of 11 levels, ranging from 0 to 100 pushups.

The program is simple yet effective, and features a timer between sets, notifications to remind users to perform pushups, warm-up exercises, and quick statistics that display the current program, day, level, status, and medals. Users can also back up their statistics using the cloud service.

The 100 pushups program is part of a series of fitness programs called “Be Stronger,” which includes programs such as 300 Abs, 300 Squats, and 50 Pullups. While 100 pushups may seem like a daunting task, the program aims to help users achieve this goal through consistent training.

Pushups are a great way to develop strength and endurance without the need for equipment. The program encourages users to give it a try and promises that they will not regret it.

2. Push-Up Routines PRO

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Pushup Trainer X Free is an app designed for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, offering a quick and effective way to sculpt the upper body by doing pushups for just minutes each day. The app includes eight pushup workout videos, pre-set workouts with three difficulty settings, personal coaching with voice instructions, high-quality HD videos, and was developed by a certified personal trainer.

Users have given the app rave reviews, with many reporting great results in toning and strengthening their chest and upper body. Pushup Trainer X Free is the only app needed to lose weight, get toned, or build muscle, and it offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to follow along and do an intense workout at their own level and pace.

The app is designed to strengthen triceps and chest muscles in just minutes per day, and the full version offers even more workouts, random and custom workouts, landscape mode, and is ad-free. Push Up Trainer X Free has a monthly subscription of $9.99, which is charged to the user’s iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off, and subscriptions may be managed by the user in their account settings after purchase. The app’s privacy policy can be found at http://appandaway.com/privacy-policy.

3. Push-ups: 100 push up challenge trainer

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The Pushups 0 to 100 app, created by the same experts behind the 5K Runner and 10K Runner apps, aims to train users from zero to 100 pushups in 10 weeks. The app requires only 20 minutes, three times a week, and the user’s dedication to gradually increase their pushup count. The app’s audio coach guides the user through the workout, and motivational features track progress and offer rewards for achievements. With this app, users can achieve a better-looking body and improved strength.

The app offers coaching features such as personal audio instruction, three levels of difficulty, and gradual progression of pushup counts. The app is designed for beginners and offers guidance and answers to common questions. Music features allow users to listen to their own music while working out, with the audio coach blending in as needed. The app is also integrated with Apple Health.

The app offers motivation in the form of wins and badges for achievements, as well as the ability to share progress on social media and connect with other users. The app also includes motivational quotes for mental and physical encouragement.

Additional features include stretching and warm-up videos, male and female audio coaches, and detailed information and guidance. The app is compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch models, and iPads.

The free version of the app includes all features and the first four workouts for each fitness level. The app’s privacy policy and terms of use can be found on their respective websites. Users can contact the app’s support team via email for assistance.

4. Push Ups Workout

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Push Ups Workout is an exercise app that provides users with a personal trainer for free. The app is designed with a unique layout and functions that help users perform push up workouts effectively.

One of the standout features of the app is its ability to count the number of push ups performed and calculate the calories burnt during each exercise. This information is used to create a personalized training plan based on the user’s daily training and body status.

The training plan is divided into six levels, with each level containing several groups of push ups. As the user progresses through each level, the app re-evaluates their body status to adjust the plan accordingly. Users can also manually enter their training data if they prefer.

Push Ups Workout has two modes – Training mode and Freestyle mode. In Training mode, the app creates a reasonable training plan based on the user’s age and body status. Freestyle mode allows users to perform push ups at their own pace.

The app also includes features such as proximity sensor counting, graphs and statistics to track progress. Overall, Push Ups Workout is an effective app for individuals looking to build up their body strength through push up workouts.

The app has a PRO version available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

5. 100 Pushups workout

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The Be Stronger workout course claims to be able to help users achieve the goal of doing 100 push-ups in a row within 6-10 weeks. The program is designed to provide the appropriate workouts split into 11 different programs, depending on the user’s sport training. It is recommended to use the program in combination with the other programs in Be Stronger cycle (50 pull-ups, 300 sit ups, 300 squats) to achieve optimal results.

The 100 push-ups application offers features such as 11 workout programs, fast statistics, backup and restore data, reminder feature, cloud storage statistics, warm-up and stretching exercises, a possibility to change a program in an unsuccessful training session, and a history of push-ups. Before starting the workout, users are required to pass a test to determine the maximum number of push-ups they can do in a row. Based on the test result, users can choose a suitable program and start working out.

Users are advised to follow the mode of rest and proper nutrition to achieve optimal results. The application also provides an option to turn off advertisements using in-app purchases. If users have any suggestions or desires for the application, they can contact the developers using the email address provided in the contacts section.

6. 0-100 Pushups Trainer

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The Zen Challenge Series offers a 0 to 100 Pushups program that claims to build upper body strength by performing specific reps of pushups with periods of rest between them. The program promises to help users complete 100 pushups in 8 weeks by following a proven program. The app has been featured on several media outlets such as Glamour Magazine, Yahoo!’s Appolicious, Popsugar Fitness, Apple’s “What’s Hot”, Apple’s “New & Noteworthy” and recommended by doctors on healthTap.

Push-ups are considered among the best exercises ever by many fitness experts and personal trainers. The exercise is a compound exercise that works out several muscles simultaneously, including abs, lower back muscles, quadriceps, triceps, and chest. Push-ups also improve cardiovascular health, help to circulate blood throughout the entire body, and are great for heart health.

The app is easy and straightforward to use. Users can simply open the app and start. The app provides voice cues to guide users through the program. The app also features an intuitive user-friendly interface and is integrated with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram communities, so users can share their progress and achievements.

The app offers several features, including badges and awards for finishing a workout. Users can join the community for help, tips, and advice on Facebook and Twitter. The app also has a blog with great health tips. Zen Labs is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, and the app’s users can donate to their cause.

The app and any information provided by Zen Labs LLC are for educational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Users should consult their healthcare providers before starting any fitness program.

7. Just 6 Weeks

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Just 6 Weeks is a user-friendly application that provides a unique opportunity to get into shape and develop muscles in just six weeks. With 10-minute workouts, three times a week, and a smartphone, users can improve their physical fitness and learn how to do 100 push-ups and sit-ups without having to engage in complicated systems or exhaustive, hours-long workouts.

The app features a simple interface with customizable functionality, including workouts, reminders, and statistics. All features are easily accessible, ensuring that users remain focused on their workout with minimal distractions.

Just 6 Weeks offers seven programs in one application, including 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 10-minute planks, 150 bench dips, 100 dips, 200 squats, and 20 pull-ups. Users can use these programs independently or in any combination, depending on their fitness level.

The app incorporates level selection, which adjusts the program difficulty based on the results of a physical fitness test. Additionally, it includes an automatic “rest” timer with customizable settings, a workout schedule with reminders, and detailed statistics of exercises performed. With Just 6 Weeks, users can efficiently reach their fitness goals with simple functionality.