8 Best Recipe Organizer Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Recipe Organizer Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to managing recipes, having a reliable and organized system can be a game-changer for home cooks and professional chefs alike. With the rise of mobile technology, recipe organizer apps have become increasingly popular for both Android and iOS devices. These apps offer features such as recipe storage, meal planning, grocery list creation, and even nutritional information. In this article, we will explore some of the best recipe organizer apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Recipe Organizer Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Recipe Organizer Apps For Android & iOS

1. AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager

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AnyList is a free app that allows users to create grocery shopping lists, collect and organize recipes, and easily share lists with others. The app has received positive reviews, with Lifehacker calling it “simple and intuitive” and AppStorm stating that it sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps.

The list feature allows users to quickly add and cross off items, with autocomplete suggesting common items as users type. Users can also add notes to list items to indicate package size, brand, coupons, etc. Multiple lists can be created to organize items by store or occasion, and grocery items are automatically separated into categories. Users can create their own custom categories and reorder them to match the layout of their local store. Additionally, items can be saved as favorites, and recent items from past shopping trips can be viewed and added back to the current list. Lists can be shared with as many people as desired, with everyone creating their own AnyList account to share some lists while keeping others private. Optional push notifications alert users when a shared list has been modified. Users can also sort list items alphabetically or manually.

The recipe feature allows users to enter their own recipes or copy and paste them from an email or other source. Ingredients from recipes can be added to a shopping list with a single tap, and recipes can be organized into collections by type or occasion. Users can search their recipes by name or ingredients and share their recipe collection with a trusted partner. Any changes to recipes will be instantly visible to both users.

The sync/backup feature allows users to sync all of their lists and recipes across all of their devices by signing in to their AnyList account. All lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of the account, allowing users to retrieve their data if they get a new device.

2. BigOven Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery List & More

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BigOven is a cooking app that offers over 1,000,000 recipes, a grocery list, and a meal planner. It is designed to help home cooks get organized and inspired in the kitchen and on the go. The app has been downloaded over 13 million times and has been featured in various publications such as Martha Stewart Living, InStyle, Buzzfeed, and AllYou Magazine.

The app provides recipe inspiration, allowing users to find recipes based on what their friends, family, or favorite bloggers are making. Seasonal collections are also available on the home screen. With just a tap, users can save and share recipes. BigOven aims to make it easier for users to decide what to make for dinner by providing meal ideas and saving favorite recipes.

BigOven’s search function allows users to quickly search for recipes from its extensive library or limit the search to personal recipes. The app provides an option to search for recipes based on up to three ingredients, which can help users use up items that may expire.

Users can clip recipes from their favorite sites or upload family recipes by taking a photo. Recipes can then be organized into folders and filtered by category. The app also allows users to create a grocery list that can be sorted by department or recipe. Items can be marked off or removed as users shop.

The app notifies users of comments or questions on recipes they have posted. Users can also follow friends and family who have joined BigOven and see their recipes on their home screen. BigOven’s feature “Use Up Leftovers” allows users to type in up to three ingredients and find recipe ideas for any meal.

BigOven offers a Pro membership that provides ad-free access to the app. With a Pro membership, users can find recipes that cater to their diet and lifestyle, create custom folders to store recipes, and plan a week’s worth of meals to share across multiple BigOven accounts.

3. ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List

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ChefTap offers several features to help users organize and plan their meals. One of these features is the Powerful Recipe Clipper, which enables users to extract only the recipe from any website or blog. There is no need to consult a list of “supported sites” since the clipper works with practically any English-language website and many non-English-language ones as well.

Another feature offered by ChefTap is the Meal Planner. With this feature, users can plan their meals for the week, including leftovers and make-aheads. Once the plan is ready, users can add everything to the grocery list at once.

ChefTap also provides several tools to help users stay organized. These include the ability to easily find recipes using tags, searching, and sorting. Additionally, users can add links to related recipes, such as a link to a favorite pie crust recipe from a recipe for pie filling. Users can also create menus of things that they often cook together, including both recipes and individual items like bread or salad. Other features offered by ChefTap include duplicate recipes, recipe scaling, and more.

The Grocery List feature in ChefTap automatically categorizes items into aisles such as “produce” or “spices.” Users can create multiple grocery lists and use the Favorites list to quickly add frequently purchased items to the list. Smart autocomplete suggests items that users have added before, and the Pantry organizer helps keep track of what users have on hand.

Users can try ChefTap Basic for free, which includes the ability to clip up to 100 recipes, sync between devices every ten days, and a 30-day trial of Pro features. ChefTap Pro features include unlimited recipes and syncing, meal planner, grocery list, menus, related recipes, and recipe scaling.

4. My CookBook

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Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) is a recipe manager that allows users to store all their favorite recipes in one place. With search and import features, users can create their own digital cookbook by gathering recipes from the web or importing their existing cookbook using one of the file formats supported by the app.

Users can search for new recipes using the app’s search engine and import them into Cookmate, where they can personalize them by adding their own photos, changing ingredients or directions, or adding their own comments. Cookmate also allows users to share their recipes with friends through social media, email, or SMS.

The app features a range of additional tools such as the ability to create shopping lists using recipe ingredients, synchronize recipes on different devices using Dropbox, scale ingredients to serve more or less people, and use the speech feature to read recipes. Users can also customize the app’s theme, font size, and categories.

Cookmate is also available on desktop through Cookmate Online, which offers additional features such as cloud storage for saved recipes and shopping lists, recipe sharing, and the ability to plan meals and generate shopping lists for the week. A Premium account provides users with unlimited cloud storage for recipes and shopping lists.

The app supports over 200 websites, and users can submit requests for additional website support through Cookmate Online. The app displays ads, which can be removed by purchasing an in-app add-on or by installing the paid version of Cookmate. Users can contribute to the translation of Cookmate into other languages through a dedicated platform.

5. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

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Paprika is a recipe organization app that allows users to download recipes from their favorite websites, create grocery lists, plan meals, and sync their data across all devices. The app offers a number of features to make meal planning and preparation more efficient and convenient.

One of the key features of Paprika is the ability to download recipes from websites or add one’s own recipes to the app. Users can also create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle, and use the pantry feature to keep track of which ingredients they have and when they expire. Additionally, the meal planner allows users to plan their meals using daily, weekly, or monthly calendars, and save favorite meal plans as reusable menus.

Paprika also offers a number of tools to help users adjust and cook their recipes. Users can scale ingredients to their desired serving size and convert between measurements, keep the screen on while cooking, cross off ingredients, and highlight their current step. The app also allows users to organize their recipes into categories and subcategories, search for recipes by name or ingredient, and automatically detect cook times in directions and start a timer.

In addition to these features, Paprika also offers the ability to import recipes from other desktop and mobile apps, share recipes via email, and print recipes, grocery lists, menus, and meal plans. The app also includes a bookmarklet that allows users to download recipes from any browser straight into their Paprika Cloud Sync account, and offers offline access to all stored data.

While Paprika offers a free version of the app, some features are limited. Users can only save up to 50 recipes and Paprika Cloud Sync is not available. Users can upgrade to the full version at any time via in-app purchase to unlock unlimited recipes and cloud syncing. Finally, Paprika is available for iOS, macOS, and Windows, with each version sold separately.

6. Recipe Keeper

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Recipe Keeper is a versatile application that allows users to collect, organize, and share their favorite recipes across multiple devices. Users can add recipes quickly and easily, with the option to enter as much or as little information as they prefer. Recipes can also be copied and pasted from existing documents or apps, and categorized by course and category. Users can add photos, rate their recipes, and flag their favorites.

The application also enables users to import recipes from websites, with support for hundreds of popular recipe websites. Imported recipes can be customized to suit users’ needs. Additionally, users can scan recipes using their phone’s camera or existing photos and PDF files. OCR technology automatically converts images to text, allowing users to keep all their favorite family recipes safe forever.

Recipe Keeper makes finding any recipe instant, with the option to lookup recipes by name, ingredient, or directions. Users can also browse their recipes by course, category, and rating. The application even allows users to search for a recipe based on leftovers in the fridge, and rediscover those long-forgotten recipes to make mealtimes interesting again.

Users can share their recipes by email and to their favorite social networks, and create a shared family recipe collection. The application also allows users to create cookbooks from their recipes for printing or sharing as a PDF with cover page, table of contents, custom layouts, and more. Additionally, users can adjust recipe serving sizes up or down, and let Recipe Keeper automatically recalculate ingredients.

Recipe Keeper comes with integrated weekly and monthly meal planner, allowing users to plan their meals in advance. Users can add all their meals to their shopping list in one step, and Recipe Keeper can even create a random meal plan based on their hints and suggestions. The application also comes with a fully featured shopping list that automatically groups items by aisle.

Users can access their recipes, shopping lists, and meal planner across all their Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows devices.

7. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

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Yummly is a cooking app that provides customizable meal plans, personalized recipe recommendations, and smart shopping lists with optional grocery delivery. It simplifies mealtime with easy-to-follow recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes. The app creates shopping lists automatically, and even offers grocery delivery in some markets.

Paid subscribers receive exclusive step-by-step recipes that come with video tutorials, timers, and other useful tools to make cooking easier. Recipes are designed for beginners and advanced cooks alike. Yummly also suggests recipes based on users’ favorite cuisines, saved recipes, and personal food preferences. It can filter recipes according to various parameters such as cook time, course, cuisine, occasion, diet, allergy, and nutrition.

Users can add ingredients to their virtual pantry by scanning them with their phone’s camera. Yummly suggests recipes based on ingredients users already have on hand and helps prevent food waste by sending reminders when food is about to expire. Users can create their own digital cookbook by saving their favorite recipes from Yummly’s collection of over 2 million recipes or from anywhere on the web.

The Yummly Smart Thermometer provides app-based cooking assistance, timers, and alerts, allowing users to multitask confidently while cooking. The app also comes with special features such as the ability to schedule a recipe to the exact time users want to eat, and hands-free navigation through step-by-step Guided Recipes with Yummly Voice Control.

Yummly is available as a free app, but certain features require a paid subscription. The app is also equipped with a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” option for California residents.

8. Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List

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RecipeBook is a smart platform built with Artificial Intelligence that offers hundreds of recipes to chefs, home makers and beginners alike. It has won the Editors Choice Award twice over and provides a wide range of recipes from gourmet delicacies to easy and simple quick bites. The app has numerous recipe categories available like Diwali recipes, Chicken recipes, Halloween recipes, Healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, Pastry recipes and much more, offering an unlimited choice of mouthwatering recipes for users to try out. Additionally, users can upload their own delicious recipes to a relevant contest page and participate in contests and giveaways sponsored by top food brands.

RecipeBook’s Artificial Intelligence powered features include Shake ‘N’ Make and Snap ‘N’ Cook. With Shake ‘N’ Make, users can select the ingredients available to them and shake their phone to get recipes related to their available ingredients. Snap ‘N’ Cook allows users to snap a picture of a specific ingredient and receive related recipes by shaking their phone. The app is simple to navigate and has multiple tutorial videos available to help users. Users can personalize their experience through customizable feeds with a wide variety of recipe, video and article channels to choose from. Moreover, users can even start their own channel, create a shopping list and interact with the app by upvoting their favorite recipes, sharing recipes through various social media platforms, leaving comments and saving their favorite recipes to try later on.

RecipeBook offers recipes for every occasion, such as traditional recipes, X’mas recipes, Halwa recipes, Kerala recipes, Marathi recipes, North Indian recipes, recipes for lunch, dinner as well as breakfast and much more. It is perfect for beginners at cooking, home makers and professional chefs. The app can be used both offline and online, providing a whole new cooking experience to its users.