5 Best Recoloring Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Recoloring Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThere are a multitude of recoloring apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These apps offer users the ability to modify the color scheme of images, providing a range of options for creative expression. In order to ensure that you are using the best recoloring app for your needs, it is important to understand the features and capabilities of each available option. This article will outline the various options available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to make an informed decision when selecting a recoloring app.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Recoloring Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Recoloring Apps For Android & iOS

1. Color Changer

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Color changer is a photo editing tool that enables users to apply various splash effects and colorize their images. With this tool, users can convert their photos to black and white while keeping selected details in color, change the color of their clothes, eyes or anything in their image.

The color changer comes equipped with a range of useful features that make photo editing a breeze. One such feature is the ability to paint or recolor photos with a simple finger movement. Additionally, the tool offers various selection options such as scribble, magic wand or rope tool for convenient and easy selection.

Furthermore, the color changer boasts fast pan and zoom with two fingers for efficient navigation around the photo. This enables users to quickly and easily make the necessary adjustments to their images. Once editing is complete, users can easily share their work on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Overall, the color changer is an effective tool for photo editing and offers a range of features that make it a convenient option for users. Its intuitive design and wide selection of effects and tools enable users to create stunning and unique images with ease.

2. ReColor

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Mixart’s “Cartoon Creation for Everyone” offers a range of tools for creating cartoons and animations. Users can selectively recolor images and icons, extract objects, shapes, and text, and deform extracted shapes with a distortion tool to create caricatures and Disney heroes. The app also offers advanced drawing and layer-based photo editing tools and filters for refining creations. Users have access to over a million high-resolution royalty-free photos and 400,000 free illustrations, stickers, and shapes to create artwork.

The “ReColor” feature allows users to selectively recolor and extract objects from images using a smart brush and magic eraser tool. They can adjust brush hardness and blend modes as well. The distortion tool allows users to deform shapes and re-colorings with unique curvature, force, and border modes. The app also offers over 120 professionally crafted brushes, multi-layer image editing, and video editing capabilities.

Users can adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance, hue, and more with over 150 professional filters and presets. They can apply filters and adjust them after with advanced control. The app supports PNG and JPG export and allows users to share on social media platforms.

The subscription version, “ReColoring Pro,” offers no watermarks and access to all upcoming pro features. Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually, and users can turn off auto-renewal at any time. The app’s terms of service and privacy policy are available online, and users can contact support via email.

3. Paletta

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An app is available for those who enjoy the effect of color splash but find it tedious to highlight the colors manually. The app utilizes artificial intelligence to understand the colors of images, and users can select the colors they want to activate in the smart generated color palette. The app also allows users to change the original colors of the image with ease, resulting in impressive outcomes. While the app is fast, easy, and powerful, it may crash on some devices running Android 5.0 and 5.1. The developers are in the process of fixing this issue and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The app offers several tools, including the Color Modifier, which enables users to change the hue of all pixels represented by a color group. The Wand tool reveals the original color when touching a grey area, and the Eraser tool allows users to erase colors via touch. The Palette tool activates or deactivates colors in the picture, and the Navigator tool enables users to pan and zoom. The Comparator tool shows the original picture when clicked and held. However, the Color Modifier tool is limited in the free version.

The Pro version of the app offers additional features such as no ads, undo/redo functionality, and the option to change the generated palette size between 2 to 11 colors. Users can also change colors to any hue value. It is advisable to adjust the palette size for optimal results, depending on the number of colors in the image.

Users can achieve better results when using pictures with vibrant colors and grouped colors. The app features only one ad (fullscreen) that shows up when editing completes. For additional information on the app, users can watch the instructional video or visit the developer’s website. All images used in the app listing and video are from www.pexels.com and www.unsplash.com and have a CC0 license. Users can contact the developers at pifoxlab@gmail.com for support and feedback.

4. Color Pop Effects Photo Editor

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Color Pop Effects is a popular Android photo editor that specializes in color splash effects. The app has over 7 million worldwide users and continues to grow. It offers trendy features such as Spiral and Portrait Maker that allow users to apply neon borders, spirals, and wings to their photos for a stylish and colorful effect. Color Pop Effects is a free black and white neon photo editor that provides vintage effects for pictures with photo color splash effects.

With Color Pop neon photo editor pro and portrait maker, users can tell a color story with images by adding pic art in photo lab style. The app can change the lab photo to a black and white color filter or recolor pictures with amazing drip art effects. The app is a good choice for those looking for a free neon filter for pictures, such as Instagram filters, to enhance their social profiles.

Color Pop Effects is a comprehensive photo editor that allows users to modify various objects and get dramatically different color pop effects. It is comparable to accessing a photo editor pro lab to change background color, recolor pictures, add neon filters, spiral effects, and portrait. The app stands out from other photo filter apps by providing a wide range of free color filter options to play around with.

Users can maximize the possibilities of Color Pop Effects by picking any photo, turning it into a duo tone effect, or black and white colorize photo, and start playing with lab photo recolor. They can colorize anything in the picture and color filter to add effects for pictures, such as changing the background color of black hair into funky purple or changing the color of eyes to blue, brown, hazel, or even black.

Color Pop Effects features pan and zoom, undo and redo, brush size and opacity control, and the ability to share edited photos on Instagram and Facebook. The app also offers lots of amazing duo tone effects and color filters to make photos look great.

5. Photo Pop

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Photo Pop Effects is a photo editing app that allows users to selectively color their photos that are turned into Black and White Photos, Old Photos, and Sepia Photos by using touch. The app features color filters, photo color features, touch color effects, color filters, and monochrome effects. Additionally, Photo Pop supports photo effects and photo filters to create amazing looking color photos and pictures. With Photo Pop, users can get splash effects on photos such as Splash Cars, Splash Island, Splashy Dots, Splash Ball, Splash Fruits, Splash Top, and Jelly Splash Effect on photos.

Furthermore, Photo Pop also has a powerful photo splash editor that can apply splash effects to different objects such as splash balloons, splash face, and splash diving photos. The Auto Splash Art filter looks awesome on photos and is a trendy style in photography. The app also features advanced tools such as the Auto Splash Filter that can apply splash effects to photos in a single click. Users can also try creative photo editing and share photo color splash with friends and family.

The app also allows users to apply a greyscale effect or splash of color to their photography with its colorful pics art feature. Users can also try photo editing effects, Photo Color Effect, Bokeh Effect, and adjust photo with a visual histogram in this photo editing app. Additionally, users can photoshop their photo in one touch and try funny photo editing in the funny photo editor by adding funny stickers. They can also create fashion frames in the fashion photo editor by editing images in this High-quality photo editor.

In the app’s color effects feature, users can try the color splash effect for editing their picture backgrounds. The Colorsplash free picture editor recoloring app has cool photo effects, color magic, in which users can edit pictures and change picture backgrounds in one touch.