7 Best Sms Recovery Apps For Android

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Download the Best Sms Recovery Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Text messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication. However, with the increasing use of smartphones, the chances of losing important SMS messages have also increased. To overcome this issue, several SMS recovery apps have been developed for Android devices. These apps are designed to recover lost, deleted or corrupted SMS messages from Android devices. In this article, we will be discussing the best SMS recovery apps available for Android devices.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Sms Recovery Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Sms Recovery Apps For Android

1. Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev

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An application has been introduced to restore and backup deleted text messages. The app is designed to provide a simple backup and recovery process, allowing users to restore their text messages with ease should they be lost. By clicking on the restore button, the app automatically reads the backup file containing the deleted messages and recovers them back to the user’s inbox directly. Similarly, backing up SMS conversations is a straightforward process – users simply need to click on the backup button and the app will auto-backup their messages into one small backup file containing all existing conversations with contact numbers and received dates. The backup file is stored in the user’s storage, enabling messages to be recovered at any time.

The application features include the ability to retrieve deleted SMS messages, backup message conversations, and restore messages directly to the inbox. In terms of permissions, the app requires READ_SMS permission to backup SMS messages, WRITE_SMS permission to restore SMS messages back to the inbox, and WRITE_STORAGE permission to create the backup file on the user’s phone. Users can find more information about permissions and privacy by clicking on the privacy policy link provided within the app.

2. SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd

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SMS Backup & Restore is an app that enables users to create a backup of SMS & MMS messages and call logs that are currently available on their phone. Additionally, the app allows users to restore messages and call logs from already existing backups. It is important to note that the app requires existing backups to be able to restore call logs and messages, and it cannot recover anything without existing backups.

The app provides various features, including backup of SMS (text) messages, MMS, and call logs in XML format. Users can also create a local device backup with options to automatically upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. The app also allows users to choose a recurring scheduled time to automatically backup and select which conversations to backup or restore. Furthermore, users can view and drill into their local and cloud backups, search backups, and restore/transfer backup to another phone.

The backup format is independent of the Android version, which means that messages and logs can be easily transferred from one phone to another, irrespective of the version. Fast transfer between two phones over WiFi direct is also available, and users can free up space on their phone by deleting all SMS messages or call logs on the phone. Users can email a backup file, and the XML backup can be viewed on a computer via the online viewer at https://SyncTech.com.au/view-backup/.

The app requires access to various features to function effectively. These include messages, calls and contact information, storage, network view and communication, social information, run at start-up, prevent phone from sleeping, test access to Protected Storage, account information, and location. It is important to note that the app has been tested on Android 5.0 and higher, and it only restores backups made by this app. Furthermore, backups are created locally on the phone by default, but have options to upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Email. At no time are the files sent to the developer.

3. Auto RDM – Recover deleted messages & status saver

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Auto RDM is a utility app that enables users to recover deleted messages and restore media files. This app can scan notifications and recover not only text messages but also any media attachments such as pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers. Auto RDM also features a status saver, direct chat, and a dark mode option for viewing deleted messages.

To recover deleted messages, Auto RDM reads messages from notifications to create backups. When a message is deleted, and a backup of the same message exists, the app sends a notification to the user with the deleted message’s content. Auto RDM can recover pictures, videos, animated gifs, audio, voice notes, documents, and stickers if the sender deletes them.

However, there are some cases where Auto RDM won’t work, such as if the user has muted a chat, is currently watching the chat, has switched off notifications on the device, or if the messages have been deleted before the app was installed.

Auto RDM can also restore media files, including pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers. Users can restore media files in a few clicks and view deleted messages easily. The app also features a dark mode option and a direct chat function for sending messages to any WhatsApp number.

Auto RDM is a standalone app and is not affiliated with any other app or third-party app’s name and logo. Users can retrieve deleted messages and restore media files quickly and efficiently with Auto RDM, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a deleted messages recovery tool.

4. Recover Deleted Messages Pro by Go neo Tools

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5. Recover Deleted Messages 2020 – Message Recovery

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Recover Deleted Messages is a mobile application that allows users to monitor and recover text messages and media attachments from WhatsApp. When a message is deleted, the app provides an instant notification. The app keeps track of WhatsApp notifications with the user’s permission and creates a backup of them in the app, properly categorized by sender’s name and contact. It also has the ability to recover media, such as text messages, photos, and videos.

To use Recover Deleted Messages, users need to open the app and enable notification for WhatsApp. The app will read and save notifications and show them when the user opens the app. The app’s main function is to monitor notifications and create a backup of WhatsApp messages for the user. The app saves users time and enables them to restore information on their own.

In addition to message recovery, the app also features a Status Saver for WhatsApp that allows users to download the statuses of their contacts. To use the Status Saver, users need to open the module in the app, select the status they want to download, and click on save status.

Recover Deleted Messages’ main features include the ability to restore WhatsApp messages and media, save statuses, search for deleted text and media messages, easily configure in seconds, detect when a text message or media gets deleted, restore deleted text messages, and provide a status downloader and saver.

The app has some limitations and dependencies. If users do not allow it to access notification, the deleted message recovery functionality will not work. If notification is turned off, the app will not be able to access and save them. The app will not work if mobile closes its background services. Users should note that Recover Deleted Messages or Free WhatsRemoved 2021 app is not associated in any way with WhatsApp Inc., which is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

6. WAMR – Recover deleted messages & status download

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WAMR is a mobile app designed to recover text messages and media attachments, such as pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers. It also allows users to download statuses.

One of the limitations of WAMR is that it cannot access messages directly because they are encrypted on the device. Instead, the app reads messages from notifications to create a message backup based on notification history. When a message is deleted, WAMR sends a notification to the user.

In addition to text messages, WAMR can recover several types of media attachments. However, there are some limitations. For instance, if a chat is on silent mode, or if a user is currently watching a message before it is deleted, WAMR cannot save it. Additionally, if messages are not being saved, Android may be killing WAMR.

WAMR cannot save files that are partially downloaded. Therefore, if a user is offline, has an unstable connection, or the sender deletes a message before it is fully downloaded, WAMR cannot save it. If a user is not using a WiFi connection, media may not be automatically downloaded by the messaging app. This can be changed by adjusting the settings under “Messaging app > Settings > Data and storage usage.”

Other limitations may be caused by the Android version or system language. Users are encouraged to contact the developer to resolve any issues.

7. SMS Backup by Jerry Zigo

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SMS Backup is a straightforward mobile application designed to create backup copies of SMS and MMS messages, including image and audio files. The app lets users share their messages and restore or transfer them to another phone as long as the messages are SMS. It is important to note that the app does not restore deleted messages. Additionally, if RCS messages are not backed up, an incomplete history of conversations may result unless Google messages are used as the default texting app or Advanced Messaging is turned off.

The app provides two export options for conversations: a visually appealing HTML format with chat bubbles that is read-only, and a JSON data file that is restorable in the event of transferring messages to another phone. The backup files are saved in the internal device storage and can be conveniently sent to various platforms such as e-mail, Gmail, and Google Drive.

For users who plan to switch to a new phone and wish to restore their SMS messages, SMS Backup is a suitable option. Not only does it create a data file necessary for restoring messages, but it also saves the text messages in HTML format. This means that users can view their backed-up messages on a variety of devices, including computers and iPhones.

If users have any questions or suggestions for improving the app, they can reach out to the developers by sending an email to japps4all@gmail.com.