5 Best Soccer Coaching Apps (Android & iOS)

Download the Best Soccer Coaching Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSoccer coaching has evolved over the years, with technology playing an increasingly important role in providing coaches with the tools to effectively train and manage their teams. In recent times, the emergence of soccer coaching apps has been particularly notable, offering coaches a range of features designed to help them plan, organize, and monitor team activities. With numerous options available on both Android and iOS platforms, selecting the best soccer coaching app can be a daunting task. This article presents an overview of some of the most popular soccer coaching apps on the market, highlighting their key features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Soccer Coaching Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Soccer Coaching Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Coach it Soccer

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Coach it Soccer is an iPad application designed to aid soccer coaches in managing their games and developing their teams. It eliminates the need for paper lineups by simplifying the creation and updating of lineups through a drag-and-drop function. The app also offers tools for inputting and reporting statistics to help refine players’ skills.

The application features a unique drag-and-drop function for simple player substitutions, which generates a list of substitution players when needed. The app also offers timers to keep track of players’ in and out times, making it easier for recreation coaches to manage their teams. Additionally, the gametime statistical input helps coaches identify areas that need improvement and reward players for great performance.

Coach it Soccer has been field-proven since 2010 and has received positive reviews from users. Its features include the ability to create and customize formations, make substitutions in real time or delay mode, pre-plan lineups and save them for future use, and track player attendance. Its statistics module provides information on individual and team performance.

Users can find support and known issues on the support page of the Coach it Soccer website or contact the company with questions, feature requests, or bug reports. To get started, users can select the game dashboard from the main screen and choose a team. They can then make position substitutions, try different formations, save lineups, schedule and start games, and start the clock.

2. My Football Coach Free

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The latest version of My Football Coach includes a feature that allows users to create their own team formation. By assigning player names and sliding them into their designated position, users can determine the tactics of the team. The formation can be arranged separately for the first and second half of the game. Users can utilize a professional exchange board to indicate which player leaves and enters the field.

Other features of the app include the ability to turn player names on and off, the option to save formations, and access to pre-existing formations. Users can also include substitutes within the field and remove field players as substitutes. The app comes with a professional electronic exchange board. Each team can have up to 20 players. To make the app easier to use, it includes clear instructions.

3. Soccer Coach Pro

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Soccer Coach Pro is an app that offers a range of features including play editing, practice designing, and team management. Users are able to create and store plays and drills, organize rosters, and present their work on external displays, projectors, or full screen on their devices.

The app includes a new feature that allows for plays created in steps to be viewed as a series, as well as the ability to place text boxes directly on the field. Additionally, users are able to save general notes or notes specific to their plays and save formations as templates to increase efficiency.

The app’s roster editor allows for easy team management, while the ability to share plays and rosters as files with iTunes File Share or via email increases collaboration opportunities. Users can also export plays as photos.

The play editor features a full or half field option, orange cones, soccer balls, and player objects that can be moved and color-coded. Text can be added to player objects for further clarification.

Drawing features include dashed or solid lines, automatic arrow options, marker color and size changes, as well as undo, eraser, and clear screen options. Overall, Soccer Coach Pro is a comprehensive app for soccer coaches and teams.

4. Soccer Coach – Team Sports Manager

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Soccer Coach is a comprehensive app designed specifically for soccer coaches. With this app, coaches can manage every aspect of their teams. The app offers 160 animated practices with clear learning outcomes that cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, 40+ of these practices can be accessed offline, free of cost.

In addition to practice options, Soccer Coach provides several team management features. Coaches can take registers, send group emails, plan formations, record match incidents in real-time or post-event, track season statistics, and manage coaching commitments through the calendar functionality. All of these features are available for free.

The app allows coaches to manage multiple soccer teams of varying sizes, choose preferred formation types, and send group emails and SMS. Players can create profiles complete with photos, biographies, and injury status. Coaches can write coaching and medical notes to provide accurate and effective advice.

Soccer Coach enables coaches to combine animated drills into a practice, send it to the team ahead of time, and record attendance. On match day, coaches can send the team game details, set the formation and starting lineup, preset notifications for substitutions, and record all game actions. The app also includes a graphical lineup board that displays players’ faces, similar to those in professional broadcasts.

The app also provides a statistics feature that enables coaches to track players’ playing time, top scorers, and assists. This feature includes leaderboards that players and parents can access to keep up to date with team progress.

Soccer Coach is available on both iPhone and iPad. For feedback or questions, users can contact support at support@teamsportsmanager.com.

5. Football Tactic Board

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The Football Tactic Board is a free tool that can help users create their own tactics for various football match situations without requiring any registrations or payments. The interface is intuitive, simple, and quick to use.

The tool allows users to change the field to six different options, including full field view, half field view, freekicks left, right, straight, and penalty. Seven tools are available, including rectangle with number inside, simple line, arrow, dotted arrow, pen, text, and area. Users can save their tactics into one frame or do frame-by-frame animation for more advanced tactics. They can also set animation speed to suit their needs.

Users can analyze their own photos and videos and create their teams and players. Several ways are available for sharing tactics or animation with others, such as doing a photo of the tactic or exporting it into a file. The file can be easily imported into the app on any device. A remove function is available to allow users to rework their tactics, and everything can be reset with just one click.

The tool provides various field options and useful features, such as changing players’ size, saving tactics, exporting/importing tactics and animations, frame-by-frame animation, and portrait/landscape mode. Users can add their team by going to the edit window, clicking on the team1/team2 edit button on the right of the team, adding a new team and players, and selecting this team by clicking on it.

To export a tactic/animation, users should go to the tactic/animation loading window, click on EXPORT, and then click on the tactic/animation they want to export. Tactics are then exported to the device at /FootballBoard/Tactics, and animations to /FootballBoard/Animations. To import a tactic/animation, users should copy the tactic/animation file to the device folder at /FootballBoard/Import/Tactics or /FootballBoard/Import/Animations.