8 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS

Download the Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article highlights some of the best space strategy games available for Android and iOS devices. Space strategy games involve creating and managing a space fleet, exploring the unknown depths of space, and engaging in tactical battles against other players or AI opponents. These games offer a high level of complexity and can be challenging, yet rewarding for strategy game enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the features and gameplay of some of the top space strategy games available on mobile platforms.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Space Strategy Games For Android & iOS

1. AQ First Contact

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AQ: First Contact is a cross-platform MMO game that allows players to become commanders and build their fleets from a single Corvette to an army of Titan class ships. Players can customize their ships with weapons, fittings, cells, rigging and unique subsystems. The game offers real time 3v3 battles, where players can fight alongside or against their friends, capture outposts, secure positions, destroy the Red Sun, and capture Night Raven bases.

Players can mine for resources, salvage debris, and explore asteroid belts, gas clouds, and nebulas to find resources and new activities. They can also join a corporation, declare war or forge alliances, and build defense hangers and shield generators to defend their positions. Players can compete in weekly events and earn legendary rewards to boost their ships’ strength.

In addition, players can upgrade their station’s workshop to craft new weapons and fittings, forge weapon cores together to craft legendary versions, and undertake research to unlock new, more powerful weapons. The game also features a global chat that allows players to communicate in real time or create their own custom chat groups to plan their attacks.

To use AQ: First Contact, players must agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, which can be found on the game’s website.


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ASTROKINGS is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that allows players to engage in cosmic spaceship battles, manage resources, and build planetary facilities on various worlds. The game features customizable space starship fleets, allowing players to command either solo or with an alliance team. Players can compete to become the absolute galactic imperator in this sci-fi real-time strategy multiplayer saga. The game’s story is written by New York Times sci-fi authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff of the Illuminae Files series.

The game’s story takes place in the aftermath of the Nebula Imperium’s demise, leaving an untold number of worlds in ruins. The alien invaders known as the Crux and pirate factions are causing destruction, leading various factions to forge federations to vie for supremacy, planetary colonization, and dominance. Players must rewrite history and carve their throne in the stars with a powerful space starship fleet.

Players can revitalize their planet by constructing and upgrading buildings, recruiting galactic heroes to set planetary policies, harvesting resources, and commanding their space starship fleets to victory and conquest. They can also mine and trade space resources to build up their space colony and spaceships. To gain spoils of war, players must vanquish space pirates and galactic criminals either by defeating them in a quest or within the open universe.

Players can crush their rivals in all-out space fleet battles by battling against alien fleets, space pirates, and enemy squads. Building legendary spaceships, including cruisers, interceptors, and motherships, is key to commanding powerful fleets to wage war. Players can join or command a galactic federation with players around the world to battle against alien spaceships and aspire to become the defender of humanity. Additionally, research weapons and technologies to strengthen the nation’s power and prestige as well as the starship fleet.

ASTROKINGS offers a 4X MMO space war experience.

3. Celestial Fleet

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Celestial Fleet is a tactics battle game that offers players the opportunity to command a fleet of ships as an admiral of Starfleet. It features various space battleships, which players can use to build a formation and engage in space fleet battles. The game incorporates an innovative system that combines real-time and turn-based elements. Players can select their team from two different camps, the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Federation. The game supports both online multiplayer and single-player modes.

Celestial Fleet is a strategy game/simulation game that offers fast and crisp battles. Players can play the game at their leisure, and online battles are also supported. The game features a free-to-attack mission mode that can be completed by one player. It also includes final missions that feature a formidable large mobile fortress.

Celestial Fleet offers hundreds of space battleships, which players can customize and train in various ways. The game features elements of role-playing (RPG), and many of the battleships are based on the motifs of mythological and legendary weapons, warrior princesses, goddesses, and heroes.

The game is set in a universe where humanity left Earth and ventured into space during the Galaxy Saga. The galaxy has become an alternative age where the Empire and the Federation are divided in two. Celestial Fleet chronicles a single era in this universe.

Celestial Fleet is recommended for players who enjoy space-based SLGs but do not have the time for simulation, strategy, or wargames. Each mission takes only a few minutes to complete, making it perfect for playing during commutes. The game will appeal to players who like shooting games set in outer space or the galaxy, FPS games set in the near future, gun games, shooting games, military games, games with tanks, helicopters, armored weapons, fighter jets, robot and mechanical games, Battleship Yamato, naval and warring states games, etc.

4. Galaxy Reavers-Space RTS

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Galaxy Reavers, a mobile game, has been praised by Pocketgamer for its impressive graphics and strategic gameplay. The game’s main feature is its pick-up-and-play gameplay, allowing players to slide their fingers on the screen to aim at enemies and fire at will. Galaxy Reavers includes multiple combat modes, such as survival mode and rescue and escort missions, which offer variety and keep gameplay interesting. The game’s immersive experience is due in part to its detailed 3D graphics, creating a sensation of being a galactic fleet commander.

Infinite customization is offered in the game through the ability to collect over 25 pieces of equipment and customize warships to fit players’ unique playstyles. Galaxy Reavers also includes eight types of ultimate warships, and players must choose carefully as their choice will impact gameplay.

Galaxy Reavers can be downloaded for players to join the fight in this 3D real-time strategy game. For updates or support, players can connect with the game via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

5. Hades’ Star

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Hades’ Star is an online space strategy game that offers players the opportunity to control an Empire and expand their reach within a constantly growing and evolving galaxy. The game begins with a single planet, which players can develop into a formidable fleet, research advanced technology, participate in various missions, and manage relationships with other players.

Players can colonize numerous planets, optimizing trade routes, mining resources, exploring new spaces, and defending themselves against the mysterious alien race. Combat, mining and trade ships can be built and customized with powerful modules. Players can establish diplomatic relationships with other players and dictate their rules for economic and military cooperation.

The game offers several features that allow players to work with others in dangerous situations and compete for rewards. Players can participate in highly strategic missions with other players in the White Star feature. The game also allows players to grow at their own pace, without fear of resource theft while offline.

The game offers support to players who encounter any problems while playing. Players can contact the support team via email or in-game support. The game also has a privacy policy and terms of service that can be accessed via the Hades’ Star website.

In conclusion, Hades’ Star is a unique online space strategy game that offers players the opportunity to control an Empire and expand their reach within a constantly growing and evolving galaxy. The game offers several features and the ability to work with other players, making it a highly strategic and competitive experience. The game also offers support to players who encounter issues while playing and has a privacy policy and terms of service that can be accessed via the website.

6. Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]

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Stellar Empires: Nova Storm is an online multiplayer sci-fi space strategy game designed for players who want to become a galaxy hero. The game involves protecting the player’s base by shooting and battling alien fleets. Players can build their empire with other players from around the world and plan an attack with their own space fleet. The game also allows players to develop their stellar empire and befriend empire allies to combat both aliens and human enemies.

Stellar Empires: Nova Storm has several features, including a simple design which makes it easy to understand and control. Players can also enjoy realistic battles, easy play through earning credits from events, and forging alliances, which bring benefits for everyone. The game has a global server, which allows players from around the world to gather and play as friends or foes. The game also provides a variety of gameplay styles, such as PVPs, Alliance Wars, Throne Wars, Space Boss Battles, and Alien Invasions.

The game’s objective is for players to save a struggling human base from alien attack and become its new Commander. Players can develop their stellar base, upgrade buildings, research technology, train a powerful stellar fleet, plunder resources from other players, or collect resources found in space. Players can also join an alliance for protection, assistance, and to engage in massive PVP stellar battles. The game provides gift packs and tasks that players can complete to earn items and rewards.

The game supports English, Russian, German, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Players can follow the game’s Facebook page to get news and updates. For players having problems, they can contact the Customer Service staff by tapping the Feedback button on the start screen or send an email to support@valkyrie-studio.com to contact the game’s support team.

7. Star Conflict Heroes

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Star Conflict Heroes is a sci-fi action RPG that lets players command and expand a fleet of spacecraft. With a vast, story-rich universe to explore, players can acquire new starships and upgrade their unique abilities while battling pirates, aliens, and other players in thrilling, real-time tactical combat.

Assemble a fleet of more than fifty distinct starships and upgrade them using blueprints, adding rare modules and loot seized in battle. In exciting real-time 4v4 Sci-Fi combat, players can actively target the enemy with their ship’s special abilities.

Fight rogue pirates, aliens, and powerful bosses in Campaign, Portal, Pirate Battles, and Boss game modes that demand new tactics for each battle. Players can unite with friends, compete with other clans, and take part in special events.

Defeat opposing fleets in PvP Arena battles, gain fame in the leaderboards, and participate in tournaments to win prizes. Immerse yourself in a galactic journey to defend humanity in the stellar wars that followed the inexplicable arrival of a mysterious alien threat.

Enjoy spectacular 3D graphics, stunning ship animations and special effects, as well as captivating sounds and music. Your fleet awaits, Commander.

8. Over Space: Alliance Wars

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Over Space is a new massively multiplayer online space role playing and strategy game developed by the creators of the award-winning Galactic Phantasy franchise. It is a continuation of the Galactic Phantasy Universe, however, Over Space has been completely designed from scratch with a new story and multiplayer gameplay system.

Alliance Wars are the central focus of Over Space. Players can explore every planet in the universe, uncover new resources, and battle against new foes with ground units like Armoroids, Bots, and Drones. Players can create their unique battleship extensions and form alliances with other players.

Players can experience large-scale fleet-vs-fleet space battles featuring over 100 spacecrafts. Players are no longer limited to live life in the cockpit of their spaceships, but they can step up as Commander-in-Chief, plan for their fleet formation, and design their own tactics to beat enemies in massive space battles.

Players can create their own fleet formations and tactics. Tactical options are virtually unlimited, and players can mix and match different spaceship classes, align them into columns, squares, wedges, echelons, or even cluster groups to create their unique formation.

Players can battle against fleets from real players online and offline, using their unique formation and superior tactics to outclass their opponents. Players can deploy a weaker fleet to defeat a stronger opponent by implementing outstanding strategies and tactics.

The game features unlimited ship and crew combinations. Players can customize their battleships with their self-created unique extension modules, and recruit great talents to further customize the way their battleships perform. With various upgrade paths and customizations, the game offers endless tactical possibilities.

Finally, Over Space is a massively multiplayer online space strategy (RPG + SLG) game with an ever-changing game world with dynamic planet environments. Players can connect with the game’s Facebook page to stay updated on the latest news and events.