7 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS

Download the Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSpeed dialing is a convenient feature that allows users to quickly call their contacts without having to navigate through their entire contact list. With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, several apps have been developed to cater to this need. These apps provide users with easy access to their most frequently dialed contacts, thereby saving time and effort. In this article, we will discuss some of the best speed dialing apps available for Android and iOS platforms. The features, pros, and cons of each app will be analyzed to help users make an informed decision on which app best suits their needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Speed Dialing Apps For Android & iOS

1. Truecaller

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Truecaller is a phone app that aims to help users avoid annoying spam calls and SMS messages. With the help of a community-based spam list of over 250 million users, Truecaller can automatically identify spam, fraud, and robocalls before you pick up your phone. The app also allows users to block unwanted callers and SMS messages. Truecaller is available for iPhone and can be enabled by accessing the settings on your phone.

In addition to blocking spam, Truecaller also provides a service for finding the names of unknown callers. Simply enter any number to look up the name and other contact information of the caller. Users can also lookup phone numbers directly from their native call history using the Share extension or copy a number and look at the Truecaller widget to see contact details.

Truecaller offers a powerful dialer that allows users to make calls directly from the app. The app also offers a T9 search feature that makes it easy to call friends quickly. You can also see when your friends are free to talk and view more information about your phonebook contacts.

Truecaller’s smart messaging feature allows users to chat for free with friends and family on the app. Users can also send messages, photos, and videos to anyone on Truecaller.

For users in India, Truecaller offers a UPI payments and recharges feature. This feature allows users to make safe, secure, and instant money transfers, quick mobile recharges, and bill payments. Users can also manage all their bank accounts with BHIM-UPI and enjoy bank-grade security provided by ICICI Bank.

Finally, Truecaller offers a premium subscription service that provides users with access to additional features. These features include the ability to know who viewed your profile, get the premium badge on your profile, get 30 contact requests per month, remove all ads, and more. The subscription is auto-renewing and the price varies by country.

2. Speed Dial Widget

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The Speed Dial widget is a free and user-friendly tool which enables quick access to various communication options for contacts. Users can call, text, FaceTime or email their contacts directly from the Today screen. Adding the Speed Dial widget to the Today screen is a simple process which can be done by dragging down the screen and selecting “Edit” to add the widget to the list.

3. Speed Dial Free

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Speed Dial Free is an app that facilitates easy and rapid communication with frequently used contacts. It can be used for making calls, sending emails, and messages, and is particularly useful in emergency situations.

The Speed Dial page allows users to add contacts by tapping on empty cells. Tapping on a contact will initiate a call, while long pressing on it will send an SMS. These actions can be customized in the settings. The app can store USSD and MMI codes and facilitate their quick dialing from the Speed Dial page and Dial pad.

The app allows users to create up to ten groups (family, business, friends, etc.) and add unlimited contacts to each group. The user can send group emails and messages to all members using inbuilt templates. The app also has a quick group feature that enables the user to add default message/mail options.

Speed Dial Free includes a widget that displays contact pictures and supports direct calling. Users can add as many Speed Dial contacts to the widget as they want. The app also has a voice command feature for instant calling and dialing, activated by long pressing on the Speed Dial Free logo on the home page.

The app enables users to set multiple call reminders for specific times and repeat them daily, weekly, or yearly. The T9 Dial-pad facilitates fast dialing and searching of contacts by name and number in a smart T9 fashion. It can also be used in left-handed or right-handed mode.

The T9 Dial Add-ons provide additional features such as scanning QR codes from the gallery or camera and setting chat, audio, or video calls via WhatsApp as a quick access option. The app also includes a phone book for adding new contacts and editing information easily.

Users can customize their Speed Dial Screen using custom backgrounds with Blur & Tint facilities, different icon shapes, and black or white themes. The app allows the user to backup all or selected contacts from the phonebook and share or transfer backup files.

4. Speed Dial

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The Speed Dial app is a simple and useful tool designed for individuals who struggle to dial contact numbers. This app proves especially handy during emergencies since it allows users to make calls instantly without having to search for contacts.

The app comes with several features to improve user experience. For instance, images are automatically added for favorite contacts, provided the contacts have images available in the user’s contact list. Additionally, users can easily initiate calls by simply touching the contact’s name. The app allows users to store an unlimited number of contacts. Deleting a Speed Dial contact is as easy as swiping to the left, while editing can be achieved by swiping to the right.

Regarding privacy concerns, the Speed Dial app does not collect any user data. It only requests permission to access the user’s contacts and make phone calls, but this is solely for the app’s functioning. No user data is collected or shared.

5. Speed Dial Widget

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The Speed Dial app is designed to address the difficulties faced by elderly individuals or young children who struggle with using a phone, as well as anyone who finds it tiresome to search through their contacts or recent calls to get in touch with people. The Speed Dial widget enables users to quickly get in touch with their favorite contacts through a single tap from their home screen, offering features such as messaging, calling, and video calling, among others.

One of the main benefits of the Speed Dial app is its usability for elderly individuals or users with poor eyesight, as they can easily identify contacts with photos and make calls through the app. The app’s key features include one-tap actions for phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp message, WhatsApp call, Skype call, Facebook Messenger, and Google Duo Video call. Users can also customize actions for specific contacts or categories, such as family, friends, or business groups.

Additionally, the Speed Dial app offers several other features, such as the ability to add group widgets to the home screen, change the shape of contact list photos, choose app color themes, and enable dual SIM support. The app also includes a dial pad, the ability to categorize contacts into groups, and backup and restore functionality.

For users of Redmi devices, there are certain settings that need to be adjusted to ensure the app widget is functional. Users are instructed to navigate to Settings, Apps, and Manage Apps, and select “Speed Dial Widget,” where they should allow all available options. Finally, the app widget should be removed and then re-added to the home screen, which should resolve any issues.

6. Speed Dial

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The Speed Dial Pro program offers a fast dial-up feature, with various customizable options that make it convenient for users to contact their frequently dialed contacts. SmartInit allows for the automatic setup of shortcuts for the most frequently contacted person, and each number can be set to a dial-up shortcut. Users can also set an image as the dial-up shortcut, and the contact image will be used if present when creating a shortcut for a contact. In the context menu, users can send an SMS to the contact or manually change/set the name and phone number.

The Ads Free Version of the program has recently been released, and can be purchased on the market.android.com website. The first time a number is clicked, the user is prompted to select a contact. Thereafter, clicking on the number will automatically dial that contact. Long clicking on a number allows for the selection of an image for the button or setting a contact, and in the app menu, batch assigning contacts to numbers is possible.

The program has undergone various updates, with version 1.0.28 introducing the feature to send SMS messages, and version 1.0.30 enabling manual name and number setting in the context menu. Version 1.0.34 allows for the enabling or disabling of the notification icon in the About Page, and version 1.0.35 fixes crash issues that occurred when selecting certain contacts or when the phone was in vibrate mode. Version 1.0.36 now allows users to add a number from contacts with multiple numbers, while version 1.0.37 fixes a crash issue in the setup page.

Further updates include version 1.0.39 that fixes a half text bug on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus, and version 1.0.40 that adds two options on the About Page: Go home after call end and Close app after call end. Version 1.0.

7. Speed Dial Lite

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SpeedDial is a picture dialer app that allows up to 120 contacts to be accessed with a single click. Users can set up short and long click actions, including instant call, text message, or contact viewing. The app offers animated grouping features for friends, family, or co-workers. SpeedDial is available as a free lite version or a full version with additional features.

The full version includes 120 contact shortcuts, four animated contact groups, and swipe/fling through groups. Customizable click actions, fullscreen mode, different layouts, portrait and landscape support, and multiple contact phone number support are also available. The app includes quick and simple dialer features, and users can open the phone’s call log, contacts, and dialer. The media scanner feature scans for files on the phone without unplugging the SD card.

Users can add a new shortcut from their phone’s contact list by long-clicking the plus icon on the main screen. If something is not working properly, users can contact the developer using the feedback function in the Settings view or through the Android Market.

The differences between the full and lite versions of SpeedDial are that the lite version is limited to 12 shortcuts and does not have the grouping functionality. There are no ads in the lite version. If contacts do not have caller pictures, users can still use SpeedDial, but having caller pictures is the main purpose of the app.

The Shortcuts Group sliders in the settings define the number of visible shortcuts. If a set of shortcuts is reduced in number, they will not be deleted, only hidden. The Short/Long Click Action functionality allows for the customization of the main actions that can be performed with a short or long click. The Actions menu item lets users quickly replace, move, rename, or remove a shortcut.

The Read Contacts permission is necessary for adding a new contact and reading the phone number.