8 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Stop Motion Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonStop motion animation is a popular technique used in film making that involves capturing a series of still images and playing them back in a sequence to create the illusion of movement. With the rise of smartphone technology, several stop motion apps have been developed, catering to both Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer a range of features and functionalities that enable users to create high-quality stop motion animations using their mobile devices. In this article, we will explore some of the best stop motion apps available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android & iOS

1. Frameographer (iOS)

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Frameographer is a mobile application designed to create time-lapse and stop-motion movies in high definition. The user interface is user-friendly and visually appealing.

Time-lapse and stop motion movies are generated by taking a series of still images and playing them back at a certain speed. Frameographer simplifies this process while making it enjoyable.

Some of the features of Frameographer are: the capability of capturing and exporting high definition quality, manual or automatic shutter settings for creating stop-motion or time-lapse movies, exposure and focus lock, low-light boost mode (iPhone 5(sc)/6/6 Plus only), onion skin, grid, frames per second adjustments, the ability to add frames to a pre-existing project, the ability to use either the front or back camera, and the ability to add a soundtrack using any song in the iTunes library.

Frameographer requires iOS 8.0+ and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5(sc), iPhone 6, Plus, iPod Touch 4th Generation, and iPod Touch 5th Generation. Users may contact the support team at support@studioneat.com if they have any concerns or questions.

2. iMotion (iOS)

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iMotion is a time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS that enables users to take pictures, edit their movies, and export 4K UHD, 1080p, and 720p HD videos to their device or directly to YouTube. Time-lapse is a cinematography technique that speeds up movement, while stop motion is an animation technique that makes a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.

The iMotion app comes with an Apple watch app that provides a live preview of the iPhone camera on the screen of the user’s Apple watch. Users can remotely control their capture by touching their Apple watch. The app is available on universal binaries iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch.

iMotion offers four capture modes, including time-lapse, manual, wifi remote, and photo library import. It also provides ultra-speed shooting up to 10fps and variable frame rate playback. The app supports portrait and landscape orientations, as well as front and rear cameras. Additionally, it has useful capture tools such as manual focus, exposure and white balance, onion skin, and more.

Users can export their videos, photos, and animated GIFs to their Photo Library, iTunes Sharing Folder, Mail, and iOS apps. The app has a quick and smooth interface, as well as autosave and direct preview. It also supports reverse playback and unlimited movie length. Users can add audio soundtracks to their movies with iPod import, microphone, and AudioPaste. Importing multiple frames from the Photo Library and exporting and importing movie projects using Dropbox, Mail, and iTunes Sharing Folder require the In-App Full Version.

The 4K UHD, 1080p, and 10fps shooting are only available on recent devices. The app also includes an Apple Watch app for preview and trigger capture for both time-lapse and manual modes. Users can download the “iMotion Remote” app for free to preview and remote their capture from another device iPhone/iPad/iPodtouch.

3. iStopMotion for iPad

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iStopMotion is a software that enables the creation of stop motion animations and time lapse recordings. It is popular among many enthusiasts and is easy to use for people of all ages. With iStopMotion, users can direct their own animation movies, featuring their favorite toys. The software is often used in classrooms worldwide to promote creativity, problem-solving and communication skills in students.

iStopMotion has several key features and benefits that make it stand out. These include a camera overlay that allows users to see changes unfold in real-time, instant playback, a beautiful timeline and navigator for easy navigation, the ability to import or record audio, and a remote camera that enables users to position their camera more conveniently. Users can also share their movies with others through the Theater and create a flip book PDF that contains the key frames of their animation.

iStopMotion has received high ratings from various tech reviewers, with many praising its quality and ease of use. Notably, iStopMotion has won multiple awards, including the Macworld Best of Show in 2013 and 2012, as well as the Mac Observer Editors Choice Award. For more information, examples, forums, and tech support, users can visit boinx.com/istopmotion/.

4. Lapse It Time Lapse & Stop Motion Camera

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Lapse It is a full-featured Android app used for capturing time-lapse and stop-motion videos. The app does not require expensive photography equipment and is simple, fast, and intuitive. It has won multiple awards and has been featured on the English TV show “The Gadget Show”.

Lapse It features a powerful and unique native render engine that allows the user to create high-quality videos. The app supports a range of settings, and users can import image sequences from their DSLR or GoPro cameras. Users can also import pre-recorded videos to create slow-motion and fast-motion versions of them, as well as use any song from their library as the soundtrack of their video. The app also has adjustable manual controls for exposure, focus, white balance, and scene modes.

Lapse It supports multiple social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus for sharing videos. The app includes stunning effect filters and tons of post-capture options, such as trimming, adding timestamps, square mode, and backwards playback. Additionally, the app supports stop-motion and clay animation mode with onion skin and scheduling the capture to start and stop automatically.

Lapse It captures real photo-based time-lapse and allows for capture intervals ranging from milliseconds to hours. It supports background capture on compatible devices, camera zoom, and front-facing camera. The app has no restrictions for capture length or frames and is more powerful than FrameLapse and Droid TimeLapse.

Lapse It has a powerful render engine that allows users to create spectacular videos. The app is the only one on Google Play that works rendering the videos in the Android proper format. Users can customise their sequence of pictures in many different ways and even apply different cool and stylish cam effects to them. The app also offers more integration with social networks, so users can easily publish their videos or share them through the built-in Lapse It gallery.

5. PicPac (Android)

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PicPac is a mobile application that allows users to create stop motion movies and time lapse videos with ease. Users can add audio and music to their creations without the need for upload to a server or PC. User login is only required when sharing videos to YouTube.

The app enables users to use gallery photos, gallery videos (broken down to pictures), or capture time-lapse photos to create stop motion or time-lapse videos and animations. Hyperlapse is also possible. The Timelapse Manual mode allows for hands-free sound-controlled creation. Users can add their own voice or music to stop motion creations.

PicPac does not require users to upload to a server or copy to a computer. It supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

Upgrading to the Pro version removes the watermark, allows for the creation of 480p, 720p, and 1080p videos/animations, enables duplication and merging of projects, allows for the addition of photos to existing projects, and permits the use of a custom ending logo.

The free version of PicPac allows for the creation of 360p videos, recording of user audio, selection of local or online music, reordering of pictures, and has a small watermark at the bottom right. However, it does not permit duplication or merging of projects, changing of the video ending logo, and has a small watermark at the bottom right.

The app includes ten demo videos to showcase its capabilities, including simple examples of time-lapse and stop motion animations. For more information, users can visit http://blog.picpac.tv.

6. I Can Animate

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I Can Animate is a stop motion animation software that enables users to produce professional-looking movies. With this tool, one can bring Brick models to life and showcase their creative talent to friends and family by publishing their work on YouTube and other video platforms. Additionally, the software is highly accessible, as it requires no external cameras or cables, allowing users to create their animations anywhere they like.

I Can Animate offers a free trial, enabling users to explore the world of stop motion animation with ease. The software provides users with all the necessary tools to manage their clips and extend the functionality of their work. Users can add sound effects from an audio library or import and record their own to create a unique soundtrack for their animations.

One of the standout features of I Can Animate is its green screen capability, which opens up a world of possibilities for users. With this function, users can incorporate characters into any setting, whether it be under the sea, in outer space, or on the beach.

Moreover, I Can Animate enables users to create movies in Ultra High Definition, providing four times the resolution of Full HD. However, this feature is dependent on the device’s ability to support it.

Overall, I Can Animate offers an accessible and user-friendly stop motion animation tool that enables users to create professional-quality movies. With its green screen functionality and high-definition capabilities, the software offers users a wide range of possibilities to explore. Users can try it for free by simply installing it on their Android device.

7. Stop Motion Studio

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Stop Motion Studio is an app that can facilitate stop motion movie-making. Its user-friendly interface enables users to create animated movies with ease. The app is a full-featured movie editor that offers several features to help users in their movie-making process. These features include overlay mode, animation guides, interactive timeline, and the ability to copy, paste, cut, and insert frames at any position.

Stop Motion Studio offers numerous tools to help users create visually appealing movies. Users can choose from a range of unique titles, credits, and text cards or make their own using the built-in editor. They can also add different filters, foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios, and fade effects to enhance the movie. Rotoscoping enables users to create beautiful animations by drawing over imported video clips, while green screen allows them to change the background of their scene.

Stop Motion Studio offers advanced camera control features, including adjustable time interval, automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure, ISO and shutter speed. Users can also use a second device as a remote camera and headphones as a remote shutter release. The app has a built-in layer-based image editor that enables users to add text, speech bubbles, facial expressions, sketch, and paint. They can wipe away unwanted objects with the eraser tool and merge frames to simulate fast movement.

Users can save their movies to their photo library or share them on YouTube in 4K or 1080p. They can also save them as animated GIFs or save all the images for further processing. The app allows users to transfer projects between devices and continue where they left off on their desktop computer. Some advanced features require in-app purchases, but all features are included in the Pro version.

8. Zing StikBot Studio

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Zing Studio, an app for stop-motion animation, carries over all the previous features of its predecessor, Stikbot Studio. To fully utilize the new capabilities of Stikbot Studio, upgrading the app is recommended. Users are encouraged to share their creations through the use of the hashtag #Stikbot.