9 Free Stud Finder Apps For Android

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Download the Free Stud Finder Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the market for mobile applications has grown significantly, with a wide range of options catering to various needs and interests. Among the many app categories available, those designed for home improvement have gained popularity, and free stud finder apps for Android devices have emerged as a viable option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. This type of app utilizes the built-in sensors of a smartphone to detect the location of studs behind walls, enabling users to hang pictures, shelves or other items with greater ease and accuracy. In this article, we will explore the features and functionality of free stud finder apps for Android, and evaluate their effectiveness and usability.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Stud Finder Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Stud Finder Apps For Android

1. iSmartDetect Metal Detector App

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iSmartDetect is a mobile application designed to assist metal detectorists and amateur archaeologists during their search for treasures. The app comes with an array of features such as Overhead Waypoint Tracking, Project and Object Tracking, Double Sided Object, Stamped Pics, Customized Project Naming, Encrypted Server Secure Archiving, Auto Sync Data Between Users, and more. The app also has a zoom tool that allows users to take a sharp on-site photo of their detected find.

iSmartDetect helps users organize their finds by creating a project and naming an album synchronized in their photo album. Users can stamp every picture with their preferred information, such as description, category, project name, date, and time. The app also enables users to watch their Waypoints and spread card on the map and even find their way back to a treasure spot.

For users who purchase the encrypted server Premium Plan, they get additional features such as auto sync all data and files and a multiuser tool to share files with other users. The app allows several devices to log into the same account. Users can export their files by CSV KML or send a pdf with their finds as a list. With the server plan, users can recover their files if they lose their phone or get a new one.

The app offers an auto-renewing Premium Plan subscription via In-App Purchase. The subscription gives users access to premium features such as backup and restore services, encrypted GPS data, multi-user use with real-time sync, show photos on the map, download photos in multi-user, and clone files between all Android Devices. The subscription is auto-renewable monthly at $0.99, but the first 3 months are free. Subscriptions are charged to the Play Store account at confirmation of purchase and are automatically renewed at the selected duration unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

2. Metal Detector by Smart Tools.co

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The Metal Detector app is part of the third set of the Smart Tools collection. It requires a magnetic sensor, or magnetometer, to function properly. Users are advised to check the specifications of their device if the app does not work as intended.

This app is designed to measure the magnetic field in its surroundings using an embedded magnetic sensor. Typically, the magnetic field level in nature is around 49 micro tesla (or 490 milli gauss) and increases when steel or iron objects are detected. To use the app, simply open it and move it around to detect changes in the magnetic field level.

The Metal Detector app can also be used to locate electrical wires within walls and iron pipes underground. Some users have even used it as a ghost detector, although the accuracy of the readings depends entirely on the quality of the device’s magnetometer. It’s worth noting that electronic equipment like TVs, PCs, and microwaves can interfere with readings due to electromagnetic waves.

The app’s main features include an alarm level, beep sound, and sound effect options. It also features a modern material design. The pro version of the app adds additional features like a compass, the ability to share GPS location, a Qibla finder, and a car locator.

The Metal Detector app is unable to detect non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, and copper coins that lack a magnetic field. Users looking for more tools can download the Smart Compass Pro and Smart Tools 2 package. More information can be found on YouTube and the app’s blog.

3. Metal detector by NETIGEN Utilities

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The Metal Detector application is designed to detect the presence of metal nearby by using the magnetic sensor built into mobile devices. It displays the level of the magnetic field in microteslas (μT), where the natural level in nature is around 49 μT or 490 milligauss (mG), and any increase in the value indicates the proximity of metal.

The app is useful for identifying any metal object in the area, as all metals generate a magnetic field that can be measured using the tool. To use it, simply launch the application and move the device around. The screen will display fluctuating magnetic field levels in three dimensions, with numbers showing the values of electromagnetic field (EMF). The app produces sounds and vibrations to indicate the proximity of metal, and users can adjust their sensitivity in the settings.

The Metal Detector application has various practical uses, such as finding electrical wires in walls or iron pipes on the ground. However, it does not detect non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, and copper coins, which do not generate a magnetic field.

The app’s accuracy depends on the quality of the magnetic sensor in the user’s mobile device, which may be affected by electromagnetic waves from electronic equipment. It is also important to note that not all smartphone models have a magnetic field sensor, and without it, the application will not work. Netigen Utilities, the series that created the Metal Detector app, offers a variety of other useful tools for mobile devices.

Users who encounter difficulties using the app due to their device’s lack of a magnetic field sensor can contact Netigen Utilities for assistance via mobile@netigen.pl.

4. Stud Detector by Guylyhey

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Stud Detector is a mobile app that helps locate wood studs hidden beneath drywall, plasterboard, or stucco. It is designed to assist anyone undertaking renovations or hanging large wall fixtures, such as mirrors, shelves, or televisions, by securely and safely identifying wall studs. The app uses the mobile device’s compass (magnetometer) sensor to target wall studs by pinpointing metal joists, nails, screws, or other magnetic metal fasteners in wood studs located beneath the drywall, plasterboard, or sheetrock in every wall.

It is crucial to note that the app’s magnetometer cannot detect wood directly but can only detect magnetic metal fasteners within the wooden wall studs themselves. A careful reading of the app’s instructions is essential to understand how to correctly use the app. Users should follow the instructions provided to avoid leaving negative reviews due to incorrect app usage.

Stud Detector is a must-have tool for DIY enthusiasts, renovators, or handymen. It provides a reliable means of ensuring that wall fixtures are well anchored in the wall studs, making it a must-have companion renovation app.

Stud Detector’s operation is similar to that of other hand-held stud detector tools. As the magnetometer passes over the stud, LED lights light up in sequence with proximity to the stud. However, unlike real studfinder tools, modern mobile devices do not have density sensors. Hence, Stud Detector uses the compass (magnetometer) sensor to detect subtle changes in the background magnetic fields caused by conductive metal fasteners embedded in all studs.

The app comes with a range of features, including an automatic device sensor check, an active detection button, stability and detection level indicators, and ten different sensitivity levels for various drywall thicknesses. The user can move the magnetometer location target, toggle the detection beeper, and follow easy-to-follow, in-app DIY instructions.

5. Stud Detector by Chatterbox Software

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Stud Detector is a mobile application designed to locate metal framing studs, screws, and nails in walls. This easy-to-use application is beneficial for hanging pictures, art, or any other objects that require strong support. It is compatible with both tablets and phones, which makes it accessible for users with different devices. Users are advised to access the short help section by clicking on the question mark icon to obtain detailed instructions on how to operate Stud Detector effectively.

It is essential to note that Stud Detector will only function correctly on a device with a functioning magnetic sensor. If the device does not have a magnetic sensor or the magnetic sensor is faulty and provides erroneous readings, Stud Detector will notify the user.

The application comes with adjustable sensitivity, which can be modified to suit the user’s preference. It has three distinct feedback levels and provides visual indication of feedback. The magnetic field magnitude is displayed, and the screen orientation is configurable. The application also has optional vibration and audio feedback, which users can activate. Additionally, it has an optional wake lock and left-handed mode for user convenience.

6. Metal Detector by Gamma Play

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The Metal Detector app utilizes the magnetic sensor found in Android devices to measure magnetic field values and transform the device into a functional metal detector. The app displays data in µT (micro Tesla), with 1µT equivalent to 10mG (milli Gauss). The natural magnetic field typically ranges from 25 to 65 µT (0.25 to 0.65 G), with any higher measurement indicating the presence of metal in the area. This app is most effective at detecting ferromagnetic materials like iron, and it cannot detect non-ferromagnetic materials like aluminum. The maximum detection range is approximately 15cm.

To use the Metal Detector app, users simply need to open it and move the device around. When the magnetic field values increase, it is an indication of metal in the vicinity. However, the accuracy of the app is contingent upon the magnetic sensor in the device and may be affected by electromagnetic waves from other electrical equipment like TVs and PCs.

If the app does not operate correctly, the issue may be with the magnetic sensor in the device. It is possible that the device may not have a magnetic sensor, or users can attempt to initialize the sensors by pointing the phone upwards and rotating it in a figure-eight pattern. To obtain accurate readings, any magnetic covers on the device should be removed since they may influence the magnetic sensor. If the device’s case contains metal elements, users should remove the case before using the app.

In addition to metal detection, some ghost hunters use Metal Detectors to detect the presence of ghosts. This is based on the belief that ghosts influence magnetic fields. However, the validity of this claim has yet to be scientifically proven.

Users can connect with the app creators on Facebook and Twitter by liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.

7. Magnetic Stud Finder

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The Magnetic Stud Finder app is a free app that provides users with a convenient way to locate studs. The app is designed to be used as a second source of information, even if users already have their own stud finder. The app consists of a customized metal detector with a bubble level view that can detect both metal and wood studs. By identifying the location of nails and screws used to fix drywall to wood studs, the app can easily locate wood studs. The bubble level is an additional tool that can be used by handymen. The app can also detect all ferromagnetic objects.

To use the Magnetic Stud Finder app properly, it is crucial to follow the instructions provided. Help is available within the app, and additional information can be found on the Gold Sequence website. An instructional video is also available on YouTube.

The app has been tested in multiple buildings with different phones and works well for drywall if used properly. Even if a layer of 1/4 inch thick ceramic tile is placed over the drywall, the app can still function. However, there are limitations to the app’s effectiveness. It may not work well in older homes with plaster walls where the plaster layer is more than 1/4 inch thick. Additionally, if small drywall screws are used, it could cause issues. Overall, the Magnetic Stud Finder app may not be suitable for every house, but it can be a useful tool for many people in many homes.

8. Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector

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Metal Sniffer is a portable metal detector that utilizes the phone’s built-in magnetometer/compass to detect nearby electromagnetic fields. This allows the user to locate nearby metal and magnets, as well as find metal when needed.

The app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It functions by using the phone’s sensor data to detect changes in the surrounding electromagnetic field. The app then displays the information on the phone’s screen, providing the user with real-time data on the presence and location of metal and magnets.

Metal Sniffer is beneficial in a variety of situations, including construction work, home improvement projects, and personal hobbies like metal detecting or hunting. The app is compatible with most Android devices and can be downloaded and installed easily from the Google Play Store.

The app is continuously updated and improved to provide users with the most accurate and reliable metal detection technology available. Metal Sniffer is a useful tool for anyone in need of a portable, easy-to-use metal detector that utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate and reliable results.

9. Metal Detector by Dexati

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Metal Detector is a mobile application that utilizes a magnetic sensor to locate metal in the user’s immediate environment. The app transforms the user’s mobile phone into a functional metal detector, capable of detecting precious metals at any time or place. Earth’s Magnetic Field is typically between 30 to 60 µT, and any variation beyond this range is indicative of unusual metal activity.

To ensure accurate readings, it is recommended that the user operates the Metal Detector away from electronic devices such as computers and televisions, which can interfere with the magnetic sensor’s measurements. Upon launching the app, the Metal Detector reading is displayed on the user’s screen.

The Metal Detector application can prove to be useful for individuals seeking to locate precious metals on beaches or mountains. Additionally, the Metal Detector can function as an EMF detector and sensor, detecting electromagnetic fields and serving as an EMF reader. The app’s metal detector meter can also double as an EMF meter.