10 Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, talking alarm clock apps have become increasingly popular among smartphone users. These apps offer a unique and convenient way to wake up in the morning by providing a personalized wake-up call with various customizable features. Both Android and iOS platforms offer a wide range of talking alarm clock apps to choose from, each with its own set of features and functionalities. In this article, we will explore some of the best talking alarm clock apps available for these platforms, highlighting their key features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps For Android & iOS

1. CARROT Alarm – Talking Alarm Clock

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CARROT is an alarm clock application that has gained popularity in 26 countries and has been featured in mainstream media outlets such as Apple, Gizmodo, and LifeHacker. CARROT is an AI construct that is designed to wake users up in a fun and interactive way. The application features witty spoken dialogue, beautiful songs, and a unique wake-up system that is meant to bring a smile to the user’s face. However, if the user tries to sleep in, CARROT will become upset.

CARROT is a simple alarm clock that is easy to use. The user simply swipes up or down to choose the alarm time and drags CARROT to the right or left to set the alarm. The application wakes the user up with a mix of songs and spoken dialogue that ranges from offering ice cream for breakfast to threatening to kill a kitten if the snooze button is hit repeatedly. CARROT’s songs range from fully-orchestrated hits like “Chiptune Overload” to “Won’t You Be My Minion?”

In exchange for waking the user up on time, CARROT assigns the user a few bizarre chores each morning. These mini-games include shaking to clean out lab monkey cages, pinching to grant sentience to a toaster, and flipping to mix a deadly neurotoxin. As the user completes these tasks, they will level up and unlock rewards such as new songs, app upgrades, and a collection of bedtime stories. However, the user must be careful not to oversleep, as it will make CARROT upset.

CARROT has a simple and elegant interface that is gesture-driven. The application features hundreds of rewards, unlockable app upgrades, over 30 alarm tones, iCloud progress sync, and CARROT To-Do integration. The application can be used with Do Not Disturb and the silence switch.

CARROT is an application that is meant to be fun and interactive.

2. TalkClok. Talking Alarm Clock

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TalkClok is an Alarm Clock App that aims to change the way users wake up and start their day. The app integrates various features such as weather, traffic, calendar, tweets, and more without requiring users to read anything. With TalkClok, users can relax and listen to the app’s voice.

One of the unique features of TalkClok is its Remote Watch App, which is included for free. The app also offers customizable wake-up times, allowing users to manage and switch on/off with a simple tap. Users can easily define standard times throughout the week.

TalkClok provides real-time traffic based on Google Maps traffic, allowing users to know when they should hurry or snooze. It also includes a tasklist that serves as a reminder for users’ to-dos. Additionally, users can listen to their favorite playlists from their device through the app’s music feature.

The News feature of TalkClok allows users to choose from thousands of feeds and personalize their news preferences. The app provides weather information based on current conditions and forecast for the user’s area. Users can also access their device calendar or Google Calendar to manage appointments.

TalkClok includes a Stocks feature that allows users to stay up-to-date with the current state of their stocks. The app offers customization options, including Atom, RSS, Twitter, Github, Yahoo pipes, and custom icons.

The app also has an in-app purchase option that provides an ad-free experience, cool black and white color schemes, additional wakeup sounds, Google Connect for tasks and calendars, custom icons, and custom feeds. The in-app purchase is necessary to obtain resources for enhancing the TalkClok experience, including integrating music streaming services, new languages, more personalization, and more services.

3. Talking Alarm Clock by NAKAYUBI CORPORATION

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The “Set in 0.1 seconds!”speak” alarm app is designed to serve as an alarm, nap, and reminder app that operates via voice command. By chanting the time, the app will respond and set accordingly.

The app features voice notification that allows users to instantly recognize the time. It is designed to be completed in 0.1 seconds with a simple operation that eliminates useless functions. The app also functions in the background and comes equipped with multiple types of soothing music.

The app’s functions include instant set-up by simply launching the app and turning on the alarm switch. The blast function ensures that the alarm continues until the user gets up by not allowing them to snooze for an extended period of time. Multiple sets can be created, and the repeat function can be used to specify the days of the week the alarm should sound. The app also includes a healing function with soothing music options such as “brook babbling” to support the user’s sleep experience.

Before using the app, users should check their device’s volume and be aware that running the app in the background can decrease battery life. The sound material is provided by Pocket Sound. The app is produced by Nakyubi Corporation and developed by the app development team.

4. Talking Weather alarm clock

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The “TALKING WEATHER Alarm Clock” is an innovative alarm clock that provides weather forecasts, horoscopes, news, and calendar updates. With this app, users can stay in bed and listen to the app talking, informing them about whether they need an umbrella or a jacket or if the weather will be hot or cold that day. The app has been ranked as the #2 top-paid app in Italy, #3 top-paid app in France, Canada, and Japan.

Following the iOS 7 style, the home page of the app displays weather conditions, the next alarm, and a countdown to the next alarm. Users can access the main functions of the app, including alarms, weather alarms section, and general information, using gestures. The app offers features like 5-day weather forecasts, weather every 3 hours, a custom homepage with three interfaces, direct access to alarms, weekly alarms, custom stop alarm, and custom snooze alarm options.

The app offers voice capabilities in ten different languages, with at least five voices available for each language. Users can choose from various weather, calendar, and social options and listening options. Additionally, the social section contains a poll that allows users to indicate new features and suggest updates for the app.

The developers of the app care about their customers and strive to provide the best experience for them.

5. Talking Alarm Clock Pro Free

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The Talking AlarmClock has been updated with new functions. It offers the capability to record a vocal message, select a customized phrase and view the time. Additionally, users can set the date and be notified of important appointments by creating a message or recording a vocal message.

Furthermore, the amount of times the message is repeated can be adjusted to once, twice, three, five or always. Users can also choose a ringtone to follow the vocal message. If preferred, the volume of the voice message and ringtone can gradually increase for a gentle awakening.

TalkingAlarmClockPro provides additional settings that allow users to adjust the voice pitch, speed and volume. Additionally, the phone can be shaken to snooze the alarm. To prevent accidental turning off of the alarm, the device features a large snooze button.

6. myAlarm Clock: News + Radio Alarm Clock

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The myAlarm app is an Android-based alarm clock with a range of features that allow users to customize their wake-up experience. Users can choose from a variety of alarm options, including ringtone, music, and talking alarms that provide real-time weather information and headline news. The app also supports the use of multiple alarms, with options for recurring or one-time alarms, as well as alarms set for specific days of the week or holidays.

In addition to standard alarm features, myAlarm also allows users to wake up to their favorite radio station or podcast, with up to 100 radio stations per country available. Users can also set their favorite track as a music alarm. The app offers a range of customization options, including the ability to record wake-up sounds and choose between different themes and clock styles. Users can also use vibration, flashing lights, or a light show as alarm options.

For users who require a gentle wake-up experience, myAlarm has options for relaxing music or a quiet alarm clock that gradually increases in volume. There are also features available for heavy sleepers, including the ability to select snooze times and the number of snoozes, and to dismiss the alarm using touch, shake, double tap, or math calculation.

In addition to its alarm features, myAlarm also includes a sleep timer function that allows users to fall asleep listening to music or radio, as well as a built-in flashlight feature for use in the dark. Users should note that their phone must be turned on for the alarm to work, and if their device supports a battery-saving function, they should add myAlarm to the whitelist to prevent malfunctions with the alarms. Overall, myAlarm is a customizable and user-friendly app that offers a range of features for a personalized wake-up experience.

7. bedr alarm clock radio: US and World Radio

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The free bedr clock radio app allows users to wake up to their favorite radio station from a selection of over 8,000 options, including NPR and sports radio, as well as local and international news, classic, pop, rock, or hit songs. The alarm clock includes features such as snooze, gentle wake-up, night clock, and displays the song currently playing. The app is designed to be fail-safe. Interested users can download the app for free.

The bedr alarm clock radio app boasts a variety of features, including 100% reliability due to an integrated backup sound, simple and intuitive operation, and over 8,000 radio stations from all over the world. It also includes a gentle alarm, snooze function, an easy-to-use double tap to turn off the alarm, displays the song currently playing, automatic shut-off, an integrated evening clock, accompanying music for sleep (sleep timer), nightstand mode for using the phone as a bedside clock, among others.

The bedr clock radio is considered the most reliable alarm clock in the Play Store. It is the successor to the “Alarm Clock Radio free” app, which has over 1.5 million downloads and an average rating of 4 stars. Users can turn off or snooze the alarm by simply tapping the screen, choose the “soft wake” option for a gentle wake-up, or set the night clock to play a radio station to lull them to sleep. The app can be downloaded for free.

The app requires certain permissions to function properly, such as the ability to access pictures and media files, view Wi-Fi connection information, network connections, and complete network access, control alarm/music during a telephone call, change audio settings, ensure proper function after device restarts, activate vibration for the alarm clock, and deactivate sleep mode. These permissions are necessary for ensuring the functionality of the bedr Clock Radio app.

8. Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker

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Sleepzy is a sleep monitor app designed to improve the quality of users’ sleep. The app functions as a smart alarm clock and sleep tracker, analyzing sleep patterns, delivering nightly sleep statistics, and detecting snoring. Sleepzy also tracks sleep debt and helps users create healthy sleep habits. The app offers features to wake users up during the lightest phase of their sleep, fall asleep to relaxing sounds, and wake up to their favorite music.

Sleep analysis is a key feature of Sleepzy, which records users’ sleep cycles and analyzes sleep tendencies using the device’s microphone. The app provides a thorough sleep analysis and makes recommendations to improve sleep quality. Users can also create a sleep diary to observe how their daily routines affect their sleep quality. The app’s snore recorder feature tracks any sounds made during sleep and identifies factors that may be impeding sleep.

The Sleepzy app offers a premium subscription that includes additional features, such as tracking sounds made during sleep and 100% ad-free experience. By downloading the app, users agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Subscription options are available, and a free trial subscription will automatically renew to a paid subscription unless canceled before the trial period’s end. The app’s privacy policy and terms of service are available on the Thriveport website.

It is worth noting that the app’s results may be impacted by movement and noise from partners or pets while sleeping. Overall, Sleepzy aims to provide users with a comprehensive sleep tracking experience while offering tools to improve sleep quality and foster healthy sleep habits.

9. Hourly Reminder – On Time Talking Alarm Clock

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The Speaking Alarm Clock app is designed to make time-keeping a breeze for users. Upon activation, the app will automatically speak the time and play a user-selected mp3 file from 8am to 10pm each day without the need for further configuration.

In addition to standard time announcements, users can also set the app to speak a selected piece of text every hour on the hour. The app is designed to be simple and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for users looking for a straightforward alarm solution.

The app also includes a range of features designed to improve users’ cognitive function and prevent dementia. These include various math problem games with five levels of difficulty, which are presented hourly to help improve memory and concentration.

The app offers two separate free o’clock settings, allowing users to customize the alarm to their liking, including various vibration patterns, language options, and music choices. The app also offers on-time notifications and personalized notification combinations, such as ringing the bell or speaking the current time and label.

To save battery power, the app includes a battery-saving optimization feature, which can be accessed through the device’s settings. Users can also rest assured that the app does not collect any personal user information, with permissions only required for database and in-call volume or vibration control.

Please note that loading times may differ depending on the device and manufacturer, and that the app relies on TTS engine for text-to-speech functionality.

10. Voice Reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm

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Voice Reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm is an app that enables users to create customizable reminders and to-do lists quickly and easily. The app is designed to help users remember important events, tasks, and deadlines. The app offers several features that can help users stay organized and on track.

The app includes several preset reminders that users can set up to keep track of important events such as meetings, homework assignments, birthdays, anniversaries, and medication schedules. Users can also set up custom reminders and to-do lists for tasks such as paying rent and bills, staying hydrated, and waking up on time.

Voice Reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm allows users to customize their reminders in several ways. Users can record their own notification or alarm, use text-to-speech notifications or alarms, set location-based reminders, schedule repeating reminders, and choose between notification or alarm alerts.

The app features an organized view of reminders by date and time. Users can easily see reminders for today or upcoming events for the week. The app also includes customizable features such as snooze length, alarm vibrate, date format, and time format.

In addition, Voice Reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm offers a dark mode option that users can choose between a light or dark theme. With these features, the app is designed to help users stay organized and on top of their daily tasks and responsibilities.