9 Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonTeeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic concern for many individuals seeking to enhance their appearance. With the advancement of technology, numerous mobile applications have been developed to cater to this demand. These apps are designed to provide users with easy and convenient access to teeth whitening solutions, right at the comfort of their homes. In this article, we shall explore some of the best teeth whitening apps available for Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Teeth Whitening Apps For Android & iOS

1. AirBrush

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AirBrush is a photo editing application that strives to provide users with the best editor and filter technology. The app constantly updates with new features and effects to remain current with editing standards. AirBrush offers user-friendly retouch tools, cool filter options, and natural, beautiful results.

The app’s features include a blemish and pimple remover, teeth whitening and eye brightening functions, and the ability to retouch and even tan skin for perfect results. AirBrush also allows users to slim, reshape, and lengthen any area of their photos. Its artistic retouching features allow for blurring, cropping, stretching, slimming, and tuning to add an artistic, dramatic touch.

AirBrush’s “Blur” editing tool adds depth to photos and focuses on the important elements. The app also offers natural, radiant filters that enhance even the best pictures and selfie photos. These filters can add natural-looking makeup, such as blush or mascara, to photos.

AirBrush is ready for sharing when editing is complete. Users can share their pictures to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat directly from the app. AirBrush also has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and its website where users can share their selfies, pictures, and comments.

2. BeautyPlus

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BeautyPlus is a selfie camera and photo editor app with over 800 million users worldwide. Its signature Auto-Beautification tool ensures a perfect photo every time, while its 30+ editing tools provide powerful, professional results for perfect photos.

The app allows users to instantly take great-looking perfect selfies and touch-up photos with its powerful photo editor. Users can remove acne, pimples, or blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, slim their face, reshape their body, try trendy makeup, use remover to erase unwanted objects, add filters and special effects, add blur effect, add stickers, doodle pen, and more to enhance photos.

BeautyPlus features an easy yet powerful photo editor that includes beauty touch-up tools such as HD Retouch, Height adjustment, Slimming, Smoothing, and Reshaping. It also has an Acne Remover, Eyes enhancement, and Teeth Whitening tools. The Photo Editor includes functions such as remover, enhance, blur, collage, magic brush, mosaic, disperse, vintage, rotate, crop, and more to distinguish photos from others and get a perfect result.

Effects Galore includes options to add text to photos, various aesthetic templates and styles, unique stickers, doodle pen, over 200 themed filters, gorgeous effects, AR stickers, and natural and stylish makeup effects.

BeautyPlus also has a Beauty Selfie Camera that features customizable beauty solutions for enlarged eyes, whiter teeth, smaller head size, and more. Users can apply natural and stylish makeup effects with filters in real-time or add makeup, including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye. The app can detect and edit multiple faces at once, making it perfect for fun selfies with friends using AR stickers.

Users can download BeautyPlus for free and share their photos and feedback with the app’s support team via Instagram, Facebook, or email.

3. BeFunky Photo Editor

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BeFunky Photo Editor is a comprehensive photo editing app that boasts a wide range of features and capabilities. Users have access to a variety of photo effects, including unique options not found in other editing apps. BeFunky also offers a collage maker, fonts, frames, overlays, and stickers, allowing users to customize their photos in nearly any way imaginable. The app allows for simultaneous sharing to various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, as well as the ability to save photos to the user’s camera roll. BeFunky Photo Editor is completely free, with no ads, watermarks, or limitations.

Recent updates have added even more tools and options to BeFunky Photo Editor. The collage maker allows users to combine up to 9 photos with backgrounds, text, and stickers. The app now offers an extensive selection of fonts, including those already on the user’s device. Touch up edits allow for precise adjustments to photos, with features such as red eye reduction, blemish fixing, and teeth whitening. Photo overlays enable users to add unique shapes and patterns to their images, while the goodies and stickers collection provides an abundance of creative options.

In addition to its various features, BeFunky Photo Editor offers over 32 free effects, including vintage, pop art, instant, summer, and more. The app also includes powerful editing tools, from basic edits like cropping and sharpening to more advanced functions like exposure and saturation. Users can choose from a range of photo frames, including instant, filmstrip, halftone, grunge, and classic styles.

BeFunky Photo Editor makes it easy to share photos instantly to multiple social media platforms with just one click. No registration is required, and users have full control over their photo editing experience. If users encounter any issues or want to suggest new features, they can contact the app’s support team directly.

4. Perfect365

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Perfect365, Inc. has developed a free virtual makeup app that has gained over 100 million users worldwide. The app is recognized by major media outlets such as The Today Show, ABC News, Allure, and Seventeen. It allows users to experiment with a variety of makeup styles in a convenient and user-friendly way.

The app features more than 20 makeup and beauty tools for users to customize their personal style, along with over 200 pre-set hotstyles for one-tap looks. The Pro Color Palette also provides unlimited custom color options for users to create unique color combos. Video tutorials from popular YouTube artists are available to guide users in recreating virtual looks in real life. The app also offers daily makeup and fashion tips, beauty and fashion product recommendations, and subtle touchup features for a no-makeup glow.

One of the most notable features of the app is its cutting-edge face detection technology, which allows for the most accurate makeup placement possible. Saved looks can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Perfect365, Inc. is a global leader in mobile imaging intelligence technology, with over twenty years of research and development. Their world-class Intelligent Imaging™ enables visual thinking capabilities in over 1.5 billion of today’s most popular smartphones. Their website is perfect365.com, and they can be found on Instagram (@perfect365_official), Facebook (www.facebook.com/perfect365), and Twitter (@perfect365).

5. Pixlr

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Pixlr, formerly known as Pixlr Express, is a photo editor app that allows users to edit their photos for free without the need for an account. Users can simply download the app and start editing. The app offers over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters for users to choose from.

Pixlr allows users to easily capture any moment and seamlessly share their edited photos with friends or followers on various social media platforms such as email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Users can also follow Pixlr on Instagram for daily inspiration, tips, and tricks and tag their edited photos with #madewithpixlr for a chance to be featured on the app’s feed.

The app offers various features, including creating photo collages with a variety of preset collages, grid style, customized ratio, and background. Users can instantly adjust the color of their photos using the Auto Fix feature and create double exposure effects with layers and adjustable transparency. They can also use the Stylize feature to create cool photo effects such as pencil sketch, poster, watercolor, and more.

Pixlr offers simple tools for removing blemishes, red-eye, smoothening skin, or whitening teeth. Users can also add impact to their photos with the Focal Blur feature or bring out the color with the Color Splash effect. The app offers a range of effect packs to give users’ images the look and feel they want, and they can adjust the tone of the photo with overlays such as amplifying the tone, cooling it down, or adding surreal shades.

Users can easily add text to their photos with a variety of fonts to choose from and finish off their editing process with the right border. They can keep things fresh with the app’s growing release of additional effects, overlays, and border packs. The app also features a Favorites button to keep track of users’ favorite effects and overlays.

Pixlr allows users to crop and resize their images quickly and easily before saving.

6. Visage voir

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Visage Lab is a beauty laboratory app that offers automatic face retouching services for facial photos. It is equipped with various features such as skin makeup, eye makeup, teeth whitening, color enhancement, and red eye removal. It can enhance multiple faces in a photo and offers over 40 artistic effects for users to choose from.

The app works by selecting a portrait photo from the user’s gallery or taking a new photo with the app’s camera. Once the photo is selected, Visage Lab automatically applies eye and skin makeup, removes wrinkles and oily glare, whitens teeth, and performs smart color correction within seconds. It also offers a before-and-after comparison of the enhanced photo for users to evaluate changes.

In addition, users can further tweak the settings and exclude unnecessary options. They can also add various artistic effects and backgrounds to their photos to enhance their appearance. The app offers an array of retro and aged photography effects, exotic backgrounds, lighting effects, and color filters.

Users can share their enhanced photos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They can also save the result to their gallery or email it to others. Visage Lab offers a simple and easy-to-use photo retouching solution for users who wish to enhance their portraits without learning complex software.

7. Photoshop Fix

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Adobe Photoshop Fix is an Android app that offers users an easy way to retouch and restore images. The app has tools that allow users to make precise adjustments to their photos, including healing, smoothing, liquifying, and lightening. Users can access their edited photos from other Adobe mobile and desktop apps by signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Photoshop Fix features several tools that give users the ability to retouch and restore photos. These tools include Face-aware Liquify, Liquify, heal and patch, smooth, and lighten and darken. Additionally, the app has a variety of essential tools for editing and adjusting photos, such as color, paint, adjust, and defocus. Users can also send their images directly to Photoshop CC on the desktop for further refining.

For those who love photography, Adobe offers the Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes Lightroom and Photoshop. With Creative Cloud, users can open and edit Photoshop files in Fix and send their retouched images to Photoshop CC for further refinement. All edits will be synced across all devices connected to Creative Cloud. Other free Adobe apps available in the App Store include Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop Express.

Users must have an internet connection and an Adobe ID to use Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud service. Registration and agreement to additional terms and Adobe’s online privacy policy are required for users 13 and older. Adobe online services may not be available in all countries or languages and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

8. Sweet Selfie

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Sweet Selfie is a free selfie editor and beauty camera app that offers a wide range of features. Users can add filters, effects, stickers, and retouch their face and body, as well as edit makeup. This professional photo editor also functions as a photo collage maker and music video editor with effects. Users can create Instagram stories and music videos with ease and edit selfies for various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

One of the main features of Sweet Selfie is its beauty selfie camera with effects. It offers thousands of photo stickers and allows users to retouch their skin tone and tune their facial features. The app also includes an aesthetic filter to enhance selfies. The free selfie photo editor and beauty plus camera are easy to use.

The face tune feature is another highlight of Sweet Selfie. It includes a skin smoothing tool that refines pores and perfects the skin. Teeth whitening brings out the natural beauty in users’ smiles, while the eyes tool erases bags and dark circles beneath the eyes and brightens them. Users can also drag to adjust their eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and more. The app also features an acne remover, red-eye removal, plumping up lips, and brightening the nose bridge. In sum, Sweet Selfie is an all-in-one selfie photo editor and beauty plus camera.

The body retouch feature allows users to reshape their bodies. They can drag to tune their arms, breasts, waist, and hips for an ideal shape. Additionally, the height adjusting tool can elongate legs to increase height. The body tune tool also provides muscle and tattoo stickers.

Sweet Selfie also includes a makeup editor that retouches the lips, blusher, contour, eyebrows, eyes, and more. Users can choose from multiple hair color styles and preset filters that can be added with one click.

Finally, the app features a pic collage maker and photo grid.

9. Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks

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Facetune2 is a photo editing app that specializes in retouching selfies. It offers a variety of features that help users achieve a more natural and Instagram-worthy look, such as filters, makeup brushes, and image correction tools. The app provides real-time editing capabilities, allowing users to retouch their photos right after taking them. It also includes a feature called Easy Compare, which allows users to compare their photos before and after editing.

Facetune2 offers a wide range of professional makeover tools, including high-quality beauty filters, makeup brushes, and tools to adjust facial features. Users can reshape their jawlines, enlarge their eyes, whiten their teeth, and adjust the color of their hair. The app also includes features that help users remove skin imperfections such as acne, pimples, and blemishes. It also allows users to smooth out their skin and add a tan effect.

Facetune2 is part of Lightricks’ Creative Suite, which includes a range of video and image editing solutions. The app’s terms of use and privacy policy can be found on their website.