7 Best Time Lapse Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Time Lapse Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonTime-lapse photography has become increasingly popular among photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. The technique involves shooting a series of photos at a fixed interval, which are then combined to create a video that shows time passing rapidly. With the rise of smartphones, time-lapse photography is now accessible to everyone. There are several time-lapse apps available for both Android and iOS platforms that allow users to create stunning time-lapse videos with ease. In this article, we will explore some of the best time-lapse apps available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Time Lapse Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Time Lapse Apps For Android & iOS

1. TimeLapse – Free

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TimeLapse is a highly acclaimed photo app for the iPhone, praised by David Pogue of the NY Times and Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith of Digital Urban as being the “coolest, best and most useful” and a “must buy” for fans of image sequences. Dave Caolo of TUAW also found it to be “neat” and “fun.” This app is specifically designed for creating and editing time-lapse sequences on iDevices, making it the perfect choice for professionals.

TimeLapse is a complete time-lapse workflow tool for use on the go. Its best in class time-lapse camera is flexible and easy to set up, allowing you to define your capture session any way you like. You can record 4K video or HD, and you have the option to record in either RAW or JPEG format. Smart Exposure ensures no time-lapse flicker, and the app works seamlessly with Motrr Galileo robotic motion control to create incredible pan and tilt time-lapse movies.

The dedicated HD time-lapse sequence editor is a powerful tool that provides frame-level editing and powerful framing capabilities for easy virtual pan and zoom. The app also features a filter stack with options for saturation, brightness, contrast, exposure adjust, gamma adjust, vibrance, white point, and more. Additionally, it includes tilt shift and deflicker features to ensure a pristine final result.

Time-lapse photography is a movie-making technique that creates the illusion of time progressing more quickly. For example, it can be used to create movies of clouds zipping across the sky, growing plants, blooming flowers, rotting fruit, and more.

To stay updated on news and support for TimeLapse, follow the company on Twitter at @xysternet. Users can also visit http://xyster.net/tlapse to share ideas, post videos, or offer feedback.

2. Timelapse Pro

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Triggertrap Timelapse Pro is an innovative way to create timelapses by connecting the user’s device to their camera with a Triggertrap Mobile kit. The app offers a modular approach to timelapse creation by using building blocks such as intervalometers and delays to create timelapses of any shape and size. The intervalometers allow the user to set their interval between shots and when the intervalometer should stop – either by the number of shots or after a set amount of time has passed. It is important to note that Triggertrap requires the Triggertrap Mobile kit to connect the camera to the device.

The app also offers features such as saving and naming timelapses for quick access later, as well as the ability to reorder timelapses by dragging modules to the appropriate point. The app can be controlled through an Apple Watch or a Pebble Smartwatch, allowing the user to set their timelapse running without touching the phone or camera. Apple Watch owners can also use the Glances feature to keep track of their timelapse moment by moment. The app is constantly updating with new modules and the developers welcome user feedback through the feedback form built into the app.

For those who want to test out the Triggertrap experience, the free app Triggertrap Mobile offers cable release modes, super sensors, and other features. It is important to note that a Triggertrap Mobile kit must be purchased separately to connect an iOS device to a camera. The Triggertrap website offers a list of supported cameras and more information, with over 300 camera models currently supported and new cameras added over time.

3. Framelapse

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Framelapse is an app available on Android devices that allows users to capture high-quality time-lapse videos. The app offers a simple, intuitive interface and does not contain any advertisements. It is recommended that users update to the latest version of Framelapse to take advantage of new features.

Framelapse includes a number of features that make it easy for users to record time-lapse or fast motion clips. The app allows users to adjust the time between each capture, set the video resolution up to 2160p 4K, and control white balance and exposure compensation. Front and back camera support is also included, as well as a calculator to estimate recording duration. Users can choose to set a duration to auto stop recording, and have access to zoom and auto-focus options, self timer and color effects, and video frame rate options. The app provides a storage directory, and time-lapse mp4 videos are visible in the gallery. Instant playback is available with no rendering time, and the length of the video recorded is displayed. Framelapse includes dynamic preview size with no preview cropping, and an inbuilt app guide and FAQ. Certain features may not be available on all devices.

Advanced features of Framelapse include a custom frame interval starting from 0.1 seconds, a lock button to blacken the screen while recording (off on OLED displays), a custom video duration, custom bit rate, custom self timer for recording delay, white balance lock, exposure lock, and preset wizard mode.

Brand new features of Framelapse include speed options that allow users to directly change the speed value relative to real-time (starting from 2x). Scene based suggestions are also included in this package. Custom wizard mode gives users access to custom values instead of being limited to presets, and over 20 beautiful app themes ranging from dark to light hues are available.

4. Time Lapse by Sukros

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A time lapse video can be produced by capturing images at regular intervals, with options to choose from 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions. The maximum time for capturing is 24 hours with the ability to set the video frame rate between 1 and 60 frames per second. This feature is exclusively available for select Sony Xperia™ devices running on Android 8.0.0 or higher.

For devices with at least a 9-megapixel camera, 4K resolution is available as an in-app purchase. This app is the first time lapse app on the Play Store to support 4K resolution.

The app includes several features such as a maximum 24-hour time lapse, resolution options up to 4K, saving and managing images, exposure compensation, white balance options, HDR (if supported by the phone), and rendering videos from 1 fps to 60 fps. Users can also record videos in the background with the screen off.

It should be noted that if playback of the video gets stuck, this could be a bug on the phone, and the user may need to view the video on a computer to resolve the issue.

For further information, the app’s YouTube channel can be accessed at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36lsn4MPlQVu8JFHXNLczA. This app is also available as an Xperia Camera Add-on.

5. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

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PicPac is a mobile application that allows users to create stop motion movies and time lapse videos with ease. Users can add audio and music to their creations without the need for upload to a server or PC. User login is only required when sharing videos to YouTube.

The app enables users to use gallery photos, gallery videos (broken down to pictures), or capture time-lapse photos to create stop motion or time-lapse videos and animations. Hyperlapse is also possible. The Timelapse Manual mode allows for hands-free sound-controlled creation. Users can add their own voice or music to stop motion creations.

PicPac does not require users to upload to a server or copy to a computer. It supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

Upgrading to the Pro version removes the watermark, allows for the creation of 480p, 720p, and 1080p videos/animations, enables duplication and merging of projects, allows for the addition of photos to existing projects, and permits the use of a custom ending logo.

The free version of PicPac allows for the creation of 360p videos, recording of user audio, selection of local or online music, reordering of pictures, and has a small watermark at the bottom right. However, it does not permit duplication or merging of projects, changing of the video ending logo, and has a small watermark at the bottom right.

The app includes ten demo videos to showcase its capabilities, including simple examples of time-lapse and stop motion animations. For more information, users can visit http://blog.picpac.tv.

6. Lapse It Time Lapse Camera

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Lapse It is a comprehensive app for Android users to capture time-lapse and stop motion videos. It has won awards for its user-friendly interface and impressive features. Lapse It is a cost-effective solution to capture high-quality time-lapse videos without the need for expensive photography equipment.

The app has been featured on “The Gadget Show” and has been reviewed favorably by many users. Lapse It offers a wide range of features such as the ability to use a variety of cameras, including GoPro and DSLR. It also provides a millisecond precision for adjusting the speed of time-lapse sequences.

In addition, Lapse It comes equipped with manual controls for exposure, focus, white balance and scene modes. The app allows users to add a soundtrack to their videos from their library and share directly to social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and many others.

Users can add stunning effect filters to their time-lapse sequences, trim videos, add timestamp, square mode, backwards playback and more. Lapse it also supports stop motion and clay animation mode with onion skin, and users can schedule the capture to start and stop automatically.

Lapse It is easy to use with an intuitive interface and no registration is required. Some features may be limited on the free version. The app has a real photo-based time-lapse feature, captures intervals from milliseconds to hours, and resumes capture for multiple days or different location projects.

Lapse It has a unique and powerful native render engine that allows users to create spectacular videos. It is the only app on Google Play with this powerful render engine, and it works by rendering videos in the Android proper format. Lapse It enables users to easily watch their videos on their phones, share across the web and with other devices.

Lapse It provides users with plenty of features to customize their sequence of pictures in various ways. They can apply different cool and stylish cam effects such as vintage and black and white.

7. Time Lapse camera

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Time Spirit is an application that allows users to create Time Lapse videos with ease. These videos can then be published on YouTube with just a few clicks. Time Lapse is a technique that speeds up the playback of slow processes that are not easily noticeable to the naked eye. Photo Lapse, a new kind of Time Lapse, has been created by the developers for long-term processes that last from one day to an infinite amount of time. This type of Time Lapse is made up of photos that depict the changing object.

Photo Lapse is ideal for shooting objects that undergo physical form changes such as weight loss progress, building construction, and flower growth. With this technology being relatively new, users have an opportunity to surprise audiences with their own Photo Lapse videos. On the other hand, Video Lapse is the name given to regular Time Lapse in the application to prevent confusion of concepts. This technology is best suited for events that last up to one day such as the Northern Lights and the bustle of the city.

Night Time Lapse is a technique that allows users to edit the ISO and use high shutter speeds (Long Exposure) to achieve stunning effects when shooting at night. Time Spirit has several advantages, such as the ability to add favorite music to the Timelapse, a simple and intuitive interface without loss of important features, and access to top-rated videos. Additionally, users can add music to their Photo Lapse videos. At present, the application is free and does not display any ads. It also enhances the camera on the user’s device.