5 Best Video Recovery Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Video Recovery Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, the ability to capture, store and share videos has become an increasingly popular pastime. While mobile devices have made it easier than ever to record videos, they are not immune to data loss, corruption or accidental deletion. As a result, the need for video recovery apps has become paramount for individuals looking to recover lost or damaged videos on their Android or iOS devices. In this article, we will explore some of the best video recovery apps available on these platforms, highlighting their features, capabilities, and limitations.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Video Recovery Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Video Recovery Apps For Android & iOS

1. Deleted Video Recovery

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Deleted Video Recovery – Restore Deleted Videos is a video recovery application that can easily retrieve deleted videos from a phone’s storage. The application aims to assist users in recovering important videos that may have been lost.

It is designed to cater to users who are facing difficulty in locating the best video recovery app to restore deleted videos. Deleted Video Recovery – Restore Deleted Videos is a useful tool that can find and retrieve deleted videos.

The application offers several features, including the ability to restore videos from phone storage quickly, a visually appealing UI design, ease of use, and safe recovery of lost videos.

It’s worth noting that Deleted Video Recovery – Restore Deleted Videos may show some videos that are not deleted. However, users can keep looking to find the videos they are searching for.

2. RecycleMaster

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Recycle Master is a mobile application that provides a Recycle Bin or Trash feature for Android users, similar to that of the “Trash” in Mac or “Recycle Bin” in PC. The application allows users to recover deleted files, such as photos, videos, audios, documents or other file types. Files can be shared with Recycle Master before deletion, allowing them to be stored in the app’s Recycle Bin. The deleted files can then be easily retrieved and restored to the device at any time.

Recycle Master also provides a deep recovery feature, which scans the device to find files that have been deleted. However, it is not guaranteed to find all the deleted files. The app also offers a password-protected lock feature for added privacy, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. External viewers require a password to view content that has been removed from the device.

For users concerned with device space, Recycle Master’s auto-clean feature can be set by week, by month, or by season. The feature automatically cleans unnecessary backed-up files in the Recycle Bin to save device space. Recycle Master also serves as a files dumpster, where users can store secret photos or files they do not need at the moment. These files can be viewed directly within the app or recovered from the dumpster at any time.

Key features of Recycle Master include easy backup, instant retrieval, password-protected lock, and auto-clean. Users can download the app to ensure their files are insured against accidental deletion. For further inquiries, users can contact Recycle Master’s support team at RecycleMaster@thinkyeah.com.

3. Ztool Photo Recovery

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Photo Recovery – Ztool is a mobile application designed to help users recover deleted photos and videos on their Android phones. With this app, users can easily retrieve lost memories without the need for a desktop computer or professional assistance. Additionally, Photo Recovery – Ztool also serves as a cleanup tool, allowing users to delete useless photos and videos permanently.

The app offers several key features that make it a desirable option for recovering lost media files. Firstly, it categorizes photos and videos smartly, making it easy for users to locate the files they wish to recover. Secondly, it supports a wide range of photo and video formats, including .png, .jpg, .mp4, .wmv, and more. Thirdly, a one-click free quick scan is available to locate lost photos and videos, allowing for immediate recovery during the scanning process.

Photo Recovery – Ztool is easy to use, fast, and provides recovery in high-quality. Users do not require root access or a computer to use the app, making it highly accessible. Furthermore, what users see in the scanning result is what they can recover, enabling them to discern which files are recoverable before initiating the recovery process.

The app also offers in-app purchases and more effective recovery, with ongoing efforts to improve recovery capability and provide the best photo and video recovery experience. It is important to note that Photo Recovery – Ztool is currently only available for Android phones. Additionally, the free scanning result will display all potentially recoverable files, and users can enjoy VIP membership with Thanksgiving discounts.

4. Dumpster – Recover Deleted Videos & Photos

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Dumpster is an Android application that functions as a recycle bin for the device. It is a data recovery tool that can recover recently deleted videos and files as well as restore photos. With over 50 million downloads, it is considered the number one utility for photo recovery.

Dumpster offers a one-stop solution for deleted file recovery, recently deleted app recovery, and photo and video recovery. The app comes with flexible cloud storage, deep media discovery algorithms, and added security features. It does not require an internet connection or root privileges to function.

The app comes with a backup and file recovery feature that automatically backs up recently deleted data without root privileges. Deleted apps and photo recovery are instantaneous and straightforward, and users can retrieve any deleted file from the recycle bin. Dumpster can also protect media files from outside viewers with its app lock functionality.

Dumpster’s unlimited cloud storage is a premium feature that enables users to save all their recently deleted files. Premium users can also enjoy a personalized experience with app lock capabilities and customized themes.

Dumpster is a popular app for data recovery, and it has been given nicknames such as “deleted video recovery app,” “recycle bin,” and “photo backup app.” Regardless of its name, once installed, Dumpster provides a smart tool that can backup and restore photos, recover recently deleted videos, and retrieve any other lost data.

For more information and support, users can head to Dumpster’s FAQ section or contact the support team at support.dumpster@baloota.com. Finally, Dumpster is considered the go-to solution for photo recovery on Android devices.

5. DigDeep

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This recovery tool is designed to search both internal storage and SD card for deleted images and recover them with ease. In situations where an accidental deletion of a photo from a phone occurs, this app can prove to be useful. The app scans all the phone’s internal and external memory to restore the deleted photos.

To use the app, simply launch it and wait for the loading screen to show up. Patiently wait until it scans all folders and files for erased photos, which may take some time depending on the memory’s size. Once the search is complete, the app shows a new screen with folders containing pictures from specific locations. Check each folder one by one to locate the photos and then click the restore button to recover them. The app will then show a dialog box indicating the folder where the recovered images can be found.

This app has several features, including the ability to scan both internal and external memory, a user-friendly interface, reliability, fast speed, high-quality image recovery, and no need to root the phone. Additionally, it can restore all types of images, including jpg, jpeg, and png.

However, there are some things to note about this app. It may show some pictures that are not yet deleted since there are already occurrences of these files in hidden folders scanned by the app. Also, it is important to note that this is not a recycle bin, but rather a standalone app that can recover pictures, even those deleted before the app was installed.