10 Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonVirtual pet apps and games have become increasingly popular among mobile device users. As a result, a variety of options are available for those looking to adopt a digital pet. These apps and games provide users with an opportunity to care for and train their virtual pets, similar to the experience of owning a real pet. However, not all virtual pet apps and games are created equal. To help users choose the best virtual pet app for their needs, we have compiled a list of top options available on both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Virtual Pet Apps & Games For Android & iOS

1. Cat Condo

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This input describes a game called “Build your own cat condo”. Players can start with a small kitten and combine and mix them to upgrade them into majestic cats. The game allows players to unlock different types of cats and gain rewards by completing achievements. As the game progresses, the condo grows into a tower filled with toys. The game is simple, addictive and allows players to earn coins even when they are offline. The objective of the game is to become a master kitty collector and unlock all the types of cats.

2. Dragon Pet

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The Dragon Pet game allows players to raise and train their own virtual dragons. The game begins with the player finding a magic dragon egg on an ancient mountain. The player must keep the egg at the proper temperature to hatch into a virtual baby pet. The player can then spend their time playing, training, and taking care of their cute pet. By caring for the dragon, the pet will become the player’s best friend. If the player ignores the pet, it will eventually run away, get sick, or even die.

The virtual pet will continue to live and grow even after the player closes the game. An icon will notify the player when their dragon needs their help. The game features a 3D world where players can build and explore their own dragon world. The player can become a dragon trainer and compete against other dragons in gladiator battles at the arena. The virtual pet will grow and evolve over time. The player must feed and care for their pet as they would a real animal.

The game features several mini-games with upgrades and special skills. The games include Bubbles Shooter, Moles Hunt, Dragon Defender, Dragon Hunter, and Food Fall. The game also features a Flappy Dragon mini-game with an online leaderboard. The player can buy clothes or potions to change their dragon’s appearance. The game includes world online rankings and allows players to save and load their pets on multiple devices. The game does not require wifi or internet to play.

To play the game, the player must first get a dragon egg and choose the scales and belly color. The player must care for the virtual dragon’s basic needs, and it will grow into older stadiums of dragon. The player earns pet points by caring for their virtual dragon and can increase their trainer level. Higher trainer levels unlock skin potions with different skin colors. If the player has any problems or questions with the Dragon Pet game, they can find assistance on the game’s Facebook page.

3. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

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The virtual pet game allows players to raise a Lovecraftian God, Cthulhu, from infancy to adulthood. The game offers five mini-games to earn points which can be used to keep Cthulhu healthy, happy, and well-fed. The game also enables players to give a name to their Cthulhu, turn off their light for bedtime, and wake them up to eat.

The game requires no prior knowledge of Lovecraft and is suitable for both Lovecraft fans and novices. The 8-bit retro style of the game offers a fun experience.

4. Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game

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The 7th installment of the Moy game has been released, featuring significant changes to the user interface and interaction with the environment. The game offers over 95 different games and activities, categorized into four genres, including casual, arcade, racing, and puzzles. The player can perform creative activities such as playing musical instruments, painting, and managing a zoo. The game revolves around caring for the Moy character by brushing teeth, showering, feeding healthy food, and playing games. The collected coins can be spent on purchasing new clothing, body colors, hairstyles, or decorating the house with fishes, animals, and ingredients for baking desserts.

5. My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game

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My Boo is a virtual pet game developed by Tapps Games that provides endless hours of amusement. In this game, players take care of their virtual pet, which requires attention and affection. The goal is to keep the pet healthy and happy by feeding, bathing, and playing with it. There are over 20 mini-games available that are engaging and keep the player entertained while keeping the pet amused.

Players can choose from an array of delicious and nutritious food for their pet, including tacos, barbecue ribs, and octopus sashimi. There are also plenty of mouthwatering candies like pumpkin pies, milkshakes, and colorful lollipops. Players can customize their Boo’s look by selecting various clothing, hair, and accessories. The game offers an extensive collection of accessories to choose from, which players can purchase as they level up.

Boos require cleaning and medication, much like any other pet. Players can use magic potions and energy drinks to cure their pet. They can also decorate their pet’s house with fun posters, decorative rugs, and beautiful wallpapers.

Highlights of the game include adopting a Boo, naming it, dressing it up, feeding it, playing various games, tucking it into bed, bathing it, and decorating its house. The game also includes numerous mini-games that players can play to earn coins to purchase food and other items for their Boo.

It is worth noting that while the game is free to play, there are items available for purchase with real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the game’s description may require players to spend real money to obtain them.

6. My Horse

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My Horse, a virtual pet simulation game developed by MunkyFun Inc. and published by NaturalMotion Games, allows players to own and take care of their own realistic virtual horse. With a variety of interactive 3D activities, players can groom, feed, and treat their horses, building a bond between them. There are eight different breeds to collect and look after.

In addition, players can train their horses for show jumping events and compete in a series of challenging competitions. Keeping the horse happy and healthy is key to success in these events. My Horse provides an awesome in-game camera that lets players take pictures of their horses as they play and eat in the paddock.

The game also features social gameplay, where players can visit their friends’ stables to help them take care of their horses. My Horse boasts amazing graphics, with realistic movements and unique features for each Pinto horse.

To access the latest content and features, players must play online and save their profile. My Horse is free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money. To prevent unauthorized purchases, players can set a PIN on their Google Play settings menu. This feature is only available on Android OS 3.x and above. The game requires Android OS 2.2 or later.

For help with any issues, players can visit My Horse support at http://myhorse-support.naturalmotiongames.com. The game’s terms of service and privacy policy can be found at https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service and https://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy, respectively.

7. My Talking Hank

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Outfit7’s popular app franchise, Talking Tom and Friends, has released a new free app called My Talking Hank. With over 15 billion downloads and worldwide hits like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank invites users to help Hank pursue his love of photography and take pictures of all the animals on the tropical islands of Hawaii.

In the game, players must take care of Hank by feeding him, taking him to the toilet, and swinging him to sleep on a hammock. The objective is to help Hank collect photos of every wild animal living on the island, from a fluffy White Bunny to a silly Flamingo, gangster Hip Hop Hippo, and many more. Users must travel through different zones of the island, place toys and food for the animals, and wait for them to show up before capturing their photos.

My Talking Hank is not just a virtual pet game but also a fun application that can entertain users with its hilarious voice, toilet shenanigans, and constant adventures. Fans of tamagotchi-style apps and kitty collector game mechanics will love this app.

Additionally, My Talking Hank offers several features such as checking out the wonderful island home, attracting animals with food and toys, and taking photos of wild and exotic animals. The app also offers a premium monthly subscription, which provides an 80% discount on all energy potions, double currency rewards from all animals attracted, and +150% more diamonds on all diamond purchases, priced at $4.99 per month.

The subscription automatically renews every month and can be canceled any time before the end of the current subscription period. Users can manage and cancel their subscriptions by going to their Google Play account settings after purchase. It’s important to note that deleting the app does not result in the cancellation of the subscription.

My Talking Hank is PRIVO certified, indicating that Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect children’s personal information.

8. Pou

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Pou is a virtual pet simulation game where players care for an alien pet. The game prompts players to feed, clean, and play with the pet as it grows up. Players can customize the appearance of Pou by unlocking different outfits and wallpapers.

In addition to basic care, players can engage in mini-games in the Game Room to collect coins. The Lab offers the opportunity to experiment with potions. Achievements and special items can be unlocked as players progress through the game.

Pou encourages social interaction, as players can visit and play with friends. The game also includes a feature where Pou will talk to the player and listen back.

9. Hellopet – Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets

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Hellopet is a mobile application that utilizes screen overlay technology to allow users to have cats, dogs, and other cute animals running around their home screens. The app also includes a feature called My Room that allows users to create a fun home for their pets. Unlocking new pets, items, and rooms is possible by collecting or buying cookies. Hearts can be collected by clearing the I’m Hungry! Mini game. Users can share their creations in Pet Chat, visit friends’ rooms, and leave messages in their Guestbook. Pets will keep users updated on missed texts, the time, battery level, and more.

Hellopet offers the option to adopt pets. Users can choose their first cat or dog for free when they download the app. Pets can also be adopted by participating in the Daily Check-in and Pet Chance Event, using cookies, or purchasing cookies in the Cookie Store. The app also features a Pet Chat where users can share funny moments with their pets, ask questions, see the best Pet Chat snaps, find new friends, and share fan art pictures, links, and favorite Pet Chat posts.

The I’m Hungry! Game is a challenging puzzle where users feed their pets by clearing levels. Users can score points by matching four or more of the same snack. Clearing levels earns users hearts, and a Wild pet appears on their home screen if they clear five levels. My Room allows users to decorate their room with a variety of items that their pets can interact with, including wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and pet supplies. Users can also take pictures of their decorated My Room and share them with others.

Hearts appear above users’ pets’ heads as they play, feed, and tap their pet. Hearts can be earned by decorating My Room and interacting with pets. On the home screen, pets can freely run, talk, and play, and users can interact with them using voice commands and tapping speech bubbles when they appear.

10. Hamster Life

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Hamster Life is a free game app that allows users to raise and play with virtual hamsters. The app provides a variety of features that enable users to take care of their hamster and observe its cute behaviors. Users can give food to their hamsters and even watch as they take the food back to their homes. The app also allows users to put their hamsters on wheels, providing hundreds of ways to take care of their hamsters.

To play the game, users can simply drag their hamster to the wheel. They can save coins in the game by allowing their hamster to play on the app’s facilities. By touching and feeding their hamster multiple times, users can accumulate EXP, which can be used to add more hamsters or increase the level of the hamster’s stage.

Users can customize their hamster’s environment by changing furniture or decoration. To add new hamsters, users can click on the hamster at the top of the screen and exchange or add new hamsters. They can also change the decoration of their hamster’s house by exchanging coins in the shop and decorating it directly.

The app’s “Take a Walk” feature is a simple game where users array three blocks with the same color vertically or horizontally, allowing them to get coins, cheese, or new hamsters. Additionally, the app provides users with different events based on their level, providing them with rewards and the chance to take care of their hamsters.

After finishing the app’s tutorial, users can choose between the home or walk mode. Users can pass their time with their hamster and freely decorate their house. In case the app fails to open, it is recommended to restart the device and close the application first. If users encounter any issues, they can contact the app’s support team and provide their device and email information.