8 Best Virus Simulation Game Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Virus Simulation Game Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to mobile gaming, simulation games have become a popular genre that offers players a chance to experience particular scenarios in the virtual world. One such sub-genre is virus simulation games, which allow players to understand how viruses spread and affect individuals and populations. With the increasing popularity of this genre, developers have created several virus simulation game apps that cater to both Android and iOS users. This article aims to provide an overview of some of the best virus simulation game apps available for mobile devices.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Virus Simulation Game Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Virus Simulation Game Apps For Android & iOS

1. Infection Bio War

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The INFECT game, available on the App Store, allows players to simulate spreading a disease across the world population. Multiple Symptoms and Resistances can be selected to increase lethality and avoid detection.

Players may choose their difficulty level and starting country. The game also offers various transmission vehicles, from birds to water, that evolve alongside the disease.

To increase lethality, Symptoms can be added to the disease. Conversely, Resistances can be added to avoid detection.

INFECT is currently available as a free download.

2. Ares Virus

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A new game has been announced called “Conquer the Universe” that allows players to create and control a pathogen with the goal of taking over the universe, including Earth. Players take on the role of commander of the Gaarg fleet and use their intelligence to outsmart alien competitors in real time battles. The game features beautiful real-time HD graphics with animations of alien ships, explosions, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other phenomena.

Additionally, there are multiple planets with detailed maps, including Earth with every country represented. There are over 144 different traits, abilities, and actions available to players that make the game challenging and engaging. Players can auto-save game progress to the cloud or locally with Facebook linking as an optional feature. The game also includes star ratings and detailed stats about each area.

Countries interact with each other in the game, with migration and warfare among the different nations. Players can unlock special traits and abilities such as calling in the mothership to bombard a planet with Soul gems or Gaia gems earned throughout gameplay. Overall, “Conquer the Universe” is a unique and complex game that offers a thrilling experience for those who enjoy strategy and simulation games.

3. Universe Pandemic 2

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The game “Alien Pathogen” allows players to create a pathogen and use it to conquer the universe, including Earth. Players act as the commander of the Gaarg fleet and use their smarts to achieve their goals. The game features high-definition graphics with animations of alien ships, explosions, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and more. Players can also battle other pathogens in real-time and explore multiple detailed maps of different planets.

The game includes over 144 different traits, abilities, and actions for players to use. It also features challenging game modes and auto-save options linked to Facebook accounts. Players can view detailed stats and star ratings for each area and see how countries interact with each other through migration and warfare. Special traits and abilities, such as calling in the mothership to bombard a planet, can be unlocked with Soul gems or Gaia gems earned in-game.

Overall, “Alien Pathogen” is a strategy game that allows players to use their knowledge and skills to conquer the universe using a made-up pathogen. The game offers immersive graphics and many options for customization and gameplay, making it an engaging experience for players.

4. Virosis

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This game offers a departure from the fast-paced, action-packed twin stick shooter genre with a lack of storyline. It is designed for players of all ages, offering simple controls and entertaining gameplay.

The game’s background story revolves around a collision between two celestial bodies approximately one million years ago, resulting in an explosion that sent chunks of rock towards Earth. In the year 2030, an infected asteroid crashes into the planet, creating a new breed of viruses that pose a threat to humanity. Players assume the role of genetically enhanced white blood cells tasked with finding a cure for these infectious viruses and bacteria.

Features of the game include a variety of viruses and bacteria, numerous levels with some requiring puzzle-solving, collectibles, appealing graphics, excellent sound effects and music tracks, achievements, and the ability to share gameplay experiences with friends over Facebook. Bonus content, including mini-games, is also available.

Players experiencing any issues with the game are encouraged to contact the developers via email at slidexx01@gmail.com to help improve the game.

5. Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague

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Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator that allows players to develop a lethal illness and determine the ultimate fate of a victim. The game is available for free download on mobile devices and offers hours of gameplay with 18 stages and over 100 realistic biomedical conditions.

Players must upgrade diseases, boost risk factors, and slow down the victim’s recovery before a team of doctors finds a cure and saves them. The game allows players to spread diseases across all human systems and features real-time human body degradation. Bio Inc also offers four difficulty settings and thousands of ways to play the game.

The game can be played offline and has awesome graphics. Players can watch the trailer on the official website and can expect frequent updates to keep the game fun and fresh. Those who manage to beat the “Impossible Stage” can be added to the game’s Hall of Fame.

6. Biotix: Phage Genesis

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The game “Core” offers players an immersive experience in an epic war for survival against deadly enemies. Players must guide their tiny life form to victory and evolve to become the dominant species. The game’s core mission is to ensure the survival of the player’s species. To achieve this, players must use genetic engineering to make their life form stronger, gain new abilities, and help it replicate and conquer new hosts. The game offers a microscopic world to explore and players can prove their skills in deadly viral fights with other microbiological organisms.

The game features a universal app that is compatible with both phones and tablets. It also offers distinct levels for each device and has a multiplayer option. The game has endless replay value as players can play with randomized enemies and collect rewards for each replay. It offers 5 upgradable stats, 10 upgrade levels, and 100,000 upgrade combinations. Players can unlock 30 challenging levels and interact with four host cell types: Normal, Regeneration, Defense, and Speed. The game also offers multi-touch and intuitive controls for ease of play.

7. Plague Inc.

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Plague Inc. is a mobile game developed by Ndemic Creations that involves a unique blend of high strategy and simulation. The objective of the game is to evolve a deadly global plague after infecting Patient Zero and bring about the end of human history. The gameplay is designed for touchscreens, and the developer has received critical acclaim for its innovative and engaging design. Plague Inc. is currently the top game globally and has been played over four billion times. The game has been positively reviewed in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian, and London Metro.

Plague Inc. has received recognition from serious institutions involved in public health. The developer of the game was invited to speak at the CDC in Atlanta to discuss the disease models inside the game. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has praised the game for creating a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations has noted that Plague Inc: The Cure encapsulates the complexities of a global pandemic response and highlights the need for international collaboration. The game has been declared as the Overall Game of the Year by Pocket Gamer and has been reviewed positively in IGN.

The game features a highly detailed and hyper-realistic world with advanced AI for outbreak management. It includes a comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system, 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master, full Save/Load functionality, 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve, thousands of world events to adapt to, full game support for scoreboards and achievements, and expansion updates that add the mind-controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie-producing Necroa Virus, speed runs, and real-life scenarios. The game is localized in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, and Russian, with more languages coming soon.

Plague Inc.

8. Outbreak – Infect The World

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This simulation game allows players to strategize the spread of an infectious disease around the world. Players can choose a country to begin their pandemic and gain evolution points to upgrade their disease’s symptoms, transmission routes, and resistance to external factors. Strategy can be customized to win the game with unlimited possibilities. The disease can spread through various means, including neighboring countries, planes, ships, and even migrating birds. Natural disasters can also contribute to the spread.

Players have the option to play with various pathogens, including Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Parasite, Fungus, Prion, Extraterrestrial, Zombie, or create a custom pathogenic organism. However, players must be aware that humanity will try to prevent the disease from spreading as soon as it is classified as an epidemic danger. A vaccine will be developed to provide immunity to the disease and save people.

The game offers two modes – players can play as humanity, where the pathogen is the enemy, and attempt to save people from extinction. Players can close borders, airports, and seaports, upgrade disease prevention methods, or even use United Nations missions. The objective is to develop a vaccine and save as many people as possible.