8 Best Volume Control & Booster Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Volume Control & Booster Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe ability to control and enhance the volume of audio on mobile devices can greatly improve the user experience. There are various volume control and booster apps available for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer different features such as custom sound profiles, equalizers, and sound effects to enhance the audio output. This article aims to explore some of the best volume control and booster apps for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Volume Control & Booster Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Volume Control & Booster Apps For Android & iOS

1. Equalizer + Volume Booster player&sound effects eq

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Equalizer+ is an application that allows users to access a wide range of music, books, and podcasts from various platforms such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. With over 20 preset equalizer options, you can personalize your listening experience and create custom playlists to keep your favorite artists, albums, and tracks in one place.

Equalizer+ is not just for music, as it also allows you to save your favorite podcasts and books in your personal library. The app is easy to use, and you can listen to any podcast or music track, regardless of the platform or format. The car mode feature enables hands-free listening while driving, and you can also add a unique visual experience with Equalizer+ visualizers.

Customize your sound with the various equalizer options such as bass booster, vocal booster, treble booster, bass reducer, treble reducer, small speakers, spoken word, acoustic, classical, dance, deep, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, loudness, lounge, piano, pop, R&B, and rock. Each preset is designed to enhance the sound quality of specific genres.

Equalizer+ is available for free and can be downloaded now. For any questions or suggestions, you can use the “Contact us” form found in the app’s settings menu. It’s important to note that when you cancel a free trial or subscription, it must be done 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period to avoid being charged.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Equalizer App doesn’t allow the use of equalizer, presets, and visualizers on Apple Music content due to Digital Right Management(DRM) protection. However, the developers hope to add this feature soon. To review the app’s EULA and privacy policy, please refer to the following links: EULA and Privacy Policy.

2. Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)

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Precise Volume is a comprehensive volume control hub that offers more volume control options than Android’s 15-step limit. It provides users with 100 volume levels, while other apps may only give the illusion of having more. Precise Volume hooks safely into the device’s audio system to give fine control over volume. It also has an Automatic Volume feature, which sets volume for different headphones, Bluetooth devices, and apps. The app has a 5-band Equalizer with a bass booster, sound amplifier, and Equalizer Presets.

Precise Volume does not require root access and has a volume limit feature for headphone use to protect users’ hearing. It is highly customizable, with settings that can be tweaked to fit the user’s lifestyle. Custom volume presets are available for different situations, such as specific pairs of headphones or while plugged into an AUX cord in the car. The app can automate everything, with presets that can be activated when headphones are plugged in, Bluetooth is connected, or an app is opened.

Precise Volume PRO can be unlocked by purchasing it and includes additional features, such as the Volume Control Notification, Screen Off Override, Automatic Volume, Volume Button Override, Max Volume, Volume Button Increments, Dark App/UI Theme, Audio Curve, Combine All Volumes, and more. The app uses several permissions, such as Internet, Modify Audio Settings, Billing, Receive Boot Completed, Wake Lock, Access Network State, Wi-Fi State Change, Bluetooth, and Accessibility services.

In summary, Precise Volume is a powerful volume control app that offers a variety of features to enhance the user’s experience. It does not require root access, has a volume limit feature, and is highly customizable. The PRO version has additional features, and the app uses various permissions for its functionality.

3. AmpMe – Speaker Booster

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AmpMe is a music player that allows users to stream music or videos from various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, or their own Music Library. With this app, users can sync phones and play the same music or video at the same time on multiple devices. The more phones connected, the louder the music gets. If friends are not nearby, users can connect remotely with friends, DJs, influencers, or even strangers from all around the world by joining a Live Party that has a lit playlist.

To use this app, users need to download AmpMe on their Android device, start their own party via YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or their music library, or join a party nearby or Live Party if they don’t feel like being the host. Everyone in the party will be able to listen to the same music and watch the same video at the same time. If the user started the party, they are the DJ and can control what everyone else is listening to. Guests can also add songs in a party if the user allows them to.

AmpMe is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers. Users can sync one Bluetooth device per phone. To access this app, users need to sign in with Facebook or Google to connect with friends, follow their profiles, and get notified when they start a party. Users can also roast their friends’ song choice in the chat and suggest a new track. This app is available in select countries, and Deezer and Spotify are only available in these countries.

4. Volume Booster PRO – Sound Booster for Android

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MAX Volume Booster PRO is a new black technology that allows users to push the volume on their phone beyond system defaults. This product increases the volume of all sounds on a device, including music, games, movies, and videos. It works not only for phones and tablets, but also for headphones and external speakers.

MAX Speaker Booster features include the ability to increase all music media volume, as well as all system volume, including ringtone, notification, and alarm volume. This product also includes a wonderful sound spectrum that displays visual sound patterns while users listen to songs. Additionally, MAX Speaker Booster allows users to control their music player, providing song title and artist information, as well as play/pause, next song, previous song, and other controls.

Another feature of MAX Speaker Booster is its support for headphones, external speakers, and Bluetooth. The product is easy to use, with two rotary knobs to adjust volume and boost level, and six sound modes that allow users to boost their phone’s volume with just one tap. Additionally, the product does not require root access.

However, users should be aware that playing audio at high volume may damage hearing or speakers. The developer advises users to increase volume gradually to achieve the appropriate level, and the user assumes full responsibility for any damage caused by using the product.

5. Volume Booster GOODEV

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The Volume Booster is a small, free application that can enhance the sound volume of speakers or headphones. It can be useful when watching movies, listening to audio books, or playing music. However, it should be used with caution as high volumes can cause damage to speakers and hearing.

Some users have reported that their speakers and earphones were destroyed while using this application. Therefore, if you hear distorted audio, it is recommended that you lower the volume. By installing this application, you agree to use it at your own risk and not hold the developer responsible for any hardware damage or hearing loss.

This application should be considered experimental software, and not all devices support it. If you decide to try it, make sure to do so at your own risk and see if it works on your device. Note that it does not work on most 4.2.1-4.3 devices, but should work on 4.4 and higher, as well as on devices below 4.2.1.

It is important to note that the Volume Booster is not designed for adjusting the speakerphone volume in phone calls. Rather, it is intended for adjusting the volume of music, movies, and apps. When the boost is set to zero, the Volume Booster will be turned off. The notification icon is only for ease of launching. If you do not want to see the notification icon when Volume Booster is off, you can go to its settings and set it to appear only when Volume Booster is running.

6. Super High Volume Booster ? Loud Speaker Booster

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Super Loud Volume Booster: Subwoofer Bass is a loudspeaker application designed to increase the volume of every application beyond the system defaults. This means that whether one is listening to music with their favorite player, playing games, watching movies, or streaming videos online, the subwoofer and Bluetooth speakers can interact with the program and output audio.

By using the application, users can boost the sound volume to maximum with just one touch. The app increases the speaker loudness and volume increaser of mobile phones by 60%. Ultra Boost & Volume Booster is designed to make volume louder for a more realistic, vivid sound experience than ever before.

The application has several features that enhance its functionality. For instance, it can increase the sound volume of any Android program, even if the current system volume is at maximum. It also has sound increaser for video, media, notify, call, and alarm. Users can increase the volume on the phone with just one touch, and it has both sound volume booster for headphones and loudspeaker.

Other features of the app include its ability to increase sonar systems, its ease of use, and the quick installation of sound boosters for headphones and sound louder apps. It does not require root access and has both bass booster and subwoofer bass. It can also amplify system volume and music, and increase alarm high volume, and bass.

Users can download the app and enjoy boosting their mobile phone or tablet volume easy and fast. If they like it, they are encouraged to rate the app with five stars and enjoy their enhanced device with louder volume.

7. Volume Control

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This article introduces a small, handy, and safe app that allows users to control the volume of their phone. It is suitable for those whose hardware volume key is broken or those who want to extend the physical volume key’s life. This app can be used even if the phone does not have a real hardware key to control the volume.

The app allows users to control the volume of their phone in the same manner as they would with the volume button. It eliminates the need to press the button every time when they need to change the volume. Instead, users can make a gentle touch on the app’s Icon, and it will act as a real button.

The app’s features include its small size, the ability to change the ringer profile directly from the notification panel, the ability to change volume directly from the notification panel, and no special permission requirements to use the app. It is also reliable every time, has fast response times, contains no ads, no spy capabilities, and doesn’t use the internet.

8. Extra Volume Booster – loud sound speaker

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Extra Volume Booster is an Android application that is designed to enhance the audio features of mobile devices. The app provides users with a range of tools to boost the volume of their device, improve music quality and amplify bass. The app is free to download and use.

The app features a music equalizer with different sound levels and frequencies, a volume booster pro for headphones, external speakers, and Bluetooth, stereo surround sound effects, 3D virtualizer effects, a beautiful and simple interface, user-friendly operation, and no root requirements.

Extra Volume Booster can be used for listening to music, audio books, videos, and games. To use the music equalizer feature, users must turn on the music player and play their music or audio books. They can then open the Bass Booster app and adjust the sound level and frequency to their liking. Finally, users can open the Volume Booster to boost the speaker volume.

For video, game, and other effects, users can open the Bass Booster app and adjust the sound level and frequency. They can then let the app run in the background while they open the video player to play their video or enjoy their game.

Overall, Extra Volume Booster offers a range of useful features for enhancing the audio quality of Android devices. Its user-friendly interface and ease of use make it an attractive option for those looking to improve their audio experience.