5 Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, there is an increasing demand for innovative and interactive applications that allow users to visualize wall art in real-life settings. With the advent of free wall art visualizer apps for Android and iOS devices, users can now explore and experiment with different wall art designs and styles, and preview their placement on actual walls in their homes or offices. These cutting-edge apps leverage advanced augmented reality and computer vision technologies to create a seamless and immersive user experience, enabling users to make informed decisions about wall art purchases and installations. In this article, we will explore some of the top free wall art visualizer apps available for Android and iOS, highlighting their features, functionalities, and user benefits.

We have compiled a list of 5 Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps For Android & iOS

1. iArtView

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iArtView is an app designed for artists, galleries, collectors, and interior designers to view and sell artworks instantly on personal wall spaces without measuring. The app imports images of art and allows users to shoot a photo and start sharing their new walls and selling their art. iArtView enables users to sell original artworks, their own fine art prints, or enable iArtView prints and wall art in one click. This app is suitable for fine artists, photographers, mixed media painters, or digital artists who want to sell more art.

iArtView offers several features that simplify the process of viewing and selling artworks. The app scales artwork to wall space automatically without the need for measuring. Users can view single or multiple artworks on their personal walls or select one of the designer interiors provided if they are not near their wall. They can also adjust lighting, alter the perspective and angle of their art on the wall, and choose a frame and mat combination from the app’s contemporary selection. The app includes a scaleable Color Wall to choose a new wall color and save art-on-wall images to camera roll or email for handy future reference. The walls can be shared with clients and friends via email, text, Airdrop, or social media platforms.

Users can buy and sell artworks directly in the app, and artists receive commission on prints made via iArtView. There are no fees for listing artworks, and users can favorite the art they love the most and place favorite artworks on interior walls to find their favorite combination. The app also offers additional features for paid subscribers, such as customizing the gallery profile screen with gallery logo, information, and GPS map directions, and a discover tab where buyers can discover art and artists can find new art to be inspired by.

iArtView subscription plans include Basic Yearly, Basic 1-Month, Plus Yearly, Plus 1-Month, Pro Yearly, and Pro 1-Month, with prices ranging from $6.

2. WallApp

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A new wallpaper application has been introduced that offers various features for users to download unlimited wallpapers. The app offers original wallpapers that are curated by the developers without any copying. The application offers a fresh user interface that enhances the user experience. It has been developed using the latest technology in the Android development world and follows modern Material guidelines. The app also offers a preview mode that allows users to try out a new wallpaper without losing their previous one.

3. Artrooms

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Artrooms is an application that enables artists to preview their artwork in various room interiors. This feature is aimed at attracting collectors and increasing art sales. The app offers consistently updated and high-quality room exports, making it easy for users to curate their artwork without spending hours on Photoshop.

The application’s collection of interior rooms that users can choose from is carefully curated, and new selections are added each month. Users can add their art to the chosen room, select a frame, and share the result.

Artrooms offers an in-app purchase option for users to export their artwork without watermarks. Additionally, subscribing to the app monthly or annually unlocks premium features such as full access to high-resolution image sharing and saving, unlimited art and room uploads, and monthly additions to the room collection.

The app also offers users the opportunity to showcase their artwork on Artrooms’ social media pages by tagging @artroomsapp and using the hashtag #artroomsapp.

4. Insitu Art Room

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Insitu Art Room is a mobile application that enables users to view artwork, posters, and paintings in various settings. The app offers users an opportunity to visualize how artwork would look in different locations such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even a white gallery wall. The app caters to artists, art dealers, art collectors, home stylists, and people in the interior design industry.

Additionally, Insitu Art Room releases new interior backgrounds every month to keep users engaged. Users with premium accounts have unlimited access to all the room displays.

5. VoUn

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Photo Frames is a photo customization app that allows users to create personalized frames with various features. The app offers over 50 customizable layout templates for Instagram or print photo frames, providing users with a range of options to choose from. Users can fully customize their photo and frame by changing the shadow, lights, background, border, and matte colors and sizes.

With more than 20 templates available, users can create beautiful Instagram stories with the app. The templates are updated every day, giving users fresh options to choose from. Additionally, the app offers over 20 themes, including Love, Rain, Wall, Romantic, Travel, Memory, and others, all of which are free for users. Users can choose from various template collections, such as Clasico, Film Frames, Ripped Paper, Digital Wave Journal, and more.

The app allows users to select from dozens of background images, including Marble, Ocean, Starry Sky, and Plant textures. Users can also change the background color to match their photo. The app offers over 50 amazing Lightroom presets for photos and videos, providing users with various filter options. The app promises to update users with more photo effects, including Glitch, VHS, retro effects, vintage, 1998 retro, and 1967 retro, among others.