7 Best Woodworking Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Woodworking Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWoodworking is a craft that requires precision and attention to detail. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier for woodworkers to access a range of tools and resources on their mobile devices. The best woodworking apps for Android and iOS offer a wide range of features, from project planning tools and tutorials to calculators and measurement converters. In this article, we will explore some of the top woodworking apps available for mobile devices, and evaluate the features and benefits of each one.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Woodworking Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Woodworking Apps For Android & iOS

1. Calculator For Wood -Timber – Flush Door – Plywood

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The Calculator for Wood is a software application that enables users to calculate the cubic meter and cubic feet for round logs and cut sizes of wood/timber, as well as the square feet and square meter for flush doors and plywood/block board. It is designed to be user-friendly and is particularly useful for timber merchants, plywood or flush door merchants, and saw mill calculations.

The app offers various calculation options, such as Cut Size Cubic feet (cft) and Cubic meet(cmt), Round Log Cubic feet (cft) and Cubic meet(cmt), Flush Door Square feet(sqft) and Square meter(sqmt), Plywood / Block board Square feet(sqft) and Square meter(sqmt), and Added items or qualities wise cuft/cumt or sqft/sqmt calculation.

The Calculator for Wood comes with several key features. It can calculate square feet and square meter for flush doors and plywood/block board, as well as cubic meter and cubic feet as values are inserted. Users can save the added entries for review and editing, and send the stored records and results via e-Mail, SMS, WhatsApp, and more as a structured report. They can also delete stored values and records, create an estimate or report in PDF, and share item or quality wise calculations in a single record.

Users who wish to remove ads and access additional features can purchase the PRO version of the app through the Google Play Store. The Calculator for Wood is also known by other names, such as Wood calculator, Timber calculator, and Lumber calculator.

2. ConstruCalc

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ConstruCalc is a mobile application that assists in accurately estimating building material quantities and associated costs to avoid waste and improve budgeting. The application features calculations for a variety of construction work inputs, including concrete, walls, slabs, complete floors, laminate and vinyl flooring, liquid porcelain, waterproofing, interlocked floors, ceramic and mosaic tiles, stairs, plaster, render, painting, PVC, and roof tiles. The tables section includes standards and practical concrete traces. The app is suitable for construction professionals and laypersons and is available in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. The pro version includes additional benefits such as hardware and wood calculations and reinforcement steel calculations when selecting ecological bricks. The app is available for a fee and an advertisement-free version is also available.

3. Fine Woodworking Magazine

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The Fine Woodworking app is available on iPad and offers a complete magazine experience with added digital enhancements. This includes linkable and searchable content, techniques videos, slide shows, tutorials, inspiring photo galleries and more. The app includes a free sample issue.

Craftsmen of all skill levels can benefit from Fine Woodworking’s shop-tested content, which is written by top professionals, furniture makers, turners and artisans. Fine Woodworking is designed for the passionate enthusiast and provides everything needed to outfit a shop, build skills, understand design and create heirlooms.

Subscription plans are available for the Fine Woodworking app. Users can download the app and subscribe to receive all issues, or purchase issues individually. Print subscribers or paid online members can access digital editions at no extra cost by signing in with their customer number or member email. Subscription plans include a 1-year plan (7 issues) for $34.99 (automatically renewed until canceled), a 2-month plan (1 issue) for $6.99 (automatically renewed until canceled), and single copies for $7.99 (not automatically renewed).

The Fine Woodworking app’s content is copyright Taunton Interactive 2012, and all rights are reserved. When accessing content via the Taunton Interactive app, users must adhere to the terms of use and privacy policy. The app’s privacy policy can be found at http://www.taunton.com/thetauntonpress/privacy.asp, and the terms can be found at http://www.taunton.com/thetauntonpress/agreement.asp.

Fine Woodworking is published by Taunton Interactive, while the iPhone/iPad application was developed by Stonewash Ltd (www.stonewash.co.uk).

4. Homestyler Interior Design

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Homestyler is a free home design game that allows users to work on several home renovation projects, design homes, and gain inspiration from a creative community while applying new ideas in real life. The app provides a relaxing and fun way to experience home decorating, ensuring that the best home decor is always at the user’s fingertips.

Users can create their own DIY design projects, remodel rooms by taking photos and using furniture to create an ideal space, and build their interior design profile. Homestyler offers thousands of furniture, art accessories, decorations, and lighting fixtures from popular furniture stores such as IKEA, Target, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and more. Users can recreate design concepts and ideas from Pinterest, Houzz, West Elm, and Instagram. They can easily design their own homes and share their virtual dream homes and interior decorating ideas on various social media platforms.

The app provides inspiration by featuring the latest home decor trends and thousands of home interiors and exteriors every day. Users can discuss home design and renovation trends, get feedback from the Homestyler community on their latest projects and ideas, browse inspirations to design their homes, and ask for decorating advice in the home design community. Homestyler also offers augmented reality technology that allows users to visualize products in their space and get new makeover ideas.

Homestyler is a platform for more than 100k home improvement professionals, designers, interior decorators, and interior design enthusiasts. Users can join free interior design contests every week and live their dream of being an interior decorator.

5. Woodworking 101 – Woodwork Lessons

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Woodworking 101 is an instructional app designed for those interested in woodworking. The app offers guidance on how to get started with woodworking, including carpentry and woodwork projects. The app emphasizes the importance of safety and provides a comprehensive overview of woodworking tools and techniques.

The instructional content covers a range of topics, including how to use hardwoods and softwoods, various styles of saws, proper measurement, selection of hand tools for a given project, sharpening, woodworking drawing creation and finishes and fillers. The app is intended for beginners and aims to provide a strong foundation in woodworking.

The app also offers additional features, including free access to 50 woodworking plans to help users generate ideas for their projects. Additionally, the app provides access to 16,000 woodworking plans, which can be used to start a woodworking shop business. Lastly, the app offers tips on finding woodworking tools at affordable prices.

Overall, Woodworking 101 is a comprehensive resource for those who seek to learn the basics of woodworking. It includes detailed information on safety, tool handling, and project design, along with access to free woodworking plans and a large collection of plans to help users start their own woodworking businesses.

6. Carpenter (Guide)

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The application offers basic woodworking and carpentry skills that every man should know. The tutorials cover beginner level carpentry skills, including measuring, marking, cutting, nailing, tools, and building diagrams. The application aims to help users get started with woodworking, which can seem daunting, but mastering the basics can pave the way for more advanced projects.

The tutorials aim to provide the basics necessary for safe woodworking, with a focus on simple bandsaw or scrollsaw projects. The tutorials cover simple cuts, drilling, and sanding techniques for basic woodworking projects. With practice and knowledge of these skills, users can create their own quality items.

Expert furniture makers provide tutorials on carpentry and simple woodworking projects in the application videos. The makers offer tips and guidance to help users improve their skills and create quality items.

The application encourages users to rate it highly and contact the developer with any questions. By providing a range of tutorials and guidance, the application offers a valuable resource for users looking to develop basic woodworking and carpentry skills.

7. Learn carpentry – Guide

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This application offers courses on carpentry, allowing users to learn techniques of woodworking and metal joinery. The courses cover basic tools, measuring, marking, cutting, nailing, building tips, and building diagrams. Carpentry is in high demand in construction, making this application a useful resource for those seeking to enter the labor market.

For beginners, learning woodworking can be intimidating. However, mastering the basics can make the process much easier. From woodworking tools to different types of wood, this tutorial covers everything users need to know to get started in carpentry.

Carpentry is a trade that requires a lot of practice to master. The quality of the wood used is important and requires careful selection and treatment. Repairs on furniture can be challenging, but with the right tools and techniques, they can be completed effectively. Working with carpentry tools is rewarding and allows users to create beautiful pieces of furniture.

Overall, this application offers a simple and comprehensive way to learn carpentry skills. Users can share their knowledge and experiences with others while having access to the best images and tips.