7 Best Wrestling Games For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Wrestling Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article presents a comprehensive review of the best wrestling games available for Android and iOS platforms. The games have been chosen based on their gameplay features, graphics, and overall user experience. The review aims to provide an unbiased assessment of each game’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling readers to make an informed decision when selecting a wrestling game to play on their mobile device. Whether you are a die-hard wrestling fan or simply looking for an engaging mobile game, this review will help you find the perfect option for your gaming needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Wrestling Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Wrestling Games For Android & iOS

1. The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling

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The Muscle Hustle is a wrestling game that provides a unique experience to its players. The game allows users to collect, train, level up, and evolve hundreds of wrestlers with unique stats and abilities. Players can combine the abilities of their hyper heroes to create the perfect tag-team for each match and compete in single player campaigns, real-time PvP arena, and league competitions. The game controls are simple, easy, and fun, with a twist of RPG. Players can use classic fighting moves and unique combos to add strategic depth to their gameplay.

The Muscle Hustle allows players to build their roster by collecting hundreds of fighters and creating the best tag-team. Users can train and evolve their heroes, unlocking abilities like signature throws, holds, and aerial attacks. The game also allows players to manage their wrestling career path from rookie to legend.

The wrestling gameplay is simple, only requiring one hand to wrestle. Players can pull back, aim, and release to strike their opponent. The game has deceptively deep tactical choices, allowing players to work the angles for combos.

The game has an extensive single player campaign with hundreds of levels on story mode, filled with unique challenges. Players can throw chairs, set the ropes on fire, and jump off the top turnbuckle. The game also allows users to hit the high scores on the leaderboards.

The Muscle Hustle offers a real-time PvP league where players can go head-to-head with other players in multiplayer. Users can progress through the arenas in the league and fight their way to the top. The game also has events to reign and allows users to challenge opponents for a duel match.

The game is full of wrestling drama, with hilarious announcer commentary, the ability to spot a talented rookie when they’re just a little jabroni, and the option to please the crowd as a babyface or turn heel. Players must make sure to never break kayfabe and can enjoy smashing entrances.

2. Rowdy Wrestling

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Rowdy Wrestling is an action-packed game that offers a range of challenging modes. Players can use a variety of moves, including dropkicks, overhand smashes, and steel chairs, to defeat their opponents and emerge victorious. The game includes Rumble mode, Solo career, and Tag Team mode, each with its own unique challenges and gameplay mechanics.

In Rumble mode, players must fight to be the last wrestler standing. Solo career mode allows players to battle their way to the title, while Tag Team mode lets them team up with a partner to take on other wrestlers. With 55 different characters to choose from, players have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a wrestler.

Overall, Rowdy Wrestling is a highly entertaining game that offers a great deal of variety and replayability. The game’s fast-paced action and challenging gameplay make it a great choice for fans of wrestling games and action games alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in this chaotic world of wrestling.

3. Wrestling Revolution by MDickie

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Wrestling Revolution is a 2D wrestling game with over 10 million downloads. It is reminiscent of the genre’s 16-bit heyday and offers a versatile animation system that allows for unexpected occurrences. The game offers an endless career mode and an “Exhibition” mode where players can create their own rules and design their own arena. The editing privileges extend to saving changes to all 350 characters across 9 rosters.

The game offers button controls, where A is used for attacking, G for grappling or throwing objects, R for running, P for picking up or dropping, and T for taunting or pinning. To set fire to a handheld weapon, press R and P simultaneously next to the weapon. The touch controls include walking towards a location, swiping to run or trigger moves, tapping the opponent to attack, pinching to grab or pick up, and parting fingers to taunt, pin, or cancel an action. The game can be paused and exited by touching the clock and arrow, respectively.

The menu controls include browsing contents left or right by touching either side of a value or box. When selecting characters, touching their slot once displays their stats, and touching again accesses them. The company logo allows for selection of a different roster, and holding a finger over a character slot allows for switching. Editing options are available for the calendar screen, including viewing contents, editing characters, training them, viewing the roster, and seeing an exact description of the rules. Exhibition mode allows for replacing characters and changing rules, adding weapons, and editing the arena. Speech bubbles can be touched to speed up conversations.

To optimize performance, limitations in the “Display” options need to be specified if the device can only handle a certain number of wrestlers onscreen. Turning off secondary characters and switching to “Basic” text and turning off the “Portraits” can help devices struggling with multiple character slots.

4. WWE Mayhem

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WWE Mayhem is a mobile arcade action game featuring WWE Legends and Superstars such as John Cena, The Rock, Becky Lynch, and Ronda Rousey. Players can compete in weekly challenges and work towards victory in WWE Universe. The game features epic matches between WWE Legends and Superstars, each with their own Signature Moves and Super Specials. The roster is ever-growing, with distinctive and highly stylized looks for each WWE Legend and WWE Superstar.

WWE Mayhem offers six distinctive character classes to create a supreme WWE Superstar squad from: BRAWLER, HIGH FLYER, POWERHOUSE, TECHNICIAN, WILDCARD, and SHOWMAN. Each class comes with unique strengths and fighting advantages. Players can build their roster of WWE Superstars and join forces with other champions in TAG-TEAM match-ups.

The game features never-before-seen reversals, allowing players to turn a loss into a win by timing their reversal perfectly. Players can also add additional WWE Legends and Superstars to their team in Versus Mode and play with friends in live events.

WWE Mayhem also offers Alliance and Alliance Events. Players can journey through unique quests and battles through classic WWE storylines and strategize with friends and other players to build the strongest Alliance. The game offers rewards and bounties, including the ultimate prize of the WWE Championship Title, with precious Bonus Rewards for each win.

WWE Mayhem is free to download and play, but some items can be purchased with real money. The game is optimized for tablet devices and requires permissions such as READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, and android.permission.CAMERA. The game has a Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter account, and Instagram page for players to keep up with news and updates.

5. WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game

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WWE SuperCard is a collectible card game featuring WWE Champions and Superstars. It is the longest running WWE game from the creators of NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The game offers new card tiers, designs, game modes, and features in Season 8.

The game offers various game modes, real-time events, and PVP matches. Players can collect and battle cards featuring WWE Legends and Hall of Famers from throughout WWE history. They can also fight 1v1 real-time battles against other players in the Survivor game mode.

Players can collect and level up cards featuring WWE Legends like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena, Undertaker, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan. They can also build their ultimate WWE dream team featuring cards such as Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, Roman Reigns, and more.

In PVP matches and other card fighting game modes, players can battle cards against other players from around the world with their favorite WWE Superstars. They can choose from thousands of cards to leg drop, Rock Bottom, and slam into the virtual mat.

The SuperCard universe expands with each update, offering monthly activities and collectible cards from the latest WWE events, weekly shows like SmackDown, Monday Night Raw, NXT, and NXT UK.

WWE SuperCard features WWE Card Collecting, Card Fighting Games, and Action Card Battles. Players can collect cards featuring WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, and WWE Hall of Famers. They can battle cards and use strategy to try to rule the ring in this card collecting game. They can also participate in PVP multiplayer matches with real-time card battles.

The game offers events, challenges, and rewards, including weekly packs, massive rewards in rotating events, and bonuses from logging in daily or taking Open Challenges.

6. Wrestling Rumble Superstar: Extreme Fighting Games

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James is a young wrestler from a small town who wants to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a world wrestling champion. He moves to New York and joins a club that exposes him to the challenges of extreme wrestle fighting and unleashes his inner fighting skills. Soon he has to fight against the most powerful and strong wrestlers around the world in street fighting games competition.

Wrestling Superstars Extreme Fighting game is designed for extreme boxing and kick games lovers. Players can fight against the top wrestlers from all around the world and enjoy ultimate fighter games to unleash their inner fighter. The gameplay is easy with smooth controls. Free style players will enjoy this action-packed 3D game. The game offers the chance to fight against the best professional ring champions around the world. Players can beat their opponent by performing moves like chokeslam, leg slam, and drop kick.

This Wrestling Superstars Extreme Fighting game has different modes and levels. Players can fight and win each level to earn points and unlock next levels for ultimate championship games. They can upgrade their power, speed, and skills with new tactics and unlock new combos and get points against each karate winning match. Modes include quick play, ranked mode, revenge mode, and ring mode. Unique features like hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama, new game modes, additional match types, and deep creation capabilities make this game the most exciting game. Players can enjoy fighting with heavyweight champions in the ring in this free ultimate wrestling.

The key features of Beat Em Up Wrestling Game include professional world wrestlers from top arena matches, real wrestling rules, fighting styles and actions, and heavyweight world champions to fight against. The game offers a super and exciting wrestling champions tournament, realistic actions and accurate wrestling tactics, energetic background sound effects to boost energy level, excellent graphics with smooth gameplay, and 3d animations and realistic gameplay.

7. Wrassling – Wacky Wrestling

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In Slamdovia, Wrassling is considered the national sport and highly respected. Successful Wrasslers are deemed the strongest athletes worldwide.

Despite the widespread interest in Wrassling, the sport is challenging to master, and only a few succeed. The sport’s ethos encourages persistence, which is reflected in the saying, “never give up even if both your arms fall off, but maybe think about it.”

Wrassling has received favorable reviews from various gaming outlets. PocketGamer has called it “the best sports game of the year,” while TouchArcade has stated that “the game gets quite nutty rather fast.” Slide to Play has described it as “hilarious,” while AppSpy has labeled it “the stupid and stupendous wrestling sim.